Danielle Laporte: Hot Advice for Anyone With a Website, Blog, Business, Career or J-o-b. yep, I’m talkin’ to you

March 30, 2010
This post has been borrowed from the wonderful and phenomenally inspiring Danielle LaPorte, and is great advice for MM's continuing series about blogging, becoming a social media networking mastermind, and turning your belief in yourself into a job Please check Danielle out here Truly I could read her posts all day long and they make me feel so smart/powerful/amazing and I hope they inspire you to greatnes I've worked with a few dozen Fire ... keep reading

Wheat Intolerance, Pizza + Body Dysmorphia

March 26, 2010
I haven't eaten wheat in four days FOUR days Yesterday, I forgot myself completely and almost dove head first into a pan of cinnamon rolls The day before my legs hurt so badly it felt like someone was stabbing me Today, about ten pounds of bloated awful has magically disappeared This is what happens when you have a gluten intolerance You could feel any number of the wide ranging symptoms, but I'm fortunate enough to exhibit: fatigue, mood, ... keep reading

Twitter School for the Socially Anxious

March 23, 2010
I have avoided Twitter for a long time I have KNOWN that social media is a crucial aspect of life as a blogger, that it is the way that the bloggy community connects, and that it can be a fantastic way to make friends with similar interests But even though I've known all of that, I have avoided it like the plague The truth is that Twitter terrified me It's like elementary school Middle school High school Hmmm, apparently the majority of my life ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: Blogging 101

March 20, 2010
So a couple of days ago a friend of mine emailed me asking about how to become comfortable speaking your mind on your blog and not caring what anyone thought She aslo wondered about whether or not I thought blogging was egocentric I've been cooking on these questions since then, and it seems to me that they are pretty salient to this here blogging busines, which I am chronically attempting to break into First of all Blogging is egocentric It is ... keep reading

Note To Self

March 18, 2010
Dear Mara, It does not have to be polished, or perfect, or succesful It does not matter how many days have pased since you last posted It does not matter if you feel like no one is listening or if what you have to say is arrogant or self pitying All that matters is that you show up That you keep showing up And that you're honest, to the best of your abilities Also, you need more ... keep reading