Blogging, Advertising, and Some Things I'd Like to Apologize For

July 13, 2011

When I first started Medicinal Marzipan, it was not to get rich. I started it because I was a lonely, sitting in my house dreaming big and thinking about all manner of what it means to be a person that has a body and is walking around the world, and I desperately wanted a tribe. I wanted to find people who valued honesty. I wanted to find people who were interested in working hard to be the best version of themselves possible.

I wanted to find some people who wouldn’t think I was that weird, intense girl who thought too much and used words that were much too big for polite conversation.

Over time, I added advertising to this site, and being a newbie blogger, I sold my soul to google adsense and eventually (after much time on the waiting list) to BlogHer ads as well.   And I was all ZOMG this is going to be GREAT, I’m going to be able to make some money off of this thing that I love working on – win win win win!

Lose lose lose lose.

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) - Blogging Bookshelf

image by blogging bookshelf

Even though I kept the adsense settings very strictly turned to “Absolutely no FREAKING diet/weight loss/whatever” ads, slowly some questionable content started sneaking through. Then a floating ad – Imagine! And Ad! Floating right over my gorgeous content! But still not quite so techsavvy, it took me a long time to figure out how to turn those ads off.

Then I thought to myself, well, actually, I’m not that into the BlogHer ads either. [Please note, BlogHer is a lovely company to advertise with and I very much enjoyed my working relationship with them, however, it was just not right for me personally.] It wasn’t that there was anything overtly offensive about it, but I just didn’t think that advertising for big businesses like Nikon and Stouffer’s was a good match for Medicinal Marzipan.

That is why I’ve removed all of the old advertising from this site.

It is not lost on me that many of you read this blog because you like me, and you like the fact that I am really honest with you, even when I have to admit that I’ve made mistakes and sailed the ship into a pile of rocks.

Let’s rebuild.

Fact: Blogging takes a crazy amount of time. Fact: I love this blog with my entire heart and if I could do nothing but be Ms. Marzipan all day long, I would trip over my feet I’d be running so quickly towards it. Fact: I really like working with brands and shouting from the rooftops about stuff that I love, whether that is another blogger, life-coach, service, or product.

I’m changing the model. Henceforth: Small businesses, female owned and operated businesses, Etsy businesses, businesses that create products that make my life awesome, businesses that offer living wages to their employees, etc. 

In short? Businesses that I give a shit about.

I am going to start selling advertising in the sidebar to businesses that are awesome and amazing and worth checking out. It is not going to alter the aesthetic of the site in any way. It will definitely not be floating over your text, I pinkyswear. It will not be telling you to LOSE FIVE POUNDS BY TONIGHT! It will be hand selected by yours truly, and it will help to cover the costs of the site and compensate me for the time I spend here everyday.  Hopefully, over time, it will allow me to spend yet even more time here everyday.

I will always let you know when I get something for free. I will never EVER tell you I love something that I don’t.

Full disclosure. Full transparency.

Please tell me what you think.