Brave Love

Brave love is bold, expansive, and elastic.

It is the kind of love that you have for someone that you truly care for. It is the kind of love that is strong enough to contain multitudes.

Being in a state of brave love is like holding the fullness of your emotional range in your hands at the same time. It is knowing that frustration or embarrassment or anger can co-exist with love.

I love you, but I don’t really like you right now.

I love you, but you’re driving me crazy.

I love you enough to admit that wasn’t your best effort.

It is the both/and. It is the place where unconditional love lives, the place where you know that no matter what the other person does to upset you, you will love them regardless.


Many of us are able to extend this kind of love easily to others, and yet find it so difficult to give to themselves. Instead we say, I will love you when… putting conditions on our love for ourselves.

Yet, your light is undeniable.

Your spirit and your soul are full and brilliant.

Even in the darkness, in the moments when things aren’t going your way, you can choose to have brave love for yourself.

Brave love is the swirling matrix of complex emotions. It is you, juggling sweetness and disappointment. It is you, wrapping your arms tight around all that you are – the full breadth of your experience in the world. Your light and your dark parts.

Your light is undeniable.

You can choose not give up on yourself, not matter what the circumstances.

You can choose to turn your energy towards your own brilliant spirit and towards the things that light you up, even as you struggle with the reality of a broken washing machine or an empty bank account or a beloved dog that is getting older by the second.

Brilliant light and a car that needs a new transmission.

Self-love and hating every article of clothing in your closet.

Unconditional devotion and moments of crying in a pile on the floor of your kitchen.

Your light is undeniable. 

You do not have to wait for everything to be perfect to begin wrapping yourself tight in brave love.

Right from the get-go, I was impacted by your e-mails. When I stopped to ask myself, “What do I need?”, answers came up that I wasn’t expecting. They lead to me telling my needs to someone who had been in my life for the past eleven months. That conversation lead to the end of the relationship. While I miss that person’s presence in my life, the feeling of having taken care of myself was so new, but so powerful, and has stayed with me throughout the month. For that inspired growth, a million thank yous! – Wendy


(art on this altar created by the brilliant Mandy Steward of Messy Canvas)

You can begin in this moment. And again in the next moment, even after everything tumbles to the floor and you are scrambling to pick up all the pieces. And again, whenever you need.

You can trust your light. You can trust your heart, your desires.

You can trust yourself: to figure it out, to make something out of nothing, to return home to yourself a thousand times a day.

Your relationship with yourself is built upon the strength of your brave love, upon your ability to love yourself in spite of and because of the pain that you carry. It is the sure footing that grounds you in the eye of the storm, even when you feel certain that the winds are picking up again and everything in your body warns you to batten down the hatches.

Your light is undeniable.

This is the part of you that you do not have to prove, your unconditional deserving. This is the worth that you have permission to detach from difficult circumstances.

You can choose to have unconditional love for yourself.

You can choose to ground your feet firmly into your path, into your deeply felt desires, in this moment.

You can choose yourself. All of yourself.

You can choose to receive your own brave love. This class will pave your way.


Your Guide

My name is Mara Glatzel. I’m an intuitive coach, energy healer, and writer.

I guide brave women who want to live and run their businesses on their own terms – with ample space for sacred celebration, radiant love, and permission. I also teach some delicious classes and run beautiful retreats with my chef sweetheart.

I get really revved up and turned on by heart and untapped potential. My work exists in the place the place where daydreaming meets inspired (tangible, practical) action.


Class Details

Cost: $39

Course materials include:

  • Love notes emails delivered to every other day for 30 days.
  • Videos and guided meditations, from my heart to yours.
  • Prompts, invitations + questions to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Your questions, answered

What do I need to participate in Brave Love?

Access to a computer, high speed internet, an email account, and the sweet desire to love yourself more fully. That’s it!

Want to give Brave Love as a gift?

No problem, simply write your loved one’s name in the Comments/Special Delivery Instructions area of your order page or email me to set this up.

Other questions? 

Email me at

The concept of Brave Love was totally 100% radical for me. I took Mara’s class when it debuted this year, and it completely changed my life in both a subtle and a bold way. I didn’t understand Brave Love. I spent a lot of time pondering it throughout the class: what it meant, where it showed up in my life, how I could demonstrate that brave love to myself, just like I did to everyone else in my life.

Then, one day, through Mara’s clear and patient explanations and examples, it started to click. Brave love was something that started to show up in small, subtle ways: Bringing my headphones with me so I could listen to my favorite music when stressed, spritzing myself, sheets, and pillows with Lavender mist so I could sleep better, and lots of forward folds to ground myself when the going got overwhelming. The result: a safety net of my own brave creation for whenever a curve ball was thrown my way. In other words, radical change in my internal landscape, or my inner dialogue. It started with the question, What do I need today? and snowballed into an easier way to live.  – Stephanie