Cycle for Business

conscious planning for women who want to get shit done without sacrificing their self-care

You started your business to get free, but currently your work spills over everywhere.

You have been white knuckling every decision you make, business and otherwise.

You often don't have the energy or desire to finish what you've set out to accomplish.

You are hungry for consistent self-care, creativity, and a plan that supports you in doing your best work.

You are tired of finding yourself at the bottom of a very (very) long list.

You believe you need to work harder, take more classes, or buy the next big thing to learn the secrets that will make running your business easier.

Yet, no amount of inbox zero hacks or better business workshops have helped you achieve the sense of unflappable ease and confidence you've been looking for.

This is your invitation to do business better*.

*By "better" I mean in a way that actually works for YOU, specifically

Cycle for Business is a two-hour live workshop that will help you create a sustainable action plan for doing the work you were put on this planet to do.

On some level you already know that real self-care isn’t optional. It’s essential.

You want to have the energy to do your best work. Period.

You want to feel clear, grounded, centered, peaceful, and accomplished.

You want to look at your calendar without shuddering and deftly organize your time based on your personal priorities and values.

But, you need a completely new system for doing things.

A system that harnesses your innate energy rhythms so that you can get more done without so much inner turmoil.

A plan to manage your energy proactively instead of constantly trying to triage the trashfire that your life has become.

A way to track your big dreams so that you can get them out of your head and into the world while holding yourself accountable to the practices that support you.

What You Get When You Sign Up

Immediate Access to the Recorded Workshop

During this two hour live workshop you will learn all of the basic tenets of building a business plan that takes your unique needs and energy rhythm into account. But, most importantly, you will walk away with a delicious PLAN for how to get shit done (and when) without sacrificing your self-care.

Totally rad pre-work

The following exercises with accompanying instructional videos will be delivered to you a week before the workshop.

The Truth Talk: A Guided Self-Care State of the Union Conversation

How well have you been taking care of yourself, really?

This exercise will guide you through 10 of my favorite journal questions for getting to the root of what you need right now with curiosity and a distinct lack of self-judgment. Your answers will help you figure out how to best support yourself moving forward, so that you can give your business (and life) the best of what you've got to offer.

Your Wheel of the Year

You were not born to move at the same break-neck speed day in and day out. Your energy is cyclical. It moves with the seasons, with the moon, and with the cycle of your body.

Your Wheel of the Year is a mind map that enables you to track your energy through the seasons to better understand what you will need from yourself in the future.

The more that you pay attention to your own personal energy and the energy of your business, the more proactive you will be able to be as you plan how to best get things done.

Your Monster List of Brilliant Ideas

This is your guided opportunity to get all of your best ideas (and a few of your worst ideas too) out of your head and onto the paper, so that you can take stock of what you REALLY want to do with your precious energy.

The truth is, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything. This exercise will help you clearly identify your business priorities for months ahead.

create a plan for your business that is just as individual & glorious as you are

Claim your seat

Your spot includes the 2-hour recorded workshop plus The Truth TalkYour Wheel of the Year, & Your Monster List of Ideas pre-work.


Claim your seat for the workshop + 1:1 business mentorship

Jump on the line with me for 90 minutes to delve deeply into your relationship with your business. During this glittery recalibration session, we will traverse the landscape of your business together to figure out where you’re getting tripped up and what you need to be able to do your best work.

Only 5 spots available


Repeat after me: you are your own best business asset.

Your business truly works – changing lives, reaching your ideal audience, and making enough money to support you – when you do.

I am talking about the deeper work – the way you commune with your body on a daily basis, the confidence you feel when you are working with clients, and the rituals and systems that best support your growth, both personally and professionally.

You do not have to sacrifice your needs in order to get the things done.

You do not need to make yourself smaller and smaller in order to make everyone around you happy.

You do not need to continue feeling exhausted from constantly reacting to the onslaught of obligations and your disorganized life.

It is possible to create a business of substance and sustenance, even if that's something you've only dreamed about before.

Join me for the Cycle for Business Workshop to align with your energy rhythm, play to your strengths, and restructure your offerings in a way that suits you best.

Your Questions, Answered

Who is this workshop for?

Cycle for Business is for non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and woman-identified humans and femmes. It was created specifically for business owners, but all are welcome.

You will get a lot out of this workshop if you have a burning creative project in your heart and a vested interest in figuring out how to manage your energy in order to get more done.

What will I need to participate?

All that you need in order to participate is access to a high-speed internet connection and email address.

Do I have time for this? What is the time commitment?

The workshop itself is two hours long.

Additionally, allocate two hours to complete the deliciously clarifying pre-work exercises. I won't be checking up on you, BUT these exercises are really valuable and not to be missed.

Can I give this workshop as a gift?

Of course you can, you generous thing you! Email me at to set this up.

More questions?

Email me at and I will help you with anything you need.

Claim your seat

Your spot includes immediate access to the 2-hour workshop plus The Truth TalkYour Wheel of the Year, & Your Monster List of Ideas pre-work.


Claim your seat for the workshop + 1:1 business mentorship

Jump on the line with me for 90 jam-packed minutes to delve deeply into your relationship with your business. During this glittery recalibration session, we will traverse the landscape of your business – together – to figure out where you’re getting tripped up and develop a well-fitting soul-plan for your business.

Only 5 spots available


Big Love for Cycle


Praise for Tend

Participating in Cycle allowed me to get real with myself and go to deeper places than I would have been able to on my own.
- Helen K.


Praise for Tend

Cycle was the perfect way to rest, take stock of what I’ve achieved and set peaceful wishes (I hate the word goals) for the next season.
- Kate Bacon

Big love for Mara's Business Mentorship


Praise for Tend

Working with Mara has straight-up saved my sanity. I came to Mara as a heap of exhaustion and frustration, knowing that it was time for a significant shift in my business and having no idea what that looked like.

Mara sees me and the work that I do with such insight and clarity. She offers brilliant solutions that are so clearly the next steps to take, no mulling it over necessary. (You know those “ah ha!” moments Oprah talks about? Mara is a medium for epiphanies like that.) I’ll continue working with her for years to come — Mara will forever be my lighthouse in a sea of overwhelm.

- Evan Leah Quinn, Web Designer + Rebrand Extraordinaire at SixteenJuly


Praise for Tend

My work with Mara was inspiring and effective. Mara was able, thru her deep listening skills to hone in on the subjects that were most alive to me and our session then became about creating ways to build on these alive elements. She saw what was already happening and our focus lit a fire under it. Mara’s work is infused with her belief in the creative process and everyone’s ability to utilize it. When we hung up I felt motivated and stimulated by our work, I did not have to reach far to find what was trying to happen, and I was encouraged by the ease of it.

- Patti Tronolone, Reiki Master + Dream Mentor at Waking Life Studio


Praise for Tend

Reaching out to Mara for support in business and life has been the single most beneficial action I have ever taken on behalf of my business. I am the kind of person who thinks they can do it all, carry it all, weather it all–all by myself. It’s so hard for me to ask for help, and I really struggled by myself for a very long time.

But after two and a half years of shouldering the weight of my one-woman business, I knew it was time. Time to admit that I couldn’t do this alone, that I needed someone to support me and to help me carry this burden that I had created, yes, but that also felt very much like my life’s work.

Working with Mara after all that time alone has been like crawling into a warm bath. She has challenged me to push myself farther than I ever have before, but I also feel her love and warmth and support in every email and every word of our work together. It’s been nothing short of a transformative experience.

In the last months, I have found myself able to take steps towards projects and work that had terrified me in the past. It hasn’t been a magic wand, but Mara helps validate my fears and help me to move past them in a way that makes me believe that I can truly do the work that I’ve dreamed about for years now. Working with Mara, I feel brave.

Honestly, I can’t overstate how helpful she has been and how wonderful she has been to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - Brenda Errichiello, Forest North Books

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