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Mara Glatzel (2)

Cycle is for those of us who feel nauseous thinking about our jam-packed schedules and all of the many, many things we "should" be doing. 

Those of us who come back from a long weekend and immediately begin counting down the days until the next one.

Those of us who find ourselves saying, "this year is going by too fast" and then feel so overwhelmed that it's impossible to begin.

Those of us who easily see our failures but struggle to pause and celebrate the little victories.

Those of us who are waiting to start truly living our lives until we lose 20 pounds, get the promotion, get the surgery, finish paying off our debt or finish renovating the house.

Those of us who power through our to-do lists and appear to "have it all" while secretly coming apart at the seams.

If you are sick of the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach year after year that cruelly reminds you that another 365 days have passed and you aren’t closer to where you want to be, you are not the only one. 

Do you want to live more purposefully, take better care of yourself, contribute to the world in meaningful ways, and show up for the people you care about?

Do you find yourself wondering - how does anyone do it? How do they have any energy left after making it through the day?

What if your life could feel different? 

What if you were able to live each year in an intentional way, making goals and following through with them without sacrificing your self-care in the process?

How would your resolutions be different if you could make time to ask yourself, why is this a goal for me and does this need to be a priority right now?

What if you could change your life just by changing the way you perceive it?

If reading this ignites a little spark within you, if you feel any whisper of excitement at the prospect of changing your life in a nurturing and intentional way, you are in the right place.


In 2019, we had Cycle participants who… 

Created a consistent movement practice (finally!), grieved a loved one, started a home daycare, moved across the country, got sober, committed to their mental health, cleared significant debt, created seasonal self-care rituals, grew and birthed a baby, wrote a book, got a promotion, renegotiated relationships, created brand new holiday traditions, and stopped trying to do everything in order to focus on what matters most (after figuring out what matters most). 

This is a community for brave-hearted doers who are ambitious AND human. 

Our goals are as different as we are from one another. 

As one participant said last week - “Cycle is literally for  anyone who wants to live with intention.”

There is room for you in our community whether you want to create healthy boundaries in your business, sew something new once a month, learn how to bake bread, finish your dissertation without losing your mind, or learn to show up more authentically in your relationships.


Praise for Tend

I love the ongoing support and connection Cycle provides. I joined because I was drawn to a yearlong community and it was rewarding to grow together all year long! Cycle helped me find more space on my calendar - way ahead of time. Now, I plan ahead and give myself time for tending BEFORE I am worn down. - Aly S.


At this point, you might be thinking, Ok Mara. But like, I’ve said I’m going to do XYZ for five years and I haven’t done it. If I sign up for Cycle are you going to come to my house, pull me out of bed, and hold me accountable? Because… otherwise, I just don’t see it happening. Again. 

In this life, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

(I know you wish you could. I wish I could too. Alas, here we are.)

You are human. Your energy is cyclical like the seasons. It ebbs and flows just like the tide. It is not meant to be constant all year long.

If you are going to live the life that you were put on this planet to live with greater ease, you need a plan that honors your natural energy cycles.

You will be surprised by how much you accomplish when you carve out time to get stunningly clear about what you want, break it down into manageable steps, AND create a system that actually fits your life. 

Cycle combines powerful lessons about the energy of the seasons, moon cycles, and our personal energy rhythms with transformative, conscious planning tools to help you figure out what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a way that feels good. 

In short, I won’t be pulling you out of bed each morning, BUT you will be supported all year long with reminders, gentle nudges, and raucous standing ovations. 

(And no bullshit. Cycle is about taking unnecessary things OFF of your to-do list.)

Mara Glatzel (1)

Wanting your life to feel better isn’t a frivolous endeavor. It's a lifeline.

In Cycle, you will learn how to manage your expectations, make real resolutions, and prioritize your vision for your life in a way that helps you thrive.

Through seasonal virtual retreats and a dynamic community, Cycle will teach you how to create a sustainable self-care plan that is specific to YOU, helping you get shit done without sacrificing the essential self-care rituals and practices that support you.

Cycle is about saying yes to yourself. Yes to the human beneath the many hats you wear each day. Yes to the practices and rituals that sustain you. Yes to your grand plans. Yes to receiving what you ache for. Yes to setting boundaries that protect your energy. Yes to living your life to the fullest.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Your Cycle 2020 membership includes...

Seasonal virtual retreats

Our group will gather together four times a year for a weekend of virtual workshops, rituals, and practices to support your growth. With a high-speed internet connection, you can join the video call and circle with our group no matter where you are.

Each weekend retreat includes:

  • an email with journal prompts to get you revved up the week before we meet
  • Two+ hours of gathering live and coaching with me on Saturday
  • curated self-care rituals to help you tend to yourself on Sunday

2020 workshops will take place: December 21 (2019), March 21, June 20, September 26

Tune-Up Calls

To help us stay in touch with our dreams between retreats we will gather for 60-minute community check-in calls during the months of February, May, August, and November to share successes and clarify our intentions.

Access to the private FB group

Tune in to our online community for weekly prompts and conversation starters to keep you connected to the moon's phases and one another between live retreats. Plus, once a month, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything in a private live Q&A.

New Moon mail

These monthly emails will be delivered to your inbox on each New Moon.  Each email is chock full of intuitive guidance, group energy work, and practices to tune into the lunar cycle.


The To-Do List Makeover Workshop - NEW ($99 Value)

Saturday, January 25th at 2 pm Eastern

You are invited to start the year off with a delicious sense of organization, hand-tailored to your dreams, priorities, and personal definition of success. This brand-spanking-new 2-hour workshop will teach you how to manage your expectations and carve out delicious space for the things you want to do most. Plus, you'll get to peek behind the curtain of my one-woman operation to check out how I get things done without sacrificing my self-care.

Cycle for Entrepreneurs ($199 Value)

Saturday, April 25th at 2 pm Eastern

For years business owners asked me for this special workshop about mapping their business, offerings, and annual calendar based on their energy rhythms. Imagine how good it will feel to be able to organize your productivity and rest/restoration around your own personal energy cycle instead of expecting yourself to DO IT ALL AND DO IT PERFECTLY, all year long.


Praise for Tend

I signed up for Cycle because I needed something for ME. Yes, I was interested in how it might apply to my business, but more than that, I needed a space for me: for permission to honor and respect my rhythms more.  I loved that Cycle wasn't overwhelming. Cycle was nourishing, permission-giving, and spacious. - Kara K.

Live with Intention in 2020

Join Cycle to cultivate deliciously doable intentions, map out your seasonally specific self-care protocol, and stay connected with your vision for your life all year long!

Sign up for Cycle by clicking your payment choice above. If you experience any tech issues or need assistance, please email

Please note: monthly payments are made automatically by subscription each month on the day you enroll.

Mara Glatzel (3)

I created Cycle because I am hell-bent on finding that sweet, elusive balance between work and play.

But, if I am totally honest, I initially created Cycle for myself.

After spending years chugging coffee and trying to be everything to everyone around me, I found myself completely burned out.

I had just had my first baby, my business was limping along, and my relationship was struggling. I couldn't find myself anywhere beneath the chaotic, exhausting mess that my life had become. I didn't have a scrap of extra energy to figure it out, but I knew I needed to.

One morning I asked myself, what do you need?

The answer arrived: A different way of living. A different method for structuring my time. A fresh start. A plan that actually works for ME and instead of the perfectionistic woman who lives in my head and writes my to-do lists.

The problem wasn’t anyone else or their expectations. It was me.

It was my own internalized pressure and desire to be seen as perfect that was running me ragged.

It was my fear of not making enough money to support my family.

It was an old story that I had to be the first and best in order to matter and a belief that if I worked hard enough, I could earn the external validation I desperately wanted.

That, underneath it all, doing more might to protect me from being left behind, abandoned, or forgotten about.

I needed a completely new system for doing things.

A system that harnessed my innate energy rhythms so that I could get more done without so much inner turmoil.

A plan to manage my energy proactively instead of constantly trying to triage the trash fire that my life had become.

A way to track my big dreams so that I could get them out of my head and into the world while holding myself accountable to the practices that supported me.

I needed Cycle.

If you are here because you want to feel clear, grounded, peaceful, and accomplished...

If you want to look at your calendar without shuddering and deftly organize your time based on your personal priorities and values...

if you want to know yourself better so that you can plan your life better...

I created Cycle just for you.



Praise for Tend

Cycle was the perfect way to rest, take stock of what I’ve achieved and set peaceful wishes (I hate the word goals) for the next season.
- Kate Bacon

Your Questions, Answered

Can I give Cycle as a gift?

Of course you can, you generous thing you! Email me at to set this up.

Do you offer refunds if Cycle isn't a good fit for me?

There are limited seats in our Cycle community and this offering sells out every year. Thus, I do not offer refunds for Cycle, nor can you cancel your payment plan partway throughout the year. When you sign-up for the payment plan, you are committing to making the twelve monthly payments. Please be mindful of this when you choose to join us.

If you are joining us for the first time, please feel free to ask me anything about the structure or my approach by emailing I'm happy to answer any question you might have to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Do I have time for this? What is the time commitment?

Cycle was created to simplify and streamline your planning and goal setting. You will get enormous value from attending the live calls and doing the prompts alongside the community. Plan to spend 1-3 hours a month on Cycle material. (It is MAGNIFICENT what even 1 hour of tuning in and conscious planning each month will do for creating a sense of ease and purpose in your life.)

What will I need to participate?

All that you need in order to participate in Cycle is access to a high-speed internet connection and an email address.

What if I can’t make one of the virtual retreats?

Each virtual retreat will be recorded and emailed to you after we wrap up.  This way you will be able to watch and benefit from our live circles even if you have to miss one of the retreats or something comes up.

What if I’m located in the Southern hemisphere? Will I still get a lot out of planning by the seasons?

Great question! Cycle is based on the Northern Hemisphere’s seasons. However, if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere and want to circle with us, you are absolutely invited. You will still benefit from cultivating a self-care plan to support yourself as you move throughout your seasons and opportunities to track your wishes and intentions over the course of the year.

Other questions? 

I would love to hear from you. Get in touch at


Praise for Tend

You won't regret giving yourself the gift of this program! Cycle encourages you to become the expert and steward of your own life. It has helped me develop so much self-knowledge and compassion. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.
- Helen K.

Say yes to yourself

Your Cycle membership includes seasonal virtual retreats, tune-up calls, access to our private online community, and oodles of support, when you need it most.

Sign up for Cycle by clicking your payment choice above. If you experience any tech issues or need assistance, please email

Please note: monthly payments are made automatically by subscription each month on the day you enroll.


Praise for Tend

Cycle is a sweet and gentle class. The time and the space given to us is just what I was looking for. I feel held in 'retreat' hands when we have our virtual weekends together, even when I'm just in my normal home life.  It is wonderful to see that 'retreat' can happen within my ordinary old life.  The ordinary becomes so infused with magic that way. - Kate B.


Praise for Tend

At the end of Cycle, I am so much better at creating ritual space for myself. I am so aware of season changes, changes in my body, and to take the time to feel into and recognize those cycles and changes. I feel much more aware and connected to myself.
- Laura Y.


Praise for Tend

Cycle helps me focus on the reality that I may only have time for one or two projects a season, and while that realization can be frustration, it also helps me actually do the thing. Instead of fantasizing about ALL THE THINGS I could be doing, Cycle asks me to choose the one thing and get to work on it. It's also been an amazing way to review and recap all that I have done, even if the main project I meant to work on that season didn't move forward. I've gained more assurance in my own process, my energy levels and most importantly, I feel more and more (with practice) I am doing enough - Justine T.


Praise for Tend

Cycle is different than other programs because it's not about fixing myself or fitting into a "solution" that works for someone else. It's special because it's about honoring myself and working with what is for me. My favorite part of Cycle is how it opens me to seeing my own rhythms, to finding ways to work with my cycles of energy and interest. And, doing the program in community helps me see that I am not alone in having variation throughout the days, weeks, and seasons, but also that my cycle is my uniquely own. I feel safe and comfortable and supported to own that. Cycle helps me to plan better, to let go of things that aren't working for me, to experiment, to make connections between my soul and my goals and my body's needs and my energetic self.  - Kathryn S.


Praise for Tend

I loved participating in Cycle for two years, and found both years incredibly valuable and illuminating. Mara has an amazing way of holding space for emotions and gently guiding us to listen to our inner wisdom. In particular, I appreciated the seasonal reminders to check in with my needs, wants, and desires based on what makes me feel excited, curious, and energetic in the present moment. I learned to recognize plans that no longer suit the person I currently am, and to be willing to close the door, either temporarily or permanently, on old goals to make space for what's emerging right now.
- Kim D.


Praise for Tend

I love the sense of ritual that Cycle provides - it's a beautiful way of marking the entry to a new season. I love celebrating the successes and wins of the past (because I'll usually overlook those) and the process of getting clear about priorities for the coming season. I love approaching work and life in a seasonal, cyclical way, and having dedicated time to do this with other kindred spirits felt perfect. I'm proud of having let go of a lot of unrealistic/unreasonable expectations of myself! And of having greater trust that things in my life really are happening at exactly the right speed, even if that speed is SLOOOOOOW right now.  -Elizabeth Bechard

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