getting things done doesn't have to suck


Do you feel exhausted just looking at your calendar?

What if you were able to feel grounded and confident in your ability to stop spinning your wheels and devote yourself more fully to your dreams instead of feeling totally overwhelmed?

What if you were able to get in front of your burnout by recognizing it on the horizon instead of waiting until it has you in its clutches?

Through seasonal virtual retreats and new moon gatherings, Cycle will teach you how to create a sustainable self-care plan that is specific to YOU by supporting you to get shit done without sacrificing the essential self-care rituals and practices that support you.

In this life, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

(I know you wish you could. I wish I could too. Alas, here we are.)

You are human. Your energy is cyclical like the seasons. It ebbs and flows just like the tide. It is not meant to be constant all year long.

If you are going to do the work that you were put on this planet to do with greater ease, you need clarity, focus, and a plan to honor your natural energy cycles.

You need a sustainable way to weave your needs into the fabric of your daily life so that you feel well supported and well-tended to -- every single day.

Cycle provides you with seasonal opportunities to reconnect, restore, and recalibrate so that you can move through your year with greater awareness and motivation.

Wanting your life to feel better isn’t a frivolous endeavor. It's a lifeline.

Cycle is about saying yes to yourself. Yes to the human beneath the many hats you wear each day. Yes to your messy, glorious humanity. Yes to asking for help. Yes to the practices and rituals that sustain you. Yes to receiving what you ache for. Yes to your grand plans. Yes to setting boundaries that protect your energy. Yes to living your life to the fullest.

Investment: $100/month or $1000 for the year

At the end of Cycle, I am so much better at creating ritual space for myself. I am so aware of season changes, changes in my body, and to take the time to feel into and recognize those cycles and changes. I feel much more aware and connected to myself. - Laura Y.

Cycle was the perfect way to rest, take stock of what I’ve achieved and set peaceful wishes (I hate the word goals) for the next season. - Kate Bacon

Participating in Cycle allowed me to get real with myself and go to deeper places than I would have been able to on my own. - Helen K.

Make a habit out of feeling nourished, rested & lit up

Cycle will help you cultivate your intentions, map out your seasonally specific self-care protocol, and stay connected with your vision for your life all year long! Doors for Cycle reopen on May 26th!

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