conscious planning for women who want to get shit done without sacrificing their self-care

Are you tired of finding yourself at the bottom of a very long to do list?

You have been told to do more in order to feel better  - work harder, take more classes, cultivate better habits, read THIS book, and listen to all the podcasts.

Yet, no amount of inbox zero hacks or self-help workshops have helped you achieve the gorgeous sense of unshakable, unflappable ease and confidence that you've been looking for.

You're exhausted. Your self-care is abysmal. You cannot stomach facing another December feeling as though you didn't accomplish a single thing you set out to do in January.

You want more for yourself, but you aren't even sure to begin.

2019 can be different. It will be different, if you want it to be.

You do not have to sacrifice your needs in order to get the things done that you most want to get done.

You do not need to make yourself smaller and smaller in order to make everyone around you happy.

You do not need to continue feeling exhausted from constantly reacting to the onslaught of obligations and your disorganized life.

It is possible to create a life of substance and sustenance, even if that's something you've only dreamed about before.

Why I Created Cycle

I am obsessed with helping women just like you create the things you were put on this planet to create with greater ease and hell bent on finding that sweet, elusive balance between work and play.

But, if I am totally honest, I initially created Cycle for myself.

After spending years chugging coffee and trying to be everything to everyone around me, I found myself completely burnt out.

I had just had a baby, my business was limping along, and my relationship was struggling. I couldn't find myself anywhere beneath the chaotic, exhausting mess that had become my life. I didn't have a scrap of extra energy to figure it out, but I knew I needed to.

One morning I asked myself, what do you need?

The answer arrived: A different way of living. A different method for structuring my time. A fresh start. A plan that actually works for ME and instead of the crazy woman who lives in my head and writes my to do lists.

The problem wasn’t anyone else or their expectations. It was me.

It was my own internalized pressure and desire to be seen as perfect that was running me ragged.

It was my fear of not making enough money to support my family.

It was an old story that I had to be the first and best in order to matter and a belief that if I worked hard enough, I could earn the external validation I desperately wanted.

That, underneath it all, doing more might to protect me from being left behind, abandoned, or forgotten about.

I needed a completely new system for doing things.

A system that harnessed my innate energy rhythms so that I could get more done without so much inner turmoil.

A plan to manage my energy proactively instead of constantly trying to triage the trashfire that my life had become.

A way to track my big dreams so that I could get them out of my head and into the world while holding myself accountable to the practices that supported me.

I needed Cycle.

And, if you are here because you want to feel clear, grounded, centered, peaceful, and accomplished...

If you want to look at your calendar without shuddering and deftly organize your time based on your personal priorities and values...

if you want to know yourself better, so that you can plan your life better...

I created Cycle just for you. 


Praise for Tend

I really, really loved being a part of Cycle this year. My year has been so full with work, family, and other commitments, and I’ve loved having the retreats to punctuate the seasons of the year and give me a reason to slow down, reflect, integrate, and reset.

After this October retreat, it has been such a gift to be able to look back at my notes from the earlier retreats and see how much magic this year has held – and to remember to celebrate what I have done, even when it’s tempting to focus on the things that still need doing. Thank you for this beautiful chance to practice staying close to myself in such a full season of life.
-Elizabeth Bechard

What is Cycle, exactly?

Cycle will help you identify what you really need and learn how to structure your life so that those needs can be met - sustainably, consistently, and peacefully.

Join me to learn how to commit your time, make your resolutions, and construct your life in a way that allows you to thrive in every facet of your life.

Cycle Includes...

Four virtual retreats 

Four times a year, we will gather together for a weekend of virtual workshops. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you can join the webinar and circle with our group no matter where you are.

Each weekend retreat includes:

  • an email with journal prompts to get you revved up on Friday
  • a glorious day of gathering live and coaching with me on Saturday
  • curated self-care rituals to help you tend to yourself on Sunday

2019 Retreat dates will be announced shortly.

Access to the private FB group

This year I am revving up our online community to include weekly prompts and conversation starters to keep you connected the moon's phases, seasonal cycles, and one another between live retreats.

Plus, once a month you will have the opportunity to ask me anything in a private live Q&A.

New Moon mail

These monthly emails will be delivered to your inbox each month on the New Moon and are chock full of intuitive guidance, group energy work, and practices to tune into the lunar cycle.

A welcome care package 

I will try to contain my excitement to tell you about these packages... but it will be difficult.

The first 50 humans who sign up for Cycle will receive a gorgeous moon calendar journal and my favorite pen.

These are the exact tools that I use to track my own cycles throughout the year and they are stellar.


Conversation with My Moon is My Calendar creator April McMurty (priceless)

April is the brilliant human and creator of aforementioned moon calendar. Upon receiving your calendar, you will also receive a link to listen to our conversation about how she uses the calendar in her own life and tools to track your own energy rhythms.

Cycle for Entrepreneurs ($199 Value)

Ohhhh yes.

For years you have asked me for a special workshop on mapping your business, offerings, and annual calendar based on your energy rhythms and I am so excited to announce that THIS IS THE YEAR. This two hour workshop will take place in February and, as a Cycle participant, you will receive a free ticket!


Praise for Tend

Participating in Cycle allowed me to get real with myself and go to deeper places than I would have been able to on my own.
- Helen K.

Make a habit out of feeling nourished, rested & lit up

Cycle will help you cultivate your intentions, map out your seasonally specific self-care protocol, and stay connected with your vision for your life all year long!

Get on the waitlist - doors open in november!

Do you feel exhausted just looking at your calendar?

What if you were able to get in front of your burnout by recognizing it on the horizon instead waiting until it has you in its clutches?

What if you felt grounded and confident in your ability to have your own back, so that you could stop spinning your wheels and devote yourself more fully to you dreams?

Here’s the thing: In this life, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

(I know you wish you could. I wish I could too. Alas, here we are.)

You are human. Your energy is cyclical like the seasons. It ebbs and flows just like the tide. It is not meant to be constant all year long.

If you are going to do the work that you were put on this planet to do with greater ease, you need clarity, focus, and a plan to honor your natural energy cycle.

You need a sustainable way to weave your needs into the fabric of your daily life so that you feel well supported and well tended to - every single day. 

Cycle provides you with seasonal opportunities to reconnect, restore, and recalibrate, so that you can move through your year with greater awareness and motivation. When you create a sustainable plan that is specific to YOU (and your needs for the season ahead), you are inspired to get shit done without sacrificing the essential self-care rituals and practices that support you.

Wanting your life to feel better isn’t a frivolous endeavor. It's a lifeline.

Cycle is about saying yes to yourself. Yes to the woman beneath the many hats you wear each day. Yes to your messy, glorious humanity. Yes to asking for help. Yes to the practices and rituals that sustain you. Yes to receiving what you ache for. Yes to your grand plans. Yes to setting boundaries that protect your energy. Yes to living your life to the fullest. 

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Praise for Tend

Cycle was the perfect way to rest, take stock of what I’ve achieved and set peaceful wishes (I hate the word goals) for the next season.
- Kate Bacon

Your Questions, Answered

I loved Glitter & Devotion. Is this kind of like that?

Yep. But imagine a bigger and better Glitter and Devotion, repeated quarterly and deliciously padded with supportive prompts and seasonal care rituals.

(In short, if you loved G&D, you’re going to love Cycle.)

Can I give Cycle as a gift?

Of course you can, you generous thing you! Email me at to set this up.

Do I have time for this? What is the time commitment?

As a participant in Cycle, you will have access to the virtual retreat materials four times over the course of the year. Each weekend’s programming will include journaling prompts to complete Friday evening, two 90-minute virtual gatherings on Saturday, and a care ritual to nourish and replenish yourself on Sunday.

All of these prompts can be completed in your own timing and fit into your schedule in a way that is supportive for you.

What will I need to participate?

All that you need in order to participate in Cycle is access to a high-speed internet connection and email address.

What if I can’t make one of the virtual retreats?

Each virtual retreat will be recorded and emailed to you after we wrap up.  This way you will be able to watch and benefit from our live circles even if you have to miss one of the retreats or something comes up.

What if I’m located in the Southern hemisphere? Will I still get a lot out of planning by the seasons?

Great question! Cycle is based on the Northern Hemisphere’s seasons. However, if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere and want to circle with us, you are absolutely invited. You will still benefit from cultivating a self-care plan to support yourself as you move throughout your seasons and opportunities to track your wishes and intentions over the course of the year.

Say YES to making 2019 your best year yet

(And by "best" I mean awesomely planned and custom tailored to fit YOU instead of the impossible superwoman standard that runs you ragged and makes you want to cower from your calendar.)

Get on the waitlist - doors open in november!