You know how the saying goes: Fill your own cup, first.
But that leaves one (very important) question:

How can you have a full cup when you also have a full life?

The answer lies in cultivating a relationship with yourself that’s stronger than the one with your to-do list. 

And it starts with slowing the breakneck speed you’ve been keeping -- the one that says you need to go, go, go, and do, do, do to prove your worth...and developing a deep reverence for yourself and your needs, instead. (And not just on bright, shiny days.)

It’s revolutionary. It’s life-giving. It’s necessary. And no one’s given you the permission -- or the how -- to make it happen amongst the chaos of your life... 

Until now.

Hey you. (Yes, you.) You are human. Even if it doesn’t feel like anyone or anything else is treating you that way.

I’ll repeat: You are an ambitious human who is, also, relentlessly needy. (Hot damn, do I love that about you.) 

You easily convince yourself that you will be better at taking care of yourself once you "just get XYZ done." That you just need to figure out a better plan. That next week, caring for yourself will feel easier. Inspired even. So you plug away, head down, working as hard as possible… only to end up more exhausted and overwhelmed than ever.

And when you do get to the bottom of that inhumane to-do list? You celebrate by giving yourself more to do.

You’ve tried every planner and productivity hack, but you aren’t any closer to having a real, sustainable way to show up for the things that matter to you without sacrificing your needs and self-care. You want "it" (gestures around wildly) to feel better. But you can't help but wonder if this is just what it means to be an adult -- while thinking everyone else is simply better at making it through than you are.

Let’s pause. I’m going to share a truth that you just might not believe...yet:

you are not a problem that needs to be fixed.

Your worth is innate. You are worthy without serving others. You are worthy even when you stop doing. You can set the heavy stuff down for now and rest in knowing that you are enough and you are doing enough.

It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do; what you accomplish or don’t accomplish; you are worthy and valuable just by being yourself.

Welcome to Cycle — the safe place to ask: How do I want to live?

And then dance toward realistically making it happen.

Cycle dispels the myth that we can and should be able to do all.of.the.things, have universally high, perfect energy 24/7, 365 days a year, or that we can life-hack our way out of being the humans we are. 

Cycle is an online membership community for trans and cis women, femmes, non-binary folks, and gender non-conforming folks who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women.

Cycle holds space for you and all of your humanity, turning you back toward yourself so you can figure out a reliable, realistic system that works for you in particular to proactively tend to your energy, stay in touch with your larger vision for your life, and take inspired action that is hooked into your values, needs, and desires.

Cycle is about letting go of the idealized version of yourself you’re holding onto, tuning in and paying attention to the cycles you’re aligned with, and taking part in a pro-human, anti-hustle community that promotes showing up in a way that’s more focused, humane, and (dare I say it?) delightful


Cycle is an awakening. A redefining. An acceptance.

When we tune into + understand the moon cycles, seasons, and natural world, we disrupt the idea that we, as humans, are machines that can be on and doing all day, every day.

Through understanding how our own energy ebbs and flows with these cycles and those of our own bodies, we cultivate a more rooted, grounded, and sure approach to the chaos of life.

This is the work we do in Cycle. Work that creates the magical space you crave to:
  • Replace judgment with compassion for yourself and who/how you are, looking forward with kindness as you proactively plan for your experience of your life to be better.
  • Get things done with much less internal/external strife, increasing your satisfaction as you learn to leverage your energy/unique assets to take action.
  • Create a more partnered relationship with yourself, easing the closely-held shame of "there is something wrong with me."
  • Experience a deeper connection to yourself and the natural world around you, cultivating the self-trust that you can fulfill your needs...without guilt.
  • Move your needs proudly to the top of your to-do list, enabling you to make progress on the things that are most important.
  • Have greater confidence + peace in your choices, (finally) laying claim to your role as sovereign leader of your life.
Cheryl Dawson

Praise for Cycle

I’m more compassionate and patient with myself, and at the same time I’m taking action in support of myself that I was struggling to take before…

“I joined Cycle because I was curious about better aligning my goals and plans with the seasons. I love that Mara brings some ‘woo’ and a whole lot of practicality to the conversation. Mara is inclusive and accepting in teaching people how to tune into themselves. Since joining Cycle, I’m more compassionate and patient with myself, and at the same time I’m taking action in support of myself that I was struggling to take before. I’m healthier, calmer and happier. Cycle is an easy yes. There is so much will come away better equipped to own and enjoy your life as it is, and make change if you want to.”
- Cheryl Dawson


I'm going to be frank for a minute...

Humans are burning out at an incredible rate.

Capitalism and toxic productivity culture teach us to extract and exploit all of our own goodness without a single thought to our restoration and needs...for the sake of making more money and feeling more worthy. These forces have trained us to allow ourselves just enough to keep us in barely functioning order.


The conversation around productivity has so far looked like this:

Tangible, measurable outcomes = your self-worth

Doing everything is the expectation.

If you’re doing it right, it’s easy. If it doesn’t feel easy, you are doing it wrong and you are wrong by proxy.

(You are not wrong. This system is a set up.)

Doing more is the answer; doing less is lazy

What if focus wasn’t indicative of your laziness, but a testament to your commitment to your energetic sustainability?

What if focus didn’t point to your lack of self-worth but to your majestic ability to be discerning and connected to YOUR vision for YOUR life?

We have inherited this system. But we do not have to carry it forward.


Cycle conversations are counter-culture, in that they're in opposition to what you may have been taught or conditioned to believe.

Cycle challenges the systems working against us, asking -- and answering:

:: What if you were able to know what you want to do and it? ::

:: What if you were able to trust yourself to follow through without sacrificing yourself in the process? ::

:: What if you could change your life just by changing the way you protect, maintain, and replenish your energy? ::

Cycle is about saying YES.

Yes to yourself. Yes to the human beneath the many hats you wear each day. Yes to the practices and rituals that sustain you. Yes to your grand plans. Yes to receiving what you ache for. Yes to setting boundaries that protect your energy. Yes to coming home to yourself. Yes to living your life to the fullest.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

When you say yes to Cycle, you’re also saying yes to alllll of this...

:: throws biodegradable glitter & confetti in the air ::

Seasonal Virtual Retreats

We’ll circle together with each season for a weekend of virtual workshops, rituals, and practices to support your growth.

Each retreat includes: 2+ hours of gathering live with our Cycle community and coaching with me, journal prompts before we meet & curated self-care rituals to help you tend to yourself after we wrap up. These live retreat workshops are filled to the brim with communal celebration, sharing intentions with one another, and borrowing from our collective brilliance to brainstorm what's next for you.

“The seasonal retreats are the best. They give the space to think about where I'm at and what I need. After the retreats, I feel lighter. I have a plan. Even if I've lost confidence prior, I come away from the retreats feeling like I knew myself the whole time. I feel more confident in my choices.” - Amanda M.

Monthly New Moon Gatherings

These live gatherings are magnificent opportunities to reconnect with yourself, tend to your larger vision for what you are creating in your life, update your priorities, and cultivate moon cycle-based practices that support you in showing up for what you care about most.

The rituals and practices we engage in together at these Gatherings are guaranteed to bring you megawatt clarity and resource you so that you are able to follow through.

(Finally and amen.)

“Cycle gatherings give me the structure to check in with myself around the year, teaching me things about how I experience my world differently in January than in April, than in November. And that by knowing those things, I can either plan for the hard or make sure I don't miss the stuff that I love.” - Amy B.

The Cycle Sessions

In addition to live New Moon Gathering, you’ll be invited to a second live gathering per month that I affectionately refer to as the "How The F*ck It Actually Works" Sessions. After all, a concept is only as good as our ability to use it.

These calls are a combo of live teaching and communal co-working time to tend to the things on your list that you've been avoiding. Each Session is an opportunity to gather live, ask questions, and practice the Cycle principles together.

Slow Down, You're Moving Too Fast (But, How?)
Navigating Grief & Transformation with Jessie Harrold
Pleasure Hunting 101

Ending the Comparison Crisis & Honoring Your Enoughness

“What I love most about Cycle are the Sessions each month. I love the bite-sized learning and time to work alongside and celebrate one another.” - Regina V.

Bonus Sessions for Work + Life

Twice a year, we’ll circle for specific sessions as we apply Cycle for Business and Cycle for Parenting.

Cycle for Parenting Sessions are where you’ll think about how to bring the themes from Cycle into traditions + ways of doing things that bring more ease to your family system, while Cycle for Business Sessions will help you greater align your own energy rhythms and cycles with the way you organize and lead your business(es), yourself, and humans you work with. .

These Sessions will be available to everyone, as will the recordings. Even if you don’t need them now, they’ll be there when you do.

Cycle-Only Podcast Feed

The secret channel where you can find all of our Gatherings and Sessions -- plus periodic Cycle-only podcast episodes -- housed in yet another delicious way to consume them.

The members-only Cycle podcast will offer another way to take part in our calls if you can’t join live, or an easy way to revisit the magic of our gatherings long after they’re complete, making it even easier to consume the delicious material we chew on together throughout our gatherings.

Pop in your earbuds and enjoy Cycle on the go as you walk your pup, wash your dishes, or head home from the carpool.

The Cycle Planner

You’ll receive a mega digital workbook & planner from me, with ample space for doing all of our work together at the Retreats, New Moon Gatherings, and Sessions. The exercises we do within Cycle enable us to collect so much delicious data about ourselves that informs how we plan and care for ourselves in moving forward.

Your Cycle Workbook & Planner will hold your hand as we walk through this year — and this life — together.

“I'm an organizational problem is that I have too many tools. With the Cycle planner, I have a specific amount of visual real estate assigned for each day. I have to be deliberate about what I put down on my priority list. In turn, this has helped me become more realistic about my expectations while also celebrating all that I have accomplished in a given week.” - Brandy S.

The Cycle Community

So much of the work we do in Cycle is about being in relationship with ourselves. It can bring up a lot. It can be confronting. It can be uncomfortable.

The Cycle community is the people we circle with; the group walking alongside you in that discomfort; the humans there to support you when that feeling comes up that you're doing it wrong.

The only way forward is through. You do not have to do it alone.

“I'd mostly tried to do it on my own...I'm a pretty introspective person so it was easy to believe I could do it on my own, but engaging with other folks on this same journey and joining you for live retreats really added a layer of magic.” - Michelle L.


I now interrupt this deliciousness to remind you: Cycle isn't another thing TO DO.

I’m going to guess that this feels somewhere on the scale from overwhelming to impossible right now because you are out of practice and RIGHTLY anxious you won't be able to find the time to show up for this based on your lived experience. Part of what we do differently in Cycle is commit to doing all of our work together on the call. There is no homework, because I know that "homework" means "have the best of intentions, but, yeah no, that's not going to get done."

When you sign up for Cycle, all you have to do is join the calls live or dedicate yourself to watching or listening to the recording. Every bit of planning, strategizing, prioritizing, and honoring your brilliant and unique make-up will happen there.

Amy N.

Praise for Cycle

I actually DO accomplish more — and rest more. Both/and.

“I didn’t really have one dream/one goal that I’m working towards, and so I wasn’t sure how Cycle would apply to me. I realized that it didn’t matter WHAT I want to do, I needed to learn HOW to approach it lovingly. I love that Mara lives this approach and shares transparently and vulnerably. Cycle has transformed my self-talk around productivity. I still love it when it feels like I’ve accomplished something, but at the same time, when it’s not obvious that I have “accomplished” something, my self-talk is much more loving and encouraging. As a result, I actually DO accomplish more — and rest more. Both/and. Do you want to get shit done AND love yourself as you do? Even better, love yourself when you don’t? Cycle is the program for you!” - Amy N.


Cycle answers the very real question: How do I honor my humanity AND navigate everything else I have going on?

Cycle will teach you how to create a sustainable plan forward that is specific to YOU, helping you get shit done while also cultivating the essential self-care rituals and practices that honor your humanity.

This is your invitation to learn how to manage your expectations, make real resolutions, and prioritize your vision for your life in a way that helps you thrive. (For real this time.)

How will you honor yourself?

Sign up for Six Months of Cycle

BEST value! Get 1 month of Cycle free when you sign up & commit deeply to tending to your vision through 2022

Join Cycle Monthly

Your on-going monthly membership will include all of the Cycle deliciousness we have going on from month-to-month

Please note: Cycle is an on-going membership. If you sign up for the monthly payment plan, you will be auto-magically charged each month on the day you enrolls. If you would like to end your Cycle membership, email


Wanting your life to feel better isn’t frivolous.

And you’re hardly alone in the desire. Over the last four years, Cycle members have…

Created a consistent movement practice, grieved a loved one, started a home daycare, moved across the country, got sober, committed to their mental health, cleared significant debt, created seasonal self-care rituals, grew and birthed a baby, wrote a book, got a promotion, renegotiated relationships, created brand new holiday traditions, and stopped trying to do everything in order to focus on what matters most (after figuring out what matters most).

This is a community for brave-hearted doers who are ambitious AND human.

Our goals are as different as we are from one another.

There is room for you in our community whether you want to create healthy boundaries in your business, sew something new once a month, learn how to bake bread, finish your dissertation without losing your mind, or learn to show up more authentically in your relationships.

Amanda Maynard

Praise for Cycle

Cycle is a way of showing myself that I matter to myself.

“I do Cycle to remember that I'm a priority in my life; that my needs aren't an afterthought. The messaging in a lot of areas is that we have to fix ourselves. And that the reason why we're ‘failing’ at something is because we're deficient. The approachable and realistic thing about Mara's work is that we don't, though. We don't have to fix absolutely everything about ourselves in order to be good. We are still people who forget to cancel their old car insurance policy. Cycle is a way of showing myself that I matter to myself. Mara isn't going to come in and fix your life for you and tell you what to do. But if you're ready to think deeply about your life and what your priorities are...and are willing to be a little uncomfortable with ruthlessly going through the list of things you want to do, then I don't know if there's a person that wouldn't benefit from Cycle.” - Amanda Maynard

Praise for Cycle

I am gentler to myself and ultimately a more effective human...

“I was struggling with my fluctuating energy levels and becoming very frustrated with how hard it was to predict or plan how much I might be able to get done on any given day. I loved the idea of a full year spent studying my own energy cycles and practicing the techniques that Mara preaches. I love the flexibility of Cycle (I don't have to stress about not making the calls live because they are recorded), I love the daily practices and the monthly and seasonal outlook. Placing my daily fluctuations in the context of the month and the season has been enormously effective as I have been able to adjust my expectations of myself. I am gentler to myself and ultimately a more effective human, just by recognizing my quiet season and respecting it. I am tremendously grateful. Mara is a champion of compassionate realism, and her work is a map of how to live in the world. You will gain so much self-knowledge and self-compassion through Cycle, and you will truly find your relationship with yourself gently but comprehensively transformed.” - Laura H.

Elizabeth Bechard

Praise for Cycle

Having dedicated time to do this with other kindred spirits felt perfect.

“I love the sense of ritual that Cycle provides -- it's a beautiful way of marking the entry to a new season. I love celebrating the successes and wins of the past (because I'll usually overlook those) and the process of getting clear about priorities for the coming season. I love approaching work and life in a seasonal, cyclical way, and having dedicated time to do this with other kindred spirits felt perfect. I'm proud of having let go of a lot of unrealistic/unreasonable expectations of myself! And of having greater trust that things in my life really are happening at exactly the right speed, even if that speed is SLOOOOOOW right now.” - Elizabeth B.

In this life, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything

I know, it breaks my heart too. Alas, here we are.

Hey there. I’m Mara.


I'm an intuitive coach, writer, and Needy podcast host who helps humans like you radically reclaim their needs in order to cultivate lives rich with sustenance and deep purpose.

I'm also a queer, femme wife and mother of two, recovering control freak, and a human who deeply understands the impulse to relegate my needs to the bottom of a very long to-do list in an attempt to prove my worth.

These days, I take really good care of myself as often as I am able.

I believe that the ultimate act of self-care is rebuilding the chasm in your relationship with yourself so that you can feel seen, heard, and adored, no matter what. I want you to know that you don’t have to over-deliver, minimize your needs, or suffer to earn your space in the world. You can create a relationship with yourself filled with radiant trust and gentle discipline by taking your daily choices off autopilot.


My intuitive coaching style is supported by skills gleaned from a Masters in Clinical Social Work with trauma specialization, energy healing tools acquired through working with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), and Reiki.

Deeper than that, I have a knack for paying particular attention to where people around me are struggling and delivering information in a way that they are most easily able to receive it. I've run sold out programs and live retreats around the country for years, having supported thousands of people in taking up space and getting their needs met.

I’m pro-human and anti-hustle. When I’m not coaching, writing, or recording, you can find me walking through the woods, watching Frozen for the millionth time (because, 4-year old), drinking the most perfect and delicious cup of coffee while pretending the characters on my favorite TV shows are my real life friends, or taking part in my own favorite form of self-care: detailing my car.

I created Cycle because I am hell-bent on figuring out how to show up for everything I care about without sacrificing my own care.

I was hungry for a system that harnessed my innate energy rhythms so that I could get more done without so much inner turmoil. I KNEW I needed a plan to manage my energy proactively instead of constantly trying to triage the trash fire my life had become. And, I could see the benefit to finding a way to track my big dreams so that I could get them out of my head and into the world while holding myself accountable to the practices that supported me.

Cycle was born out of my own trial and error as I've navigated pregnancies, book writing, toddler wrangling, running a six-figure business, working from home through the pandemic with my children screaming in the background, podcast launching, meal planning, DJing impromptu family dance parties, and managing to keep my own care on my list through it all.

I am on this journey with you. I haven’t arrived. No one does.

I hope you’ll join me.


Praise for Cycle

Mara opens the door and holds space for individual exploration and discovery.

“Cycle is a big permission slip to tune into your own cycles and experiment with ways to honor the natural ebbs and flows of energy you have. I find myself practicing better self-talk around the unproductive days (and there are a lot of them lately). Mara opens the door and holds space for individual exploration and discovery. She guides us toward the questions and offers helpful resources, acknowledging that what works for her isn’t what everyone needs. But it’s not a take it or leave it message. More: Here’s how I have or might address this need, how can you play around its edges to find what really works for you? When I first joined Cycle, I was worried I wouldn’t do the work to get the value. I didn’t realize how much it would actually gently change me (and I still have a long way to go).” - HJL


Getting things done doesn’t have to suck.

Cycle is not a rulebook that says, “If you do these things, you’ll be more productive.” Instead, it’s a map that says, “Here’s how you can live the life you want to live.”

And yes, I hear you saying...Okay, but how?!

The Cycle way:
What is your big vision for your life?

What do you want to create? What are you working towards? What do you need? What are you aching for? What do you want to see in the world that you are ready, able, and willing to show up to co-create?

What is your priority right now?

In Cycle we cull our dreams and prioritize fiercely, knowing that doing so is the thing that stands between "kind of doing a ton of things & none of them very well or to completion" and "holy wow I am FINALLY getting things done that I have been wanting to do for YEARS." Cycle will walk you through The To-Do List Makeover, a delicious and simple system to figure out what your priority is right now -- and how to keep the rest of your dreams cozy and safe until you are ready for them.

How can you take action in a way that is sustainable and kind?

Because frankly, in Cycle, we are unwilling to compromise. Our aim is always to show up for what matters most in a way that is pro-human, anti-hustle, and remarkably DOABLE. This consistent and compassionate action is the kind that we are able to take over the entiiiiiiirety of our lives.

We aren’t just going to shorten your to-do list. We’re going to bring intentionality to it. And we’ll bring more joy into the things we still HAVE to do, making them feel less like a slog.

During Cycle you will be invited to free yourself from the all-or-nothing way of doing things that has routinely left you broken down and exhausted, because you and your needs are taken into account every step of the way.

What do YOU need?

You are the vessel for your energy and magic. If you aren't in good working order, nothing in your life is. Each and every one of us has a unique capacity and set of needs, and our work together in Cycle is all about becoming the president of your fan club and devoting yourself to self-support, nourishment, and honoring whatever it is you personally require in order to show up for the things you care about most.

There is nothing more important than remaining by your own side as you walk through your life. Cycle will show you how -- and remind you to come back to yourself, each time you need it. (You will need it.)

On the spectrum of "hack your productivity + organize your life" programs and "wooooooo, moon things!" programs… Cycle is a rare breed of both/and.

Cycle seeks to ground us in our connection with the rhythms of the earth while also honoring the fact that we are humans operating within systems of late-stage capitalism, structural oppression, and an unfolding climate emergency. If anything is going to "work" right now, it MUST function on multiple fronts. We are humans aching for a connection to something larger than us to better understand ourselves and the world around us WHILE ALSO needing to pay the mortgage to keep a roof over our heads.

If this both/and is where you feel pulled to be, I can’t wait to welcome you in.

If you’re still not sure? Well, let’s break it down:
Cycle is perfect for you if...

✔ You are a person who gets. stuff. done. And. Despite having a system that works, what you’re not good at is taking care of yourself. (Yet.)

✔ You are perpetually driving yourself to be an idealized version of what you think you should be. You expect your best self, every day -- and spiral into negative self-talk when that self doesn’t show up.

✔ You care deeply about the world around you, and know that means you have to tend to the world within you -- but it doesn’t come without guilt.

✔ You believe every day is a fresh start. You don’t need to wait for a new calendar year to commit to tending to your needs.

Cycle isn’t for you if…

✖ You are unwilling to slow down, take stock, and change your mind as you integrate new information.

✖ You’re looking for a quick fix or a “guru” to hand you the 72-point plan that will guarantee you a one-way ticket to greener pastures.

✖ You cling tightly to the gold medal you’ve earned in gaslighting yourself. (You don’t need anyone else to help you along with that.)

✖ You take pride in white-knuckling your way through. “This is just the way the world works” and “This is just what it means to be an adult” are perfectly acceptable explanations for you of why doing hard things sucks.

Or hey, maybe it’s this simple: You’ve read the self-help books. You’ve gone to therapy. You’ve bought the planners. And you’re still wondering: Why isn’t this working?

Kim W.

Praise for Cycle

“I came upon Cycle at a time when I really needed recentering. My job as a librarian is pointing people to resources, so it's really helpful to have someone do that for me about my mental health. After being part of Cycle, I think a little bit more about if I have energy to do a thing. Sometimes I wake up from my ADHD/people pleasing autopilot halfway through a task right before I am depleted rather than previously where I would sit down having tornado-ed through the house/work doing things and wonder why I was tired. Join Cycle if you want to visit with yourself a couple times a month and get a real update on how things have been going and what you need to feel like yourself. You will find grace and strength to be there for yourself.”
- Kim Wiggins


Praise for Cycle

“I registered for Cycle so I could focus on my needs and goals in a self-compassionate way while navigating a new chapter in my life. I see a therapist who helps me process my past. I joined Cycle so I could create a sustainable future based on what I want -- and not what others expect of me. Mara creates a supportive space for questioning the conditioning we have around productivity and perfectionism. Self-trust doesn't come easy for me and this program has been essential for helping me chart a new course. I'm so grateful to be part of Cycle. This opportunity came at the best possible moment. Instead of having a midlife crisis, it feels more like a midlife awakening. I'm tired of exhaustion and busyness as status symbols, and Cycle gives
me the tools and self-confidence to create something meaningful
and sustainable.”
- Brandy S.

Kim D.

Praise for Cycle

“I loved participating in Cycle for two years, and found both years incredibly valuable and illuminating. Mara has an amazing way of holding space for emotions and gently guiding us to listen to our inner wisdom. In particular, I appreciated the seasonal reminders to check in with my needs, wants, and desires based on what makes me feel excited, curious, and energetic in the present moment. I learned to recognize plans that no longer suit the person I currently am, and to be willing to close the door, either temporarily or permanently, on old goals to make space for what's emerging right now.”
- Kim D.


If you are going to live the rich, satisfying life you were put on this planet to live, you need to stop working ON yourself and start working WITH yourself.

The sun doesn’t shine all day, every day. The moon isn’t full every night. Flowers don’t bloom all year long. Like the natural world around us, we need periods of rest in order to have periods of creation and growth.

If you are going to contribute to the world around you in the way that only you can, your care must become non-negotiable.

You are not a robot. You are a human -- and adjusting your expectations of yourself is an act of love.

How will you honor yourself?

Sign up for Six Months of Cycle

BEST value! Get 1 month of Cycle free when you sign up & commit deeply to tending to your vision through 2022

Join Cycle Monthly

Your on-going monthly membership will include all of the Cycle deliciousness we have going on from month-to-month

Please note: Cycle is an on-going membership. If you sign up for the monthly payment plan, you will be auto-magically charged each month on the day you enrolls. If you would like to end your Cycle membership, email

Full disclosure: This work can get uncomfortable.

When we’re used to the swinging pendulum of chaos, ease can be...boring. Cycle is your gentle reminder to show up for yourself in small, utterly boring, deliciously doable ways, every day, for the rest of your life.

Inside Cycle, you’ll create energetically restorative, generative support practices that say: I matter. The quality of my life matters.

There’s no right way or wrong way. There’s your way.

Contrary to what you’ve been conditioned to believe, you do not have to do things a certain way -- or accomplish a certain amount -- to be worthy of celebration. One of our greatest acts of sovereignty is to reclaim what is worthy of celebration in our lives; to expand that definition. Everything you do, every day, makes the cut.

After all: While you’re trying to be the idealized version of yourself, holding yourself to impossibly high standards, we’re missing out on you. In all of your humanity. A human who has so much goodness to offer this world.

It’s time we start questioning the system instead of our self-worth, like the following Cycle members have:
Justine Taormino

Praise for Cycle

Nobody taught me this growing up.

“Anything I had tried before had made me more productive, but it hadn't made me happier. I knew I needed some bigger support...especially from a place of, ‘You're not broken.’ Mara's work gave me permission to stop trying to problem solve; to stop trying to sustain some idealized version of myself and to actually get to know myself as I am. Nobody taught me this growing up. Cycle helps me focus on the reality that I may only have time for one or two projects a season, and while that realization can be frustrating, it also helps me actually do the thing. I've gained more assurance in my own process, my energy levels, and most importantly, I feel more and more (with practice) I am doing enough. Mara is both brilliant at saying just the thing I need to hear AND so publicly human. Through Cycle, I’ve created a more partnered relationship with myself -- I understand what it means to follow my natural energy and to support myself in getting shit done. I set real, human, decent expectations for myself. I build in rest and celebration. And I tell everyone I know: THIS is how you get shit done without hating yourself / your life.” - Justine Taormino

Praise for Cycle's about honoring myself and working with what is for me.

“Cycle is different than other programs because it's not about fixing myself or fitting into a ‘solution’ that works for someone else. It's special because it's about honoring myself and working with what is for me. My favorite part of Cycle is how it opens me to seeing my own rhythms, to finding ways to work with my cycles of energy and interest. And, doing the program in community helps me see that I am not alone in having variation throughout the days, weeks, and seasons, but also that my cycle is uniquely my own. I feel safe and comfortable and supported to own that. Cycle helps me to plan better, to let go of things that aren't working for me, to experiment, to make connections between my soul and my goals and my body's needs and my energetic self.” - Kathryn S.


Praise for Cycle

When you're ready to do the work, show up to Mara and it's going to happen.

“I was coming out of years of toxic productivity; of being go, go, go. I would go really hard and then crash. It was all or nothing. I didn't have any concept that there could be an ebb and flow to productivity, or how to do that in my life. Mara + Cycle helped me get reestablished in a lot of ways, allowing me to greatly detox from productivity, hustle, people-pleasing, not knowing how to get things done without sacrificing myself, over-committing, boundaries, and on and on. I had no idea what it meant for there to be a cycle to the year, or to my energy. Now, I talk about it with my kids; my partner; my students; everybody. Learning the cycle of the seasons and my own energy has so dramatically shifted how I understand my life. Mara is a voice in my head. My inner mother is strong now, but Mara is the fairy godmother, patiently and kindly beckoning me into a new way of being. When you're ready to do the work, show up to Mara and it's going to happen.” - Mariglynn E.

Praise for Cycle

Before Cycle, life just felt chaotic.

“I joined Cycle wanting to find community and a rhythm to this life. Before Cycle, life just felt chaotic. I was putting so much on my to-do list -- no human could do it. Today, I'm much more discerning in what makes the cut. Is this something I actually want to do? Is it serving me? I'm able to ask myself those questions. Cycle allows me to take time to set aside to do that. It’s having a conversation with yourself, but the magic of it is, I’m now surrounded by other people who value it. Mara’s wisdom and words are gentle and fierce and I am HERE FOR IT. I appreciate her real talk: There's a lot of shit we have to get done, too. She doesn't mince words about that. I love that balance and that mix of reality, but also keeping yourself and your humanity in that. I stayed with Cycle because I wanted to go through that process as a mother now, but Cycle is a structure I will always be drawn to and want to participate in. Mara has this balance between being super gentle and kind and compassionate, but fiercely advocating for you, and then you feel empowered to advocate for yourself.” - Aly S.

Aly Walberg
Tina Abbott

Praise for Cycle

I’ve realized that rest doesn’t have to be earned and is vital to me doing anything.

“I wanted support in shortening my to-do list -- and to lessen the low-level constant feelings of not enoughness; failure. Mara’s style and approach are so welcoming. She’s honest about her reality while also doing the work to have what she wants. Through Cycle, I’ve realized that I have seasons; that rest doesn’t have to be earned and is vital to me doing anything. I recognize a lot faster when I'm saying yes to things to prove my worthiness and have created better boundaries around that. I recognize too, that there is too much going on my to-do list; that it's not a human amount of stuff to do. Mara is the real deal and fantastic at supporting women in being real, setting goals that are achievable, and helping you see your own rhythms. Having a balanced life; living my life the way I want to live’s a practice. With Cycle, I know I’m not alone; I'm engaged with somebody in building something bigger. Mara and I, we’re at different places in our lives, but I like the example that she has set for how you can be in the world.” - Tina Abbott, Appreciative Life Coach and Artist

Praise for Cycle

Now, my needs and I are proudly sitting at the top of my to-do list...

“I tried a lot of planners, bullet journaling, to-do list apps. I thought there must be some way I can capture everything that’s in my head and just focus enough and try to build a dozen new habits so I could do more and knock out my to-do list. That didn’t work. Participating in To-Do List Makeover early last year was a huge help in looking at the way I plan while taking care of myself. The way Mara writes and speaks is gentle and affirming. As if you are right there with your hand out, ready to guide us and show us another way. I’m slowly becoming more discerning about those things I think I *should* do -- and allow myself to have little pockets of rest throughout my day instead of collapsing into a heap once my kids are in bed. Year after year, I’ve had these predictably busy months in my life and while I knew they were coming, I never really got a grasp on how to plan for them without packing my calendar with more; hoping I’d get it all done. Cycle has taught me to look back at the past with compassion, so I can use that knowledge to look forward and pre-plan with kindness. Now, my needs and I are proudly sitting at the top of my to-do list and oddly enough, that’s really helped me make progress on the things that are important to me.” - Nicole R.

Nicole R.

Feeling nerv-cited?

It’s the flutter that’s alighting in your belly: The one that has you called forward, but also consciously aware that things are about to get uncomfortable.

And it’s how I know you’re ready to step into this life-altering journey.

“Considering Cycle? DO IT. Seriously though, it's such a beautiful way to pause and check in, to see what's going on with you and move forward with a sense of intentionality and tenderness.”

- Michelle L.

Still have q’s? Let me see if I can answer them here...

“Cycle is a mix between pragmatic time management tips and a permission slip to invest in yourself.”

- Elyse A.

Permission loves company.

Consider this yours.

How will you honor yourself?

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Praise for Cycle

“I signed up for Cycle because I needed something for ME. Yes, I was interested in how it might apply to my business, but more than that, I needed a space for me: for permission to honor and respect my rhythms more. I loved that Cycle wasn't overwhelming. Cycle was nourishing, permission-giving, and spacious.” - Kara K.