Daily Tending Deck

The Daily Tending divination deck connects you with your inner wisdom in a tangible, daily practice that is easy to use and impossible to mess up. It provides you with a place to begin when you are unsure of how to foster deeper levels of communion with yourself.

Begin each day with intention.

Daily Tending is the process of tuning into your inner wisdom each day and urging your needs forward to be witnessed and lovingly attended to. It is the practice of cultivating self-trust by creating a habit out of listening to and trusting your inner dialogue.

It is not a magic pill or a plan to revolutionize your entire life in 40 days.

It is the slow, delicious process of tuning in and welcoming more of yourself into your own life.

This is an invitation to relish in the sacred and mundane moments of your daily life.

This is the daily initiation to the life that you want to be living.

This is the practice of being awake.


Praise for Tend

I love your Daily Tending cards and cannot wait to pick one each morning. Their messages are so lovely. I cannot tell you how many times the message chosen was so very well suited to my life.
- Donna 

So often women arrive on my digital doorstep wanting to know themselves better and to trust themselves more wholly. They want to be better decision makers or feel greater ease in tuning out the noise of the world around them as they attempt to discern for themselves what they might want to do next.

The Daily Tending Divination Deck connects you with your inner wisdom in a tangible, daily practice that is easy to use and impossible to mess up. It provides you with a place to begin when you are unsure of how to foster deeper levels of communion with yourself.

Daily Tending Divination Deck

The concept is simple: Pull a card.

Pull a card in the morning, before you head into the busyness of your day.

Pull a card in a moment of overwhelm or doubt, when you are unsure of what to do next.

Pull a card and listen to yourself respond.

Pull a card and notice the ten-second shift towards tender sustainability.

Daily Tending Divination Deck

Praise for Tend

The Daily Tending cards provide me with a real anchor, it’s like having that wise loving friend who gently guides you towards what’s best every time I pull a card.
- Naomi W.

With this daily ritual, you get to choose how deep to dive. You get to choose how much conversation to allow.

In some ways, the Daily Tending divination deck is just a deck of beautiful and lovingly created cards, but it represents something much larger than that, too. It is also a beacon, a tool to help you connect with the divine directives from the deepest parts of yourself that are longing to guide you.

It whispers to you that you are allowed to take up space.

It welcomes you to ask the hard questions, entering into compassionate and open dialogue with yourself.

It provides a practice for you to count on as the one small thing that you can return to when you lose your way.

With gentle exploration and kind words, the Daily Tending divination deck and companion workbooks give you the language for the questions that you haven't been able to ask aloud before.

Created to facilitate your daily conversations with your highest self, this deck and workbook are your road map to devotion, ease, and daily guidance.

And, really, that's just you getting started.

Daily Tending Divination Deck

Daily Tending Divination Deck

The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own. - Mary Oliver

Your deck includes 40 hexagonal cards - 10 journal prompts, 10 intentions, 10 questions & 10 gentle invitations.

40 opportunities to connect with yourself more deeply.

Your deck will arrive in a beautiful muslin pouch with a love note from me and a set of sacred instructions for use.

This gorgeous deck was designed in collaboration with the ever so brilliant Evan Leah Quinn of Sixteen July

Your Purchase Supports

10% of your purchase of either the Daily Tending deck will go directly to supporting KIND: Kids in Need of Defense.

KIND protects unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone to ensure that no child appears in court without an attorney. They achieve fundamental fairness through high-quality legal representation and by advancing the child's best interests, safety, and well-being.

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Big love for Daily Tending


Praise for Tend

I love that they are handwritten, tangible reminders I can hold in my hands. That feels so important in our world of screens and feeds. I take my time and remember to begin again with this one thing.
- Aly Schilling


Praise for Tend

I love the muslin bag that this deck comes in. It looks so homey and sweet and caring on the table by my bed. It's the first thing I see in the morning when I wake. When I pull today's card, I know that this is a gift, a new view on what my day holds. Once I pull my card, I write it at the top of my journal page. I journal my blessings, my intentions for the day, and my affirmations. As I write, my meanderings begin to pivot around the card I've pulled. I'm less scattered. I feel centered at the very beginning of my day. This feeling now goes with me through the day. I'm more settled in my day..
- Cathy Manning


Praise for Tend

Perfect reminders to care for myself.
- Tami Hackbarth


Praise for Tend

I draw one anytime I need to tune in to my inner guidance, often with journalling in the morning. I love how they support me in self-care. They cut through the noise of my chattering mind.
- Sarah


Praise for Tend

They're so simple but powerful! And just beautifully made. They're sprinkled all over my house and I truly feel lifted when I read them.
- Rachael Maddox


Praise for Tend

I was never one for morning rituals, but Mara’s oracle cards have changed that. Some days it’s a question and some days it’s an affirmation – just the thing my heart needed to hear at that very moment. Like this morning when I pulled “All your feelings are welcome here” and in that moment knew that it was beyond true and I could tackle the day, the week, my life.
- Stacie D.


Praise for Tend

I use Mara’s cards regularly and I love them. They live on my altar and whichever one I most need to listen to sits on top, until it is time to redraw another message of love. The little notes speak straight to my heart and remind me of what is important to me, what I need to focus on, what is valuable, and how to move gently and lovingly through my life. Not only are they beautiful, but they help me see and appreciate the beauty and truth in myself. So using these cards has become for me like injecting my life with a little bit of Mara-ness whenever I need. It doesn’t get much better than that.
- Claire Mahon


Praise for Tend

I keep my Daily Tending cards in a bowl on my desk. Each day I pull a card and place it in a card holder to reflect on. As I do body check ins during the day the card I have picked is brought into alignment.
- Nicola Ghersen