Decimating Your Comfort Zone

December 08, 2010

Many of us live very neatly within the boundaries of what we consider ourselves capable of at any given point. This means, we stick to activities that we already know that we can be successful in, drawing our expertise and authority around us, and existing within the comfortable context of lived experience and perceived strengths.

I am no different.

I am a creature of habit, holding close to situations and contexts that have served me well in the past, hedging my talents, and doing well.  But what happens if you want to kick ass? What happens if you want to exceed your wildest expectations? 

What IF: We threw all the old rules out the window?

For the majority of my life, I was a very careful person. I excelled in many ways, and flat out refused to take risks where there was a possibility of failure. I kept myself safe, first and foremost, and I avoided failure like the plague. Now, this served me well, for a time. I considered myself a successful person. I did a good job whenever possible.

But mostly? I was holding my breath.

When you do not permit yourself to unlimited dreaming, think outside the box, or challenge your own status quo, you are denying yourself the chance to grow exponentially.

The problem? It is really effing terrifying to try new things. It elicits these kinds of thoughts:

What if I fail? What if my weaknesses and limitations are exposed? What if I become vulnerable to scrutiny? What if my ideas suck? What if I find out that I am really not as fantastic as I think I am? What if my creation tanks? What if no one thinks I’m cool? What if I’m all alone in thinking this is a good idea? What if it’s stupid? What if I can’t convince them? 

What if I allow this project to define me?

photo by leonelponce

This is your fear talking. This is the voice that is keeping you nicely tied up within the boundaries of what you perceive as possible for yourself. I want to give this fear the boot. Permanently. 

Instead, I challenge you to dwell in the realm of possibility. I want to give you the permission to think of the biggest, scariest, wildest, most intimidating idea that you have, and make it happen.  I want you to be brave. I want you to believe in yourself, the way I believe in you, the way the people who love you believe in you.

I want you to reinvent the wheel, move mountains, and dream BIG, because you are worth it. I want you to take on projects that are so terrifying, dredging up all of your worst nightmares and looking them in the eye.

I want to you bring yourself face to face with the worst case scenario, so that you can eliminate the fear that is standing in your way. Is failure possible? Always. But, there is something so magical and satisfying in assessing your failure, redesigning your approach, licking your wounds, and trying again. 

Lets talk about this, because I really do want to know:

What are you the most afraid to do? What do you need to overcome those fears? How are you standing in your own way?

and most importantly – What’s next?