Devoting Yourself to Your Life

April 04, 2013

I’m curious, how do you know that you are living a life that is truly yours?

What does that mean to you?

How might it feel to be living in that life, moving about your day?

This morning, in a flash, I started thinking about this concept in images.

Imagine, you are walking into a fully furnished home or one of those corporate suites that you rent by the week or month. You know, the kind where all of the furniture matches and the kitchen appliances gleam from lack of use. The kind of home that may be beautiful, and well put together, but gives you little information about the owner or inhabitants. On the surface, everything is where it should be – perfectly placed to match how we (the universal we) think that a home should look.

pompom garland

Now, imagine instead that you walk your home, as in the home in your mind and heart, that provides an immediate feeling of relief as you run your hand over the teeny chip in the tile from that one time that you threw your keys at the counter using a little too much force. This house is painted in your favorite colors. The tiles on the backsplash are a mismatched collection that you acquired during your many travels. The furniture in the living room is worn with love, and their might be a slight indentation where you always sit in the morning when you’re reading your book with cup of coffee in hand. Your favorite art is on the walls. Your sheets are totally uniform except for that one pillow case that got lost in your last move. When you look around this house, you exhale happily, feeling totally cozy and warm in your environment. For better of worse, this is your home, and you will happily take the chip in the tile or mismatched sheets because they tell the story of your life.

You deserve a home that truly reflects you. 

You deserve a life that truly reflects you. 

When you are cultivating a life built upon a foundation of love and trust for yourself, you are actively participating in its construction and, in turn, you are able to see yourself in it.

Your mistakes.

Your achievements.

Your relationships.

Your desires.

Your values.

Your experiences.

Your perfect imperfection.

Imagine what you would be capable of if you felt at home within your body, and within your life. If you were able to belong to yourself, and truly feel the beauty and security of having your own unconditional love. If you were able to stop seeking everyone else’s approval, and dig into your own yearning, using your inner wisdom as your compass.

You are gorgeously unique, and I love about you.

You deserve a life that reflects all of your many parts.

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