Doing + Feeling Good: Swim For Life

September 03, 2012

On Saturday morning it 9am, I will join many, many others in swimming 1.4 miles from one side of the Provincetown harbor to the other in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS, women’s health and community health on the lower Cape.

I wanted to illustrate what we were talking about here, because the setting is so incredibly important to me. We (my little sister, my team + hundreds of others) will swim from that teensy little tip, across the harbor, and to the shore on the opposite site.

I have done it before.

I am still more than a little terrified.

And yet?It’s important to me, and it feels good to stretch my comfort zone. Last Sunday I wrote about the importance of donating our time, effort, and hard earned cash to great causes that we support. We we support others, we inevitably supporting ourselves – such is the cyclical impact and karma of giving without expectation.  It is so important that we find ways to give back to the world around us, using our abilities and our excess to improve the lives of others.

I know that I don’t have to tell you that the amount doesn’t matter. That it is the thought that counts.

This little town is the place I know best in the world. The place that where I grew up, and have returned to every summer of my life. This is the place that has challenged me to become the person that I am, because it wasn’t always easy for me to grow up here.

This is a cause that impacts me directly, as a woman, but also indirectly, as many of my friends and loved ones are living with HIV/AIDS.

This is a community that has lost many friends and loved ones – a fact inescapable to me as I was growing up here in the early nineties.

I am writing to all of you today to ask for your assistance in this heart-felt effort.

Yes, we are raising money, so yes if you were inclined to donate to this cause I would be profoundly grateful. Even $1 counts.

But it is more than that too, I would be grateful if you sent a couple extra bits of love and prayers in our direction, even if you don’t have cash to spare. Sometimes I feel that when I’m nervous about something I wish that I could grab you guys up, and carry you with me in a little invisible pocket, like worry dolls. So that I could be bolstered by all of your love and support when I need to be brave.

Your support could be simply in sharing this page with your loved ones, or telling them of this cause.

Supporting one another need not be hard or weird or slimy. It’s not about stealing someone else’s hard earned dollars. It is not about keeping all of our resources tight to our chest and refusing to share.

It is about the ebb and flow of love and support. Giving and receiving. Promoting without agenda. Sweetly respecting without personal gain.

I hope you’ll join me.

For your consideration, here is my team’s donation page.

If you would like to donate via paypal, check, or loving energy transmission – email me here.

P.s. I am also loving myself today by giving myself the permission to be absolutely, 100% dead last out of the hundreds swimming, if necessary. I have my heart set on finishing, but I will not allow myself to be freaked out by the possibility of profound (and freezing cold) slowness.