Afternoon of Deserving

How might it feel to be feel inspired to accept yourself fully and treat yourself with tender compassion?

What might be possible for you if you were truly able to make space for yourself in your everyday life?

You may be feeling exhausted, burnt out, overworked, or simply out of alignment with yourself.

When you think about taking better care of yourself, you may tell yourself that your life is already too full with appointments and obligations and things that you really should do.

But, your quality of life matters. The way that you work with yourself and tend to your body matters.

“I would describe Mara’s coaching style as – Sweet. Blessed. Relief. In booking my Afternoon of Deserving, at first it about my being worried about my business, then having the sinking feeling that I don’t have any wants or desires, so WTF is wrong with me? It came down to wrestling with the idea that my wants and desires were wrapped up in trying to prove my worthiness.“

I was excited to work with Mara because she walks her talk. I had no doubts. Since my Afternoon of Deserving, I have relaxed and I am more aware of my thoughts around my worth and my right to exist on the planet for no other reason than that I am here. I have also allowed myself to “meander” in regards to what I might like to do with my website as its being redesigned, blog/newsletter ideas, as well as ideas for making my website launch fun for both me and my peeps. If someone I loved were considering embarking on this work, I would tell them: Mara’s got your back.”

– Karen Anderson, Self-Trust Agent + Acceptance Whisperer

Afternoon of Deserving is about hitting the reset button on your relationship with yourself.

It is about showing up and ushering more of you into your daily life.

It is about recalibrating your connection with your body and remembering how to receive the gift of your own love and tender attention.

This is an invitation for women who want to feel whole again. This is the path, guiding you home.

These sessions are based on answering the question: What do I need?

Together we will lovingly craft a structure to infuse the practice of tending to those needs into your daily life.

I hear you saying, “I’m so far gone – one afternoon couldn’t possibly help me.”

Of course, one afternoon will not fix your entire relationship with yourself.
Instead, this invitation is designed to meet you where you are, in this moment, and grant you the renewed bravery, resolve, and tools to begin your way back.

“I did feel a little nervous – like maybe I wasn’t qualified for coaching? Maybe my insecurities and struggles were too petty and cliched? That I was showing up with the same mundane issues that EVERYONE struggles with – and that the solution should be “just buck up and do a better job”. Much to my relief, that wasn’t at all the case.

If a friend or loved one was asking me about an Afternoon of Deserving, I’d tell them to DO IT. I’ll tell strangers to do it, too. I think it’s essential to have an unbiased outside perspective. It can be so freeing and so motivating to have someone look at these fragments of struggle and help piece together the problem – and come up with a plan to solve it.”

– Evan Leah Quinn, Webdesign + Rebranding expert at SixteenJuly

It is possible to make a long term, lasting shift in how you approach self-care.

This isn’t about bubble baths on top of mountains with cascading baskets of bonbons.

This is about making space for choices that nourish you. This is about experiencing the delicate, gorgeous harmony that accompanies the knowledge that you can trust yourself to follow through – every time.

It’s possible for you, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve felt this way.
In fact, it’s possible for you even if you’ve never felt this way.

You will learn:

  • How to cultivate a realistic, daily baseline for self-care that meets your basic needs.
  • Personalized rituals for infusing more celebration + joy into your daily life.
  • A greater understanding of what lights you up + a plan for moving forward.

You will feel:

  • Understood, loved + not the least bit judged – by yourself or by me.
  • Revitalized + excited about your ability to take care of yourself.
  • Reconnected to your divine self + purpose.

“Before I booked my Afternoon of Deserving I was wrestling with body image and diversifying my professional work. I thought that being asked the right questions I could get closer to my clarity about what I need most in my life at this time and then gain perspective on a plan to accomplish it.During our work together, Mara was warm, insightful, and helpful. She is a loving spirit with beautiful gifts. I’m so happy to have spent time nurturing myself with her help and guidance. I’m now feeling really ready to honor my truest needs and in turn, give myself permission to explore the creation of a new career path.”

– Debbie D., Clinical Social Worker

The Details

You’ll start your off your Afternoon of Deserving by digging into your Deserving Playbook – full of questions designed to get to the heart of what is working for you and what isn’t. I will work through those questions ahead of our session, so that we can dive right in.

On the day of our afternoon together, you and I will hop on the phone for 90 minutes. We will work together to develop a plan that has you prioritizing yourself in your daily schedule – including rituals, techniques, and actionable steps to follow. I love a well-fitting soul-plan – don’t you? During this time we will work together to come up with an intention that supports your vision for your life.

Then, we’ll get off the phone, and you will have two hours to relax and take exquisite care of yourself while I do a piece of energy work for your intention. You may use this time to take a nap, schedule a massage, or luxuriate in the bathtub while reading your favorite book.

Struggle with self-care? We’ll whip up a plan for this time during our initial conversation.

After your self-care time is up, you and I will hop back on the phone for 45 minutes to discuss, fine tune, and celebrate your hard work.

After our call, you will receive access to a top secret page with my four favorite tools for reconnecting to yourself and videos describing how best to implement them. You will also receive mp3 recordings of your calls so that you can listen to them again and again.

Questions? Email me at I can’t wait to hear from you.

The Price


The When

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It’s going to be okay. It isn’t horrible that you’ve fallen into a state of disrepair. You are a human being and not a robot. Sometimes we get lost, but that does not mean that we have to continue living our lives feeling disconnected and out of touch.We can choose to believe that our quality of life is important and worth working for.

We can recommit to ourselves, as many times as we need to.We can choose to prioritize our homecoming.Your process does not have to be pretty. It only has to be truthful, and it has to be yours.I want to tell you that you deserve so much more from your relationship with yourself. You are strong and brave enough to begin again. I will show you how.
Let me remind you of your spark within.


Bloom Where You’re Planted. {Mary Engelbreit}