Heart-Centered Business Mentorship

Repeat after me: you are your own best business asset.

Your business truly works – changing lives, reaching your ideal audience, and making enough money to support you – when you do.

I am talking about the deeper work – the way that you commune with your body on a daily basis, the confidence that you feel when you are working with clients, and the rituals and systems that best support your growth, both personally and professionally.

Working with Mara has straight-up saved my sanity. I came to Mara as a heap of exhaustion and frustration, knowing that it was time for a significant shift in my business and having no idea what that looked like.

Mara sees me and the work that I do with such insight and clarity. She offers brilliant solutions that are so clearly the next steps to take, no mulling it over necessary. (You know those “ah ha!” moments Oprah talks about? Mara is a medium for epiphanies like that.) I’ll continue working with her for years to come — Mara will forever be my lighthouse in a sea of overwhelm.

– Evan Leah Quinn, Web Designer + Rebrand Extraordinaire at SixteenJuly

When you are not aligned with your divine purpose…

  • You find yourself stuck in the comparison trap, again and again, as you worry about how well your offerings stack up to others in your field.
  • You run yourself completely ragged with late nights and early mornings staring at your computer screen.
  • You feel frazzled and question your ability to do this work, even though you know in your heart it is what you were meant to do.

When you are bringing your best self to your business…

  • You have the energy to do your best work. Period.
  • You believe to your core that there is enough business out there for all of us to be hugely successful – and begin to cultivate supportive friendships with other entrepreneurs instead of viewing them as competition.
  • You are empowered to do the work you were meant to do – and delegate or ditch the projects and tasks that don’t light you up.
  • Your gorgeous work becomes an extension of the life you have created for yourself – one filled to the brim with space, imagination, and ease.

Having Mara as a business mentor is so much more than having a “business mentor.” Whether it was practical advice on some specific business-related thing or holding the space for me as I had an epic (and totally unexpected) meltdown around the launching of my website, Mara had my back in a way that was comforting, reassuring, fun, and most importantly, empowering.

– Karen C.L. Anderson, Self-Trust Agent + Acceptance Whisperer

I collaborate with women on their businesses because I simply can’t help myself. I am single-minded when it comes to cultivating businesses that work, businesses that allow you to cozy up in that sweet spot of showing up in the world (and your life) in a way that is so uniquely you.

I believe that you deserve…

A business that supports you financially while fulfilling your purpose on this planet.

A business/life balance that allows you to run your business without your business running you.

I know…

There is a lot of business advice out there. I know. I consumed it ravenously over the first couple of years that I was in business for myself. I became a bit of a business advice junkie. Some of it was good advice, but much of it was confusing – pulling me farther and farther from what I knew to be true.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in this place of foraging the internet for advice, because, let’s face it: it can be a bit overwhelming to start and run your own business. If unattended to, our fears have a tendency to run rampant, filling up much of our valuable time with hesitancy and doubt.

These sessions are your secret weapon against the dark side of your inner critic. When you collaborate with me to renovate your business, you will experience the benefit of both developing a well-fitting plan for taking brilliant, heart-centered action in your business and having me on speed dial for moments when doubt or confusion creep in.

As a CCT Practitioner, energy work is integral to each and every session that I have with my clients. Prior to hopping on the phone with you, I will put our session into an energetic healing container. This energetic component allows sessions to be super-charged and radically transformational. This will help you gain luminous clarity on your intentions for your business, and it will begin to clear out the energetic distortions that you may be carrying that aren’t aligned with these new intentions. Oh yes.

I reached out to Mara for support as I was working on taking my professional and creative work to a new level. I’d been working away at it for years on my own and knew exactly what I wanted to do but had been struggling with my own personal doubts and fears in actually getting the work “out there.” I knew I needed someone to have my back through this process… someone to hold me accountable and cheer me on… someone to help me hash out the finer details and reflect back to me the value of what I’m creating…someone to CARE about my work and my success.

Mara has been all of those things and more… her straight-to-the-point, gentle but clear, funny, loving guidance has helped me create a whole new version of my work and launch it into action in only three short months. Now that the big work of launching my new business is off the ground I know I’ll be continuing to work with her for the guidance and accountability I need to keep it going and nurture it into its full expression.

– Jo delAmor, Transformation Coach + Cultural Revolutionista at Radiant Balance

business mentorship

We’re going to dig into…

The Soul of Your Business

The soul of your business is at the heart of everything that you do, say, write, and offer your clients. This is the foundation upon which everything else is built, so yes, it’s crucial that you are crystal clear about it.

Reduced to a simple equation, it might look like: Your values, mission, and point of view + the way that you simply love to serve = The soul of your business

The Essential Questions

  • Why did you start your business in the first place? What are you being called to create?
  • How can you pour more of yourself into your business, allowing you to show up as yourself, fully, in your work?

Love Notes: Business Communication, With Attitude

Second only to the soul of your business, the way that you communicate with the lovely people who you hope to someday clamor around your offerings is of the utmost importance. This is a spot where many of us get stuck, believing traditional online business advice about frequency of emailing our lists or best usage of social media outlets. Together, we will focus on the LOVE – the way that you love to interact with your clients and are able to communicate like a loving human being, not a robot – through creating a communication plan that is utterly YOU.

The Essential Questions

  • How do you most like to communicate? How can you write missives to your tribe in your language?
  • If you could do it totally your way, what might you do different?

Your Business Landscape: Offerings + Cultivating a Path of Participation

In order to build a business that grows with you, it is essential to create ways for potential clients to interact with you in a multitude of ways and price points. This is how we draw clients in, from the initial contact of a mailing list to a person head over heels with your work. We will focus on the ways that you can deliver fantastic content at each level – allowing you to add potential clients to your list and, ultimately, get more people in line for your bigger, premium offers.

The Essential Questions:

  • What do you simply love doing?
  • How can you best serve your clients?
  • What offers allow you to thrive, personally, and show up in the work in a way that honors your needs?

Gathering Your Tribe

Every successful entrepreneur needs a tribe, crew, fan-base, or following. Developing your tribe is, of course, about amplifying your impact and earnings, but it is also about cultivating an adoring mass of people that support you emotionally along your journey and provide you invaluable insight in planning your business’s next steps.

The Essential Questions

  • Who are your people? Who inspires you? Who do you LOVE working with? And how can you reach even more of these right people?
  • How can you generate referrals by creating raving fans that just can’t help but tell everyone they know about your work?

My work with Mara was inspiring and effective. Mara was able, thru her deep listening skills to hone in on the subjects that were most alive to me and our session then became about creating ways to build on these alive elements. She saw what was already happening and our focus lit a fire under it. Mara’s work is infused with her belief in the creative process and everyone’s ability to utilize it. When we hung up I felt motivated and stimulated by our work, I did not have to reach far to find what was trying to happen, and I was encouraged by the ease of it.

– Patti Tronolone, Reiki Master + Dream Mentor at Waking Life Studio

How we can work together

90-minute intensive: $350

Jump on the line with me for 90 jam-packed minutes to delve deeply into your relationship with yourself and your business. During this glittery recalibration session, we will traverse the landscape of your business – together – to figure out where you’re getting tripped up and develop a well-fitting soul-plan for your business.

This session is perfect for: planning a launch, fleshing out an idea for a product or service, adding a little extra sparkle (and ceremony) to your retreat, or figuring out what’s next for your business.

Be prepared for a mega-dose of inspiration and list of action steps to have you instantly feeling oh-so-much better about your work.


6 Sessions of glorious business support + hand-holding: $1,500 

For the entrepreneur who is ready to do some major business renovations or realignment and wants a little extra support and loving. Sign yourself up for six enthusiasm-infused and action-packed 60-minute sessions, with email support in between sessions.

How it works: We’ll connect on the telephone or Skype for 60-minute sessions, which you can schedule in whatever way works best for your learning and growth style. Many clients choose to do this work every other week, but you get to choose what is best for you and your business.

Between sessions you might have journaling work, challenges, or assignments. This isn’t a cookie-cutter coaching program. This is about you and me getting on the line and jamming about you – what’s worked, what hasn’t, what you need, and how to get you where you want to go.



I would love to chat about whether or not business mentorship sessions are right for you. Send me an email to get the conversation started.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose. {Dolly Parton}