FOMO + Learning to be Nice to Myself

September 25, 2009

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.

For once in my young little life, I DO NOT HAVE IT.  Yes – it’s a Friday night. Yes – my friends are probably doing all kinds of really wicked cool fun stuff. However, I am exhausted. I am in my pajamas. Little graciebell (my new iphone) just suffered some kind of MAJOR cardiac arrest and had to be painstakingly restored, as I (her doting mother) HELD MY BREATH, praying praying praying that all of my three hundred (mostly useless) contacts were not erased.

Seriously. I was holding my breath. Blue in the face.

And I am watching Remember the Titans for the second time this week. And it is just as good as the first time.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that it is my most favorite of all movies and my heart swells with joy every time the white and black boys come together to for that pre-game chant/dance. In this beloved movie’s honor, I have found this collection of inspirational moments:

And I’m doing all of these things too:


Those would be: a) MISSION TO MARZIPAN aka most delicious thing to hit ben and jerry’s since Yellow Brickle Road. b) my brand new coach purse that fits PERFECTLY on my arm and may very well be my sole mate of purses. merryendoftheseason to me. c) my house is so HOT right now. temperature cranked up until the very minute my sweetheart comes home and I will swear on my life that I just turned it up. d) well, a little more of A, with a sneak preview of my littlest (and favorite) of the recycled red nesting mixing bowls C bought me for our one year anniversary.

What nice things are you doing for yourself today?