Gather 2015 Application


Why hello there lovely,

I am thrilled that you are interested in applying for Gather 2015! Please take your time filling out the following questions, so that I can get to know you better. I will be in touch shortly with any answers to your questions and to chat with you about next steps.

I cannot wait to circle with you.


  • What magic are you hoping to whip up? What are you currently struggling with that you desire to work through or bring into fruition in 2015?
  • How have you been trying to work through or solve some of this on your own and with help over the last year?
  • Why this group? Why now? What is it about what I'm offering that feels like it would be a perfect fit for you right now?
  • What are your big hopes for our year together? What would exceed your wildest expectations?
  • What information might you need in order to make your decision about whether or not this is the right group for you? What worries can I help hold with you about what it might mean to commit to yourself and your dreams in this way?