Gotta Share: On Being an Active Participant in Your Life

May 11, 2011

Today the lovely Kendra over at Voice in Recovery wrote about taking a blog hiatus, and what it meant to take a break from the internet and participate actively in your own life.  This post appealed to me, because I think that it is extremely important for anyone who has blog or active twitter account or online persona to remember how to step back every once and a while and indulge in some serious face time with their own life.

Sometimes, we all get wrapped up in our online lives, tweeting about our every move throughout the day, reaching out through the screen to our followers, and curling up in our very cozy corner of the web. I love this blog. If it were a room that I could physically move into, I often think that I would hide away there, rearranging the furniture and tweeting love notes to all of my readers.

Unfortunately, sometimes retreating into Medicinal Marzipan means I’m not returning phone calls, not spending time outside, no stopping to sniff the proverbial roses, because I sleep in a bed stuffed with to-do lists and wake up thinking about just how much there is to get done. And, let me tell you Marzipanlings, there is always so much to get done.

Sometimes I forget that I have friends in real life who are NOT on twitter. (Weird, right? Who ISN’T on twitter?) In fact, I have friends that don’t even know what twitter is. Again, my mind is blown. I also have a sweetheart who woefully takes the backseat to my blog/ambition/online life/gradschool/internship/C25K/etc. etc. etc.

I love it when people blog about taking space or needing balance, because it is an extremely important reminder, even for those of us who do not blog.

How often do you become so consumed by a project that you forget to participate in the Here and Now?

This happens to me all the time. I forget that I can be a spontaneous person. I forget that I can just pick up and go for a drive, or surprise a friend. I forget that I can unplug my twitter account.

I forget that I can do something just because I like to do it, and not as a means to an end. I forget that there is a life outside the to do list.

Kendra ended her lovely post with a list of the things that she was doing while on her blog hiatus, and I thought it was pertinent to include a list of my own.

This is what I’ve been up to lately, when things have been a little slow around here:

  • Running. By the river, by the ocean, and listening to my favorite music. I have been a running machine! And next weekend, I will run my first ever 5K.
  • Sleeping. Life at the Marzipan Palace looks a lot like this, Marzipan peacefully sleeping on a rare morning to sleep in (and I LOVE to sleep in) and then a sound stirs me. The literal second I am stirred I realize just how many things I should be doing, and I force myself out of bed, hours before I’d like, to get to work. The past two weeks I have made a concerted effort to sleep without forcing myself up to be better, do better work, get more done. I have been sleeping to catch up on an entire year of grad school sleep deprivation.
  • Eating. Last week I did a raw cleanse, made sure I drank TONS of water, didn’t drink much caffeine. I have been eating delicious spring time food. I’ve been allowing myself the luxury of complicated home cooked meals. I’ve been wandering around grocery stores.
  • Praying. I’ve been spending lots of time hanging with my family, and praying for my life. I’ve been laying in the grass on a sunny morning, sending all my good energy around the globe. I’ve been working on making this into a daily practice.
  • Storing up good ideas. The thing about blogging is that you can’t blog if you have nothing to write about. I figure out what to write about by slowly skipping around the internet, checking out new blogs and articles for inspiration, but I also get it by being out in public and listening to what is going on around me. I get good ideas when I take the time to talk to my friends, or read books. I get good ideas when I take it slow.
  • Traveling. I’ve been bouncing around a little, while I have a mini-break from school, and spending time doing the things I haven’t had time to do this year.
  • Hula hooping. This one is self-explanatory. Hooping is awesome. It makes me giggle and sweat and feel good about myself. I love that.
  • Yoga. Also self-explanatory.

Mostly though? I have been putting my phone down when I talk to people, so that I can be truly present in conversations, while watching tv, while in bed at night, or while at work. It is AMAZING.

I found this hilarious Improv flashmob video about our need to constantly be connected to social media that I’d like to leave you with. xoxo