Having Brave Love For Yourself

Your light is undeniable.

Your spirit and your soul are full and brilliant.

Even in the darkness, in the moments when things aren’t going your way, you can choose to have brave love for yourself.

Brave love is the flexible kind of love that you have for the ones closest to you. This love is the swirling matrix of complex emotions. It is you, juggling sweetness and disappointment. It is you, wrapping your arms tight around all that you are – the full breadth of your experience in the world. Your light and your dark parts.

Your light is undeniable.

You can choose to not give up on yourself, not matter what the circumstances.

You can choose to turn your energy towards your own brilliant spirit and towards the things that light you up, even as you struggle with the reality of a broken washing machine or an empty bank account or a beloved dog that is getting older by the second.

beautiful mess

Brilliant light and a car that needs a new transmission.

Self-love and hating every article of clothing in your closet.

Unconditional devotion and moments of crying in a pile on the floor of your kitchen.

Your light is undeniable. 

You do not have to wait for everything to be perfect to begin wrapping yourself tight in brave love.

You can begin in this moment. And again in the next moment, even after everything tumbles to the floor and you are scrambling to pick up all the pieces. And again, whenever you need.

You can trust your light. You can trust your heart, your desires.

You can trust yourself: to figure it out, to make something out of nothing, to return home to yourself a thousand times a day.

Your relationship with yourself is built upon the strength of your brave love, upon your ability to love yourself in spite of and because of the pain that you carry. It is the sure footing that grounds you in the eye of the storm, even when you feel certain that the winds are picking up again and everything in your body warns you to batten down the hatches.

Your light is undeniable. 

This is the part of you that you do not have to prove, your unconditional deserving. This is the worth that you have permission to detach from difficult circumstances.

You can choose to have unconditional love for yourself.

You can choose to ground your feet firmly into your path, into your deeply felt desires, in this moment.

You can choose yourself. All of yourself.

You can choose to receive your own brave love.

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  1. Hell YES! This is everything I’ve been saying to myself lately! I love how you pen the words that feed my soul, Mara. Thank you. I’m definitely gonna come back to this one again and again. Brave Love will save us all.

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