How Do You Want Your Life to FEEL?

I want my life to feel free and open, with enough space to move around, tend to my needs, and care for my loved ones when they need a shoulder to lean on or a run to the store for vitamins when they are sick.

I want my life to feel like a small, boutique business with massive attention to details, a magical and luxurious feel, and lots of individual attention.

I want my life to feel like a car, freshly detailed – polished up and shiny by my perseverance and love.

I want my life to feel like beautifully made bed with clean sheets, full of promise and sweet dreams.

I want my life to feel like my bank account, when I am generous and leave a financial love note in every tip jar.

I want my life to feel like my body in motion – flexible, languid, and strong.

Take a moment today to take a look around your life, checking in with your body and physical surroundings.

How does your body feel?

What is the visceral feeling of your relationship to cash?

How does your heart feel when you’re on your way to work in the morning?

How do you feel when you are surrounded by loved ones?

How would you like your life to feel?

When I find myself at odds with my surroundings or unable to figure out how to get back to everything that I hope and dream for myself, it is very useful for me to zero in on images, snapshots, places, or feelings that signify what I want my life to be like. I pare the image or feeling down as much as possible – distilling it to it’s essential elements.

When these experiences apart, you can then begin the process of setting about recreating the events in your daily life.

The delicious cup of coffee enjoyed in nature.

A favorite television show watched in the company of giggling sisters.

Building a coaching practice that allows me to have the space and time to truly focus on my clients, and reminding them often just how brave they are.

Working out at a small gym, with classes that ensures individual attention and support.

Remembering your beautiful reusable bag to the health food store and filling it to the brim with colorful vegetables and delicious treats.

Setting your alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier in the morning so that you don’t have to rush when figuring out which pair of shoes match your outfit.

Sometimes we get it in our heads that in order to begin feeling better or liking our lives more we need global life change. We think that the only way to cultivate a life that is a better fit is to jump ship, move across the country, quit our jobs, or fire our partners. We think that we require drastic change to cultivate a different life feel.

Contrary to popular belief, real life transformation can occur in the smallest and seemingly mundane ways. 

It can be found in the intention that you bring to preparing your cup of coffee in the morning.

The choice to replace the running socks that are riddled with holes with ones that are sparkling new and dry wick to keep your feet warm and cozy.

The permission granted by a meal discarded or put away for later when the first bite proves to not be exactly what we were craving.

Our lives are positively impacted when we plug in, intentionally creating the reality that we wish for by remaining present and deeply rooted in love.  {click to tweet}

How do you want your life to feel?

What is a small way that you might begin to cultivate that feeling today or even, in the next five minutes?

Please share whatever comes up for you in the comments below. 

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4 thoughts on “How Do You Want Your Life to FEEL?”

  1. I have been focusing on life from this point of view, of doing things based on how I’d like to feel. I’m finding it very rewarding. It also means I’m more excited about opportunities that are coming my way, because I’ve worked out which feelings I want to attract and enjoy. It’s the most brilliant feeling. I don’t have it all figured out yet. I need to do some work in regard to how I’d like my body and health to feel. Knowing how I’d like to feel seems like a big important step to knowing what action to take next.

    Loved this article, so well written. Thank you

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