“I Changed My Mind” + Magically Taking Control of YOUR Life

January 25, 2012

I remember the day that I was told, calmly and self-assuredly by a friend that I had made plans with that she was going to have to break her plans, because she had over-extended herself and had changed her mind about wanting to go out.

At first, I was angry. I was all – are you SERIOUS? we had PLANS! I wrote it in my PLANNER. But after reflecting on it for a couple of minutes I realized that yes, I was angry – but I was angry at myself.

At that time in my life, I absolutely did not know how to put myself first. I was full to the brim of shoulds. As in, I should go out even though I am exhausted because I promised that I would. Or I should get up early and exercise, because that’s what all the good people are doing. Or I should blog three times a week and have my copy edited and ready to go for a 7am launch.

Recently, a professor of mine told me that he often tells his clients point blank to stop shoulding all over themselves, and I as I sat back in my chair I had a good hard look at the decisions that I had made in my life.

I’ll give you the abbreviated version: I’ve been doing exactly what I “should” do or what I’ve been told for as long as I remember.

I have never, not one time, stepped back and thought to my self what would I like to do today.

Or, how do I want to live my life?

Or, if I only had one year left to live how might I spend it? What is most important to me?

I probably wouldn’t spend the precious and fantastic moments of my life doing things that didn’t make me feel happy and fulfilled.

I might not eat something that I was supposed to eat, in favor of what I wanted to eat.

I definitely wouldn’t lock myself into a job that permitted me very little movement or creativity, and forgo the financial freedom and business of my OWN that I had been secretly dreaming about since I learned how to dream.

If I only had this one moment, and I might summon up all of my power and tell you that I’ve changed my mind about doing __________, especially if it wasn’t a good fit.

By good fit I mean: things that make you feel gorgeous, lit up, excited, fun, happy, creative, inspired, ecstatic, wild, affluent, fancy or charged with energy.

Suspend your disbelief for just a moment, and consider: if YOU were able to create the life of your dreams – and I’m begging you to THINK BIG, what would that life look like?