I’m Too Busy To… Make This a Priority Right Now

July 12, 2012

Those of you who have worked with me, know that I’m a firm believer in The Reframe – as in, taking an experience, turning it on its head, and presenting an alternate vantage point. Reframing has been one of the most useful tools for me in my own personal life, as it provides me the opportunity to see beyond the part of a situation that is causing me undue stress or triggering a nerve.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my daily habits, and the ways in which people do or do not make time for the things that they believe are important in incorporating into their daily lives. Because as a coach, I hear a lot of this:

I didn’t have time… I’m really busy… I had a lot of other things to do…

And truthfully, I’ve said all three of these things as well – often even – when it’s come to describing why I didn’t follow through or keep my promises to myself. Promises around moving my body. Promises around making space to write a couple of pages each morning. Promises to go to be earlier.

The fact of the matter is, when you say I’m to busy to… what you are really saying is I’m choosing not to make this a priority right now.

Now – that’s OK. We do not have to make things priorities at all times and we can and should reserve the right to change our own mind, even when it comes to things that we’ve promised up and down that we want, if it just doesn’t feel right. But it is very important that you realize that this is a choice that you are making.

You are deciding that going and spending time with a friend is more important to you than running today.  Or writing in your journal. Or cooking yourself dinner instead of microwaving up something easy.

However, there are moments, those moments that we typically don’t view as choices, when we just don’t get to something because we’ve been frittering away our afternoon on Facebook or watching Pretty Little Liars or oversleeping. Those are choices too, and it is important that you view them that way.

Changed Priorities Ahead sign

You get the deciding vote on how you’d like to spend your time, and when you find yourself pushing those things that are really important to you – like, taking care of yourself – to the backburner, it is time to peek into why that might be happening for you.

You’ve said that you need it.

You’ve said that you’re tired of living this way.

You’ve said that you’d do anything to feel better.

You’ve said that you can imagine exactly what it might take.

And yet, backburner.

I’m curious – what deep desires have you been shuttling to the end of your to-do list, week after week? It is still important to you? How might you make space for it, today?


If this post struck a nerve for you and you’ve got something that you would like to start making a priority in your life – right this second –  I’d love to help you unravel your resistance around it. Check out my offerings here or contact me.