Learning to Dwell in the Realm of Possibility

July 20, 2010

I’m a bit of a dweller.

As in – obsesser, panic creator, incessant doubter, and all around anxiety ridden girl.

However. I’m working really hard on changing my ways. The fact of the matter is: when you expect bad things to happen – they do. But when you expect and anticipate little miracles everywhere, magic and luck seem to follow you wherever you go. And I sure do want to be one of the lucky ones.

The amazing thing about luck is that you can create it for yourself. You can manifest it, nourish it, and deliberately choose to be a person that attracts all manner of goodness and wonder into your life. You just have to choose it.

Thus, I have decided that instead of dwelling in all of my fear about the unknown, I am going to fill my brain with all that is possible instead of all that is seemingly impossible.

For example: Instead of thinking about how I’m starting grad-school in a mere six weeks, I have yet to find an apartment, I am moving to a new city, I am leaving my sweetheart behind [temporarily], I have exactly two pennies to clink together and no idea how (if?) I will be able to work/go to school simultaneously.

I am going to think about what the wood floors of my new apartment feel like under my feet, how conveniently located it is, and how much fun I’m having living in Boston, surrounded by so many people and events. I’m going to think about how interested and stimulated and busy I’m going to be learning/writing/sharing the fruits of my new education. I’m going to think about how well this blog is going, this blog that began as my secret little love letter to the universe, and how many opportunities it will afford me.

I’m going to think about what a relief it is to finally be making money off of what I’m actually good at, what makes me happy, and what I find worth waking up for in the morning.

I don’t know about you.. But I’m feeling a little lucky already.

What about you? What positive thoughts are you manifesting into your life? Are you feeling lucky?