Learning to Manifest Your Dream Life

June 12, 2009

I believe in manifesting your own destiny. I believe in it whole-heartedly. I believe that if you are able to concretely imagine the life that you want, not just abstractly wishing for something better or wanting more from your daily grind or a better lover or bank account, but being able to specifically determine your goals/dreams, you can bring those positive changes into existence. And I’ve read all the books. Sometimes when I’m extra anxious and needing giant resounding changes, I fall asleep watching The Secret on DVD for days on end.

This may sound hokey.

You may not believe that you have the ability to change your circumstance, or that your situation is too dreary and anxiety-ridden to do anything about. It may feel, for example, that your bills are just mounting and mounting every single day and money is being siphoned right out of your bank account, and you can’t imagine it being any other way.

But, I’ve attracted some really exciting and seemingly far-fetched things to my life this way, by simply dreaming, and repeating that dream to myself, very specifically, over and over again until one day I wake up and realize that it is magically coming true.

How To Manifesting The Life of Your Dreams:

  1. Clearly articulate the life you want to lead or specific goal you hope to achieve (even if just to yourself). Do not allow these dreams or goals to be hindered or dampened by the reality of your circumstance. Dare to have big plans, even if you can see no possible path that would bring you there.
  2. BE SPECIFIC. What kind of house have you built? What does your dream lover dress like, or how do they take their coffee? What does your new car smell like? How will it feel to cash the first paycheck from you dream life?  The more specifically you can envision your dreams, the more specifically the Universe will grant you your wishes.
  3. View goals in positive terms and language. Ex. Instead of I am no longer broke and scared, say: I have more than enough money to pay all of my bill and lead a happy life. Negativity begets negativity, so even if your intention is positive, viewing it in a negative light brings that negativity back to your life because you are focusing more on the deficit in your life than the abundance you are receiving.
  4. Write a list, create a map, draw a picture, or make a collage that can serve as a representation of your dreams and be a daily reminder of those things you want to actualize.
  5.   Start to imagine that you have the life of your dreams. Talk about yourself (even if just to yourself in the privacy of your own home/car/shower) as though all of your wildest plans have been actualized. Ex. I have $400,000 in my bank account. I have enough money to live comfortably and pay all of my bills. I own a home. This repetitive action will retrain your brain to think in terms of abundance and will energize, excite, and motivate you to start taking small steps towards your goals because you believe whole-heartedly in the end result.
  6. Do not stop believing in your dreams or goals, no matter how far away or scary or unrealistic they seem. Have unwavering faith.  Do not let this make you feel silly or naïve. This is how dreams come true.
  7.  Smile, because you have the ability to change your life for the better by thinking positively and believing in the abundance that is headed your way.  Check in with yourself as you grow and your dreams change, tailoring your vision to incorporate new developments and allow for all of the new and exciting things that are coming your way.

 One of my favorite things about using this technique as a way of thinking is that it often saves me from feeling hopeless. I have a tendency to dwell in self-pity and despair for alarmingly long periods of time. I often have high anxiety about events I can’t control, and most things seem outside of my control. So. Often, in an effort to reel in my negative thinking patterns and fear and helplessness, I stop myself dead in my tracks and work hard to visualize the perfect, best outcome for whatever situation I am dreading. And usually, even if things don’t turn out exactly as I visualize, they end up being perfect and better than I could have imagined. And it keeps me from having to worry excessively, always a plus.