Living With Intention

Deep beneath your daily actions and to-do lists and inner dialogue is a realm guided by intention.

Intention is the way that you plug into your inherent worthiness and the vision that you have for your life. It is the roadmap and the path laid out before you.

living with intentionIt is not a series of steps to follow. 

Instead, it is the glue that you keep returning to, adhering you to your divine purpose on this planet. 

Many of us have this backwards, choosing to plug into the daily distractions and finding ourselves lost along the way.

In the realm of intention, you do not have to do anything other than get clear on the feeling and desire that you are chasing, expressing it as clearly and succinctly as possible.

In the realm of intention, we are able to take one focused, inspired action and then another, allowing the path forward to unfurl before us. Our path may take us to places that we’ve never expected or been conditioned to believe is possible. We are tasked with making the next best choice for ourselves with the tools that we have on hand and allowing the rest to happen organically.

I had a moment a year ago when I was caught in the turmoil of how I was going to get from here to there. I vaguely knew what I wanted, but I was distracted by the things that I told myself that I needed to do in order to get there.

And, like a divine blessing, the message came to me: Your only job here is to get really clear on what you’re after. 

I want to feel really good.

I want to feel good when I go to work. I want to feel good when I wake up. I want to feel good in my relationships. I want to feel good in my body. I want to feel really good. 

My job was this: declare my intention.

It was not my job to figure out how to get from here to there or to concern myself with the murky busywork of making it happen. It was not my job to know every step along the path.

It was my job to declare my intention and have faith that it was possible for me.

It was my job to allow the tiny seedling of desire germinate in my consciousness, to ply it with good thoughts and nourishing space to grow.

It was my job to have faith – faith that it could all work out, faith that I was deserving of my seedling of a desire, faith that I could trust in my own ability to endure and thrive in whatever showed up for me to work through between here and there. 

When we are able to focus on our intentions for our lives, holding on to them with both hands and carving out sacred space for them to thrive, we allow for them to take root and grow.

And the busy work? Give it up to the divine. Hand it over to whatever greater force you believe in, even if that force is your own fortitude and inner strength. Surrender your intention to the highest vibration of yourself and open yourself up to receiving and heeding it’s call.

We have to give ourselves the permission to allow anything and everything that might be on our path – trusting that we are heading in the direction of our intention. Trusting that we are held by the world around us and that the universe is standing by at the ready to support us in our journey.

We do not have to white-knuckle the process.

We do not have to have it all figured out.

We have to get clear on what it is that we want and get out of our own way.

Ask yourself this: What do I really want out of my life? What am I ready for?

Trust yourself as the answers come. Do not judge your intentions as the roll into your inner monologue, dancing about on the teetering edge of possibility and potential. Trust yourself to know that you are deserving.

Pare the intention down to a sentence or two that really speaks to the heart of the matter. Put yourself into the intention using the words: 


I intend…

I am…


Craft your intention so that it is the present tense. Write it out and speak it aloud as if it has already arrived. 

I want to feel really good.

I am powerful and strong, and I am loved for exactly who I am.

I am enough.

I intend to feel comfortable in my skin.

I trust myself.

I am shining and radiant.

I am debt free and thriving financially.

Then, write your intention down. Hold it close to your heart. Set a reminder in your phone so that an alert with your intention pops up once a day. Allow your intention to grow inside your body, blossoming and unfolding with potential.

If you would like to do a piece of energy work to support your intention, get in touch with me to set this up.

Do not worry about the busywork of moving from here to there. Just sit with the intention, being thoughtful about what it is calling for and allowing yourself to answer the call as you maneuver your daily life. When your intention speaks to you, listen and trust in it’s wisdom. Reorient yourself so that your intention is guiding the way before you, showing you what you’re moving towards and working on.

And, most of all, step out of it’s way.  Allow your intention to guide you deeper into the wilderness of your spirit, permitting you access to deeper levels of your own awareness.


Rewired: Tiny Altars Everywhere

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Together, we cultivated a prayer to support our intentions, and then pulled out our art supplies for some fun and creativity.

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