Mama Summer Camp

Hey there gorgeous,

You are all signed-up and ready to join us for ​Mama Summer Camp​. 

This circle was born out of many, many deep coaching conversations ​with mothers who are yearning to reclaim their sense of self, settle into and enjoy their bodies, and gather the strength to ask for what they want and need from their supportive relationships.

I figured, why am I having all of these conversations 1:1 when so many of us are craving a dynamic and powerful community of mothers to gather with?

​And so ​Mama Summer Camp​ was born. 

​Starting on June 26th, we will gather together for 8 delicious weeks of prompts, conversation, and deep, permissive celebration of our bodies and our lives. 

Keep your eyes peeled the morning of June 23rd for your invitation to begin gathering in our online space. If you signed up for additional coaching with me, you will receive an email on the 23rd with a link to choose your first spot out of my coaching calendar.

I am really glad that you have joined us. 

If you have any questions between now and the 23rd, all you have to do is ask! I’m here for you.