Manifesto of Deserving

August 07, 2012

I deserve…

To make a living doing something I love, to pay all my bills on time, forever — and have money to spare for adventures, surprises, and sheer delight.

To design a career that will, someday soon, allow me to have kids, raise them my way, at home — and not have to press ‘pause’ on my business, unless I genuinely want to.

Hula-hooping bachelorette parties, kale smoothies + cookies, spontaneous yoga breaks, and impromptu winter holidays in Puerto Rico.

To build a life + home and, eventually, publish a cookbook with the woman I love.

To let emails sit for (gasp!) a whole day, before leaping to reply.

Sane, healthy friendships with people who get me, giggle with me, and would rush to my aid at 4am, if need be.

To let people love me. People I know. People I trust. And even strangers online, who are moved by my words.

Not to downplay my excellence. To celebrate + draw attention to my bigness, my bodaciousness, my everyday acts of honesty + courage.

To hype myself UP, on a daily basis.

I believe…

That you deserve more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to have.

That you are worth more than you’ve ever permitted yourself to imagine.

That you deserve a relationship with your body that is filled with ease, romantic partnerships where you can truly be yourself, unlimited love + adoration simply for being YOU, and a livelihood that is jam-packed with opportunities to exercise all of the gifts that you have to offer the world.

That creating the life you deserve is simpler than you think.

That every tiny, toddler-step towards the life you deserve is worth photographing, chronicling, taking a Beyoncé-fueled dance break + CELEBRATING.