Marzipan, Meet Irene

August 29, 2011

It all began with a little pre-school year haircut. Yes, it was a tad windy, but it was reasonable.

“QUICK! QUICK! SAVE THE CARS!” After which, Nola posed for a first-tree-crashing-to-the-ground photo shoot.

 When the second tree fell – I forgot all about twitter.

Tough guy – teensy weensy chainsaw.

Please note: the sun is shining, but he is on the roof mid-storm. Dismantling the tree. Because I was scream-crying about how it was going to take down the porch. He’s a local hero.

Not quite sure how to help.

They are KICKING the tree off the roof. Actually in this shot they are flattening themselves so as not to be blown off the roof, but you get the idea. Note: it didn’t work. So we wrapped it with a rope and pulled it down. It took the gutter with it.

Unfortunately, it crashed through the guardrail and demolished the table. Father not pleased, blamed daughters for making him get on the roof during a storm, and then concocting the idea that we could move the tree with our own bare hands.

At some point during this calamity, my father looked at the yard and said

Well shit’s really never going to be the same.

I could not have put it better myself. Nor could I think of a better way to announce that MM is going to be getting a facelift this week. Be on the lookout for something altogether fresh and exciting. Things are moving quickly these days – but I have a very good feeling that things are going to be totally gorgeous in the aftermath.