Never Have I Ever: North Carolina

January 22, 2010

Never have I ever set foot outside an airport in North Carolina!! And it was wonderful, truly.

I had just the most wonderful little visit in Chapel Hill as C and I continued our trip south.  This trip has kind of been a reunion tour of sorts, as I have been able to reconnect and visit so many of my long lost beloved friends. I’m not really the best at keeping in touch, so it is just fantastic to be able to reunite with people without massive awkwardness despite the passing of time, and also super cute to have C visit some of my personal history as I transform into a squeaking hysterically happy nutcase.  So anyway, in regards to my never-have-I-ever trial run to see if making a point to do new and exciting (or not) things everyday as a way to chase away my nagging anxiety. Thus far, this seems to be WORKING. I feel awesome. I mean, I feel semi-disgusting because some of these events have encouraged eating biscuits and all manner of delicious foods.

So, never-have-I-ever:

  • been to Chapel Hill, or walked around the UNC college campus [awesome bookstore!], the Weaver Street Market Co-op, or looped back around via train track to Molly C’s house.
  • watched a movie on blue-ray. I think? It’s so fancy! Maybe I’ve done that before… buuuut I don’t remember when. We watched The Hangover – just as funny the second time around.
  • eaten dinner at Cracker Barrel. I’ve had breakfast there, so this doesn’t really count. But it was hilarious, so it makes the list. Though, I smell as though I rolled around in a hickory smoker…

And now, BEST OF ALL, we have checked into a Holiday Inn Express [also fancy might I add] and have a fantastic king size bed. AND. Big. Love. Magically. Popped. Up. On. TV.  I did a dance around the room the likes of which C has never seen, and am just about the happiest girl on the planet right now. And with that, I will say good night.

Did you do anything exciting today?