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Every other week (or so), I send an email to a rapidly growing tribe of brave hearts and truth-tellers.

These emails are my absolute favorite place to hang out online.

Each missive is crafted to support you in trusting yourself deeply, taking up more space in your life, and giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are.

Words have the power to free us, emboldening us to live our lives with passion and inspiration. I believe that when we share our stories, openly and with unbridled honesty, we empower others to do the same.

I share my stories with you in the hopes that it might inspire you to share some stories of your own.

As an I’m so freaking glad to meet you present, I’m gifting you a crash course in body love, REAL self-care, and taking radical self-responsibility…

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Big love for these weekly missives…

What I admire most about Mara is her ability to speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable, provocative or heartbreaking, and to do it in an incredibly articulate, eloquent and thoughtful manner. I really see her as a trailblazer who’s spreading a vital message: to fully accept and love yourself, without condition, and to be fully honest.– Margarita Tartakovsky
Your love notes quiet my inner resistance and allow me to receive love. – Tanya L.
Basically, hearing your words (as often as possible) has made it possible for me to be the person that was screaming inside me, screaming to be let out to enjoy this life instead of feeling wretched about it.
– ShaeC
I adore these notes because they are delicious, like spiritual gelato – strong supplements that help me stay kind to myself.
– Kelly
Mara has a uniquely clear, honest and wise way of gently communicating deep truths. The most marvelous, encouraging medicine for the soul.
– Janet
I never thought I could learn so much about myself from someone I never met, someone barely older than my oldest child. Your writings have depth, insight beyond your years, and seem extremely genuine. You do not present a gloss finish picture of life, yet you let me know that the matte finishes are beautiful. You excel at self- acceptance. I look forward to reading every time you write. I hope others do too.
– Linda
I adore your words because they ALWAYS come at exactly the right time.Spot on. Speaking to my soul. Nurturing me and making me feel whole, seen and loved. And to think, for me to feel that seen by someone I’ve never met (or even emailed)… well, that’s just magical.
– Nicola
Your emails, for me, are like eating dessert first: with a full inbox in the mornings, loaded with tasks to take on, I open your emails and savor them. I always find a gem there, something to really, really think about, which will carry me through the other emails screaming for attention in my inbox. What I really want to say, more than anything, is THANK YOU for the gift of (and in) these emails.
– Kathy
I adore your love notes because I feel as if your words were written only for me. Often it is a subject that I can relate to immediately and perhaps was one that I may have just journaled about or was in a dream and then I see your love note and I am like it is a sign. You bravely share your journey, all of it, not just the wonderful happiest of times, but also the messy bits. I feel your vulnerability when I read your words and it inspires me.For me, it is more than a love note, it is a piece of wisdom. It is like being around a fire pit and exploring your truth. That is a gift that you have and I am honored that you share it with me.
– Jen
What’s amazing about Mara’s emails is that in them, she taps into these little moments that capture an underlying tide that had been nagging at me but that I couldn’t put my finger on until reading her words. Somehow, she has this deep insight that articulates the undercurrents that have been shaping my reality and naming them gives me so much more power to shift. I’m super grateful for these gentle pushes and reminders, and so glad the I’ve come across Mara’s work.
– Anna
Mara’s love notes always speak to what truly is important in my life. Her way of reaching out and being present through the written word (and the occasional fabulous video) is so very powerful.
– Lisa

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Beyond our ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. {Rumi}