On My 368th Day of Being in Love

September 04, 2009

I had planned an anniversary post for tuesday, which was my actual anniversary, involving much fanfare and diagrams about the metaphysics of falling in love and much pseudoscientific discussion, however, it seemed more appropriate to spend the day (and subsequent days) just being in love, rather than torturing my sweetheart with boredom as I often do when I enter “blogland.”

But what I planned to diagram for you was the actual probability of falling madly truly deeply in love at any random moment in your life, when you least expect it – as they say, which is often true, and when you are focused on many other things.

But, when I fell in love I was looking for it. I was always looking for it. I think that I have been looking for it since I was born. I am the strange type of twenty-four year old/grandma hybrid, who enjoys being young and having fun, but also loves few things more than using her red kitchen aid, doing laundry, and generally being unfailingly domestic.

But before, I felt like that little bird in the book Are You My Mother?, spinning around from one person to the next wondering, are you my soulmate? Nope.. Ok.. Bye… Spin spin spin until I found someone new to wonder about.

IMG_0102However, I did fall in love sort of suddenly. And surprisingly. And with someone who I originally considered to be much out of my league (as she is adorable and amazing, but mostly at first because I thought she was much much to cool for me). And THEN it turned out that she was kind of geeky. In the best way. And THEN we moved to Puerto Rico together after only having been dating for three months(ish). And THEN came home and moved in together for real, and have the most beautiful and amazing little house for me to putz around in, feeling completely at home in a place that I helped to co-create, for possibly the first time in my life.

And all of this has been happening in the past year that I have been blogging here, as it almost Medicinal Marzipan’s one year anniversary as well. However C is very private and therefore I do not often talk about her here, but I could not resist writing this little post, as absolutely nothing has had a bigger influence on how supported I feel and encouraged to pursue my dreams, and consequently share so much with you here. So for that, I wanted to publicly acknowledge and thank her.

Because it has been a truly amazing year, and hopefully the next one will be just as wonderful and exciting.