Open to Receive



Consider this your official invitation to put down whatever you might be carrying. Anything that is no longer serving you. Anything that stands between you and the vibrant living that you have a yearning for.

This is your invitation to put it down and allow yourself to feel adored and cherished for fourteen days. 

Perhaps you’ve been aching for a reset. For a moment to yourself. For unbridled support and sweet words of affirmation.

Or maybe, you simply like the idea of starting your morning with ten minutes of guided meditation, intention & loving direction.

Whatever your reason for find your way here today, I invite you to start here – by settling comfortably into your chair and taking a few moments to receive this audio blessing.

Open to Receive is a compilation of 14 daily audio blessings.

These blessings include guided meditations, songs of hope and love, and spoken word poetry – all on the topic of adoring and accepting yourself, exactly as you are in this moment.

This bundle of sweetness was curated with the express intention of loving you up each morning before you head into your day.

Mara’s voice roots me in my own wholeness. Every time. Doubt neutralized. Highest Self radiating. Inner critic basking in the love, belly up and purring. That alone would be enough. More than enough. What I didn’t expect was that treading this humble path with Mara, and kissing the ground with every footstep, would send seismic shifts reverberating. And today I marvel as, through the new cracks in the mantle, geysers of joy faithfully erupt.  – Heather M.


Start Your Morning With Intention

The soft moment when you lie in bed upon waking is a special time – the time before you climb out of bed to pour yourself a cup of coffee or scramble to work.

If you allow it, reclaim it, this is a time when you are the most open, receptive to the realm of possibility both for yourself and your life.

Open to Receive is about cracking your heart open just a little bit wider by starting your day with a moment of self-love and self-acceptance. 

This sounds simple, but for so many of us, the vulnerability of receiving can be complicated and murky. It requires practice – and the repetition of permission and allowance. At it’s core, this experience is an exploration in what it means to simply receive something without feeling as though you have to earn those few minutes of intentionality.

Open to Receive is a collection of audible offerings for those soft moments.

Start your morning with me each day for fourteen days. Open up your receptors by listening to these shimmering words of strength and love.  Ground yourself in beginning each day by appreciating yourself for everything that you already are.

Feel the truth in these words – and take that truth with you as you navigate the rest of your day.

Starting the day by listening to Mara’s rich voice guiding you through meditation is transformative. Not only does she make it easier to commit to a practice, but her calm presence and sparkling clear imagery leave me feeling cherished, nourished, and safe. It’s a practice that radiates throughout the day, and listening to her patient instructions and kind words is practically guaranteed to make me feel better about myself and my life.  – Brenda E.

What You Can Expect

You will begin receive an email from me each morning at 5 am Eastern beginning the morning after you register for this course.

Each email will include a note of hope and inspiration for you – and a link to that day’s audio offering.

All that you have to do to participate is open the email up, click the audio link, and give yourself the permission to receive.

You will also receive…

  • Transcriptions of each audio, for a little extra reinforcement
  • A beautiful PDF of the entire experience – with links to the audios embedded – to refer to again and again
  • A mega dose of my love each and every morning

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What Happens After You Sign-Up

After you click the sparkly YES button below…

  • You will be taken to a screen where you can pay for Open to Receive with either Paypal or major credit card.
  • After paying, you will be ushered to a page that thanks you for signing-up – and receive an email in your inbox welcoming you to the course.
  • If you don’t receive the email within an hour, please check your spam/promotions folder to retrieve it or email me at
  • The morning after you register you will receive the very first course email at 5 am Eastern.

Your Questions, Answered

What do I need to participate in Open to Receive?

Open to Receive is intentionally simple. All you will need is a valid email address and 5-10 minutes in the morning to listen to the audio. There is nothing for you to do to participate in this course, it is intended to be soothing, reassuring, and deliciously uncomplicated.

Can I give Open to Receive as a gift?

Absolutely, you generous thing you! Simply email me to set this up.

I’m going to be busy/on vacation! Will I have time for Open to Receive?

Absoluuuuutely m’dear. This course is low on the busy-work and high on gentle reminders of your inner power and strength. You can take it with you anywhere that you go – and fit it into your busy lifestyle. (It might even feel good to have a moment to yourself if you have a lot on your plate right now.) Additionally, each audio will be available to download for you to enjoy long after the course is over.

Other questions? 

Email me at

Big Love for Open to Receive

Mara’s Open To Receive course has been nothing short of life changing. Over the past fortnight Mara’s words of healing and encouragement have moved me to laugh (and cry). She has given me permission to safely unearth my joy and my grief, from a place of tender curiosity, which has allowed me to embrace the fact that the two are allowed to co-exist together. Beautifully. – Rebecca

There was just something very special about these meditations and the knowing that each morning I could rely on having this grounding, true, moment listening to a voice that I’ve really come to trust and love. I felt great for the rest of my day, knowing I had started it out this way, even if I wasn’t able to sit and listen with closed eyes and a still body, even if I played it through my headphones while I made breakfast, I knew it was getting in and affecting me on those deep levels where change happens. And, in fact, I have been seeing enormous change happen over these past two weeks.  – Carey

I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially because morning is my least favorite time of the day. Hearing those kind, loving words transformed each dawn into something special. I liken it to a restorative yoga class – you don’t have any idea how deep the feelings and sensations go until a bit later. It might feel like you’re not doing much, but then you feel the transformation come gradually. Slowly. – Aly

This program was the sustenance my heart and soul desperately needed. Thank you for creating this program. I found myself inadvertently telling myself a new story, that I belong, in a moment of discomfort that brought back all the old stories of not belonging. When I realized I had successfully changed my story, at least for one moment, I smiled in delight. I enjoyed listening to these meditations in the morning and sometimes an additional time at night. – Stephanie

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