Needy 70: Tending to Your Inner Child With Bear Hebert

Tending to your inner child, a Needy podcast interview with Bear Hebert

Often learning how to tend to yourself includes learning to embrace your inner child and exploring what lights you up. That’s something that today’s guest Bear Hebert has learned to do as they have explored how to tend to their own needs.

Bear Hebert is a radical life coach, social justice educator, and anti-capitalist business consultant with a deep understanding of how capitalism is rooted in white supremacy and patriarchy. In work and in life, Bear actively looks at the intersections of power and privilege and will ask you to do the same, pushing both you and your business in the direction of more liberated moments.

In this episode, we explored why being transparent helps to push back against the culture of invisibility, meeting your need for play, and how to find your way back to yourself when you feel lost. Bear shares what the mental load is and why this can hinder us from making seemingly “simple decisions”. They also share brilliant advice for tending to your inner child.

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • Setting boundaries that create space for you to take are of yourself
  • Why transparency in tending pushes back on a culture of invisibility
  • How to find your way back to yourself when you get lost

Hang with Bear Hebert…

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