Needy 80: Tending to Expansion & Contraction

Tending to expansion and contraction, a Needy podcast episode featuring host Mara Glatzel
We are conditioned to only appreciate ourselves during our ‘highs’ — our expansions when we are completing big projects, pulling off heroic efforts, or securing culturally significant milestones. We learn to associate our value as a human being with these bright shiny moments where we are making things happen in our lives in big, sparkly, wonderful ways. It might be convenient to think that we should work on ourselves enough that we are ALWAYS creating or producing at this level, but it would be impossible to exist in this state of expansion permanently.

Gravity teaches us that what goes up… must come down. A huge part of caring for ourselves is learning to plan for the contractions in our lives. In this episode, I talked about the need to normalize our contractions and giving ourselves restoration, space and time after experiencing expansion. This self-care tool is massively important to supporting ourselves to keep moving forward and showing up in our lives. 

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • Why contraction is a necessary aspect of expansion
  • Learning to say yes discerningly and specifically
  • Normalizing and planning for your contractions

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