Needy 81: Connecting With Your Deepest Desire with Sarah Flick

Connecting with your deepest desire, a Needy podcast interview with Sarah Flick

Have you ever taken the time to truly connect with your deepest desires? It can feel daunting to do so, but has the potential to unlock so much delicious goodness in your life. In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing Sarah Flick about her experience of connecting with her deepest desires. 

Sarah Flick is a psychiatrist, a spiritual director, and a writer. She lives in Texas with her husband Bob and their golden retriever, Scout. She and Bob have one daughter, Katie. Sarah worked in community mental health throughout her career. She has offered spiritual direction for fifteen years, specializing in supporting clergy and other seekers through discernment processes and life transitions. She has led retreats for churches and other entities throughout the greater Houston-Galveston area and beyond. Sarah has received specialized training in mind-body medicine and in spiritual direction. She recently completed Body Positive Yoga Teacher Training with Amber Karnes and is now certified to teach. Sarah is the author of “Desire, Mystery, Belonging: A Love Letter and Spiritual Geography,” an unpublished manuscript in process.

In today’s episode, Sarah and I talk about showing up for yourself, answering the call to do something, and how meeting her needs has changed for her over the course of the last 10 years. Sarah is also a Tend alum and, at the end of the conversation, she shares her advice for people who might be considering the program.

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • Sarah’s path to learning to connect with her deepest desire
  • The moments you face after answering the call to do something
  • Rising up inside of yourself and showing up for what you are hungry for

The doors are currently open for Tend, my 9-month group coaching circle that helps women, femmes and non-binary folks who are looking to move from self-abandonment to self-partnership. 

Hang with Sarah…

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