Needy 90: Body Justice with Dr. Joy Cox

Body Justice, a Needy podcast interview with Dr. Joy Cox

Are you aware of how the messages you receive about your body impacts your relationship with it? In this episode, Dr. Joy Cox and I are getting deep and talking about weight stigma, fat acceptance, and what it really means to respect and care for your body. 

Dr. Joy Cox is a body justice advocate using her skill set in research and leadership to foster social change through the promotion of fat acceptance and diversity and inclusion. With 37 years living as a fat, Black cisgendered woman and 7+ years of professional experience under her belt, Dr. Cox draws on her own experiences and skillset to amplify the voices of those most marginalized in society, bringing attention to matters of intersectionality addressing race, body size, accessibility, and “health.”

Joy has been featured on several podcasts and media productions such as Food Pysch with Christy Harrison, Nalgona Positivity Pride with Gloria Lucas, Fat Women of Color with Ivy Felicia, and Huffington Post’s piece, “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong.” She also just authored her first book, Fat Girls in Black Bodies: Creating Communities of Our Own. She is the voice of an overcomer, looking to propel others into a place of freedom designed by their desires.

During our conversation, Joy talks about her own journey to acceptance and what acceptance means to her. She also talks about how she navigates boundaries and why the golden rule of, “treat others how you want to be treated” should apply to how you treat yourself too. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • Joy’s focus on being gentler with herself this year
  • Navigating systems of oppression on your quest for body justice and fat acceptance
  • The duality of acceptance and rejection

Hang with Dr. Joy Cox…

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