Needy 92: Feeling The Way Through

Feeling your way through, a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel
Do you check in with yourself when you wake up in the morning? Or, do you wake up and immediately dive into tackling the things on your ever-mounting to-do list?

Today’s podcast explores the practice of connecting with your mind, body, and spirit as a daily tool to bolster self-partnership and self-trust. So many of us have been raised and conditioned to see our inherent, human neediness as an embarrassing, weak part of our identities — something to be tucked out of view if one wants to be successful in life. Host Mara Glatzel turns this paradigm on its head, teaching us how radically embracing our needs and humanity might be THE THING that supports us in cultivating the lives that we are truly longing for. Tune in to hear her personal daily practice of turning her attention towards herself, honoring and validating her feelings, and deciding to meet her needs in a way that is deliciously doable each and every day.

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • what your needs and feelings can teach you about the live you are yearning for
  • an utterly manageable system for caring for yourself in a way that is responsive and not prescriptive
  • radically embracing your humanity in order to get your needs met on a consistent, imperfect basis

In this episode, I also share about the doors being open for my yearlong program, Cycle. If you’d like to learn more, you can do so here! xx

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