Needy 94: The Promise of a “Good Body”

The promise of a "good body", a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel
The Needy podcast is on a much-needed hiatus as I prepare for season 4. During this time I am bringing you my very favorite episodes from the last four years, including today’s podcast episode, “The Promise of a ‘Good Body'” with yours truly!

Have you ever caught yourself believing that your life would be better if YOU were “better”? As in, if you had a better body, better grades, more money in the bank, or a fancier degree? Today’s episode delves into our primary need for safety — and how we try to meet it through external validation, acceptance, and approval. Stop telling yourself the tired story that you have to spend your life apologizing with your smallness and actions because something is “wrong” with you and reclaim your life.

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • the Instagram moment that made me realize the pursuit of a “good body” wouldn’t keep me safe
  • pledging your primary allegiance to yourself — and giving yourself the affirmation, approval, and validation you ache for
  • welcoming the truest, fullest expression of your glorious self into every corner of your life

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