Needy 107: On Muscling Through & Reframing “Adulting”

On Muscling Through & Reframing "Adulting", a Needy podcast episode with host Mara Glatzel

Do you believe that being an adult means muscling through, doing hard things, and putting your needs on the back burner? Have you been ignoring your body in the name of scratching just a few more things off of your to-do list? Today’s episode is for you. One thing is clear, the concept of “adulting” needs colossal rebrand. Tune in to hear me dispel this myth once and for all and teach you how do show up for what matters to you most in a way that is sustainable and, dare I say, ENJOYABLE.

That’s right. You can do the damn thing and ENJOY IT. Today’s episode will show you how befriending yourself, honoring your personal energy rhythms and cycles, and tending to your perfectionistic expectations will support you in experiencing radically more pleasure and joy on a daily basis. (Yes, even when you are folding your millionth load of laundry or doing your taxes.)

Tune into today’s episode to hear more about…

  • Retiring your exhausting habit of muscling through to get things done
  • How getting to know yourself better helps you plan for yourself better
  • Redefining what success means to you (and tending to your wildly perfectionistic expectations!)
  • Honoring the season of life that you are in
  • How prioritizing pleasure, joy, and celebration is energetically regenerative

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