Needy 02: Motherhood & Self-Care with Graeme Seabrook

In this episode I am joined by motherhood life coach Graeme Seabrook.

Graeme’s work is founded in the belief that you need to be the priority of your own life in order to thrive. Following a traumatizing birth experience and postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD, Graeme began a healing journey as a mother and a woman. I love the way that Graeme is dedicated to helping mothers reclaim their humanity. She does this work because she believes we are living in a global culture that treats mothers as if we are inhuman, and expects us to be superhuman. Graeme is the founder of The Mom Center, a social and coaching network for mothers, as well as a speaker and writer. Graeme’s unapologetic take on self-care is refreshing, tangible, and deeply restorative, and I’m so excited to share her brilliance with all of you.

Tune into this conversation to hear more about

  • Putting yourself on the calendar and holding yourself to your commitment to your own care
  • Asking for exactly what you want and need
  • How your self-care might look different than everyone else’s (and that’s TOTALLY ok)
  • Committing yourself to truly manageable and fulfilling self-care

Hang with Graeme

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