Needy 03: You Are Not (Just) A Complicated Houseplant

Perhaps you’ve seen some variation of the meme telling you to get some water, food, and sunlight, because you are little more than a complicated plant. And, one one hand that concept is totally spot on, but on the other… you, being delightfully human, require more than water, food, and sunlight in order to feel TRULY fulfilled and nourished. In today’s episode, I explore what a need actually is, how you can figure out what you need, and where to focus your self-care right this second.

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • Expanding your understanding of a “need” vs. a “want”
  • What your feelings have to do with your needs
  • How to build your stamina and capacity to create the world you want to live in
  • Presence vs. Perfection (Oh yesssss.)
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