The single most beneficial action I have ever taken for my business…

Reaching out to Mara for support in business and life has been the single most beneficial action I have ever taken on behalf of my business. I am the kind of person who thinks they can do it all, carry it all, weather it all–all by myself. It’s so hard for me to ask for help, and I really struggled by myself for a very long time.

But after two and a half years of shouldering the weight of my one-woman business, I knew it was time. Time to admit that I couldn’t do this alone, that I needed someone to support me and to help me carry this burden that I had created, yes, but that also felt very much like my life’s work.

Working with Mara after all that time alone has been like crawling into a warm bath. She has challenged me to push myself farther than I ever have before, but I also feel her love and warmth and support in every email and every word of our work together. It’s been nothing short of a transformative experience.

In the last months, I have found myself able to take steps towards projects and work that had terrified me in the past. It hasn’t been a magic wand, but Mara helps validate my fears and help me to move past them in a way that makes me believe that I can truly do the work that I’ve dreamed about for years now. Working with Mara, I feel brave.

Honestly, I can’t overstate how helpful she has been and how wonderful she has been to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough. – Brenda Errichiello, the eclectic editor

Compassionate, caring, and challenging…

Working with Mara has been a pleasure and joy. The calls allowed me the space to begin asking the questions of what I want my life to look like. The calls were a sacred holding space to ask questions, to ponder, and to say the hard things that were both true and needed to be said so that my truth could begin to filter into my lived experience. The coursework reinforced that, giving concrete tools and loads of permission to keep asking my own questions. I’m finding it easier (and more automatic) to ask myself “What do I need in this moment?” It was through working with Mara that this question even has begin to be a part of my life, let alone being able to ask it regularly. Working with Mara has been a beautiful gift.– Stephanie Durnford

Huge sense of possibility and trust…

I had some deeply personal topics, which I wanted support with and Mara created a space for me to explore those from the moment we connected on the phone. I’m amazed by how safe I felt in such a short amount of time with her. My session with Mara came at perfect time in my life and I’m walking away with a huge sense of possibility and trust. Megan Roop

A thoughtful encounter!

I so enjoyed talking with Mara via the phone for our one session. She tuned in immediately and really listened to me, asking good questions and remarking when needed. I came away with some new insights, some of the same insights too, but so good to be heard. Mara also was able to give some quick and easy solutions, as I built an intention to followed by a lovely healing session. Many thanks! – Paulette Rees-Denis, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance

Looking forward to another session!

I spoke to Mara a bit about body love. She has such a deep understanding of this issue and is so easy to talk to, I really feel like I gained a lot even from one session and came away with some things to think about as well as a small daily goal to work on. I also loved the energy healing that we did at the end and look forward to booking another session in the future.– N.S.

Making my well-being a priority…

From relearning basic self-care to shifting longstanding beliefs, Mara has helped me make my own well-being a priority. She has assisted me in clearing out old beliefs that no longer serve me. I am more comfortable in my own skin again.I encourage you to take one of her courses or work with her individually. You will find a community you did not know your heart longed for and a place to call home.– Tanya Levy, HeartLady

Super valuable and a wonderful start..

Working with Mara was brilliant place to center my focus in life – in every effort or endeavor. It was an opportunity to clear away a lot of static and let what’s really important come through.Katie Ellison

Laser-accurate insight…

Mara has a gift for laser-accurate insight. In our sessions together, she listens, validates, and then always seems to know the exact right question to ask me that unlocks another level of compassionate self-knowledge I hadn’t even known I had. Working with Mara in any capacity is an experience chock full of “aha” moments. Each of these moments sets you a little closer to a life full of deserving and authenticity.– Carrie B.

My own personal cheerleader…

The thing I love about working with Mara is that I always end up feeling like I’ve just gotten a booster shot of energy and inspiration after each interaction. It’s the kind of thing I think everyone should experience especially if you’re diving into the business of working for yourself. Taking that flying leap into the unknown has a giant fear factor for me, and the terror of it all can sometimes sweep me under. Mara has this way of being my own personal cheerleader without the over-the-top cheers and pompoms. Her coaching is a gentle reminder that that even when it’s scary, I’ve got this. And it helps to know that not only do I have someone in my corner but I have someone in my corner who’s full of juicy tidbits to keep me inspired and excited while I’m at it.Mara is without a doubt a key reason I found enough confidence to finally put my ducks in a row, figure out what I needed and turn my little dream of a creative business into a reality. Her energy is infectious, and that is especially valuable when you’re tied up in the nitty-gritty of the land of business and your life in general.– Meegan Dowe

An incredible experience…

Working with Mara has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. To feel so safe when talking about such deeply personal issues and to be met with such genuine care, kindness and warmth has been an incredible experience. Mara is the best friend that listens objectively, reflects what you’ve said, and prompts you to answer the important questions that you know need to be answered. Mara creates a safe and encouraging space to explore these answers and truly believes in her client’s strength to create any life that they imagine.
– Tamar S.

This kind of unconditional acceptance is truly priceless…

Over the time I have spent working with Mara, I have been pushed via her open-ended writing prompts as well as her loving listening style to be more honest. Not just with her, but with myself. I had to examine what routines, patterns, and habits were working, and which patterns weren’t…furthermore we got to the root as to why those habits existed in the first place.I feel like our sessions are more like secret-swapping, where I am discovering that I wasn’t the alien weirdo I always thought I was. I am starting to give myself permission to be and love the woman I am right now. This journey into cultivating the kind of life I want, digging deep within the self I already am has been made phenomenally easier with the support and care Mara doles out by the gallon. This kind of unconditional acceptance is truly priceless.– Stephanie R.

I couldn’t recommend her more…

Working with Mara has been wonderful. I approached her about a couple of issues where I felt very stuck in my life… and now it feels like everything is ticking along. Mara’s combination of writing exercises and calls worked really well. The exercises gave me somewhere to focus and Mara’s feedback was always thought provoking in the best way. As I’ve been dealing with big issues, Mara has been both a sounding board and an enthusiastic cheerleader. I couldn’t recommend her more.– Kristin M.

Don’t hesitate for a second!

My conversation with Mara left me with a sense of huge possibility. I felt affirmed and heard-the work I want to do in the world is not only possible-it’s doable! I’ve had some big changes in the past year and I’d been in such a hurry to get on to the next thing, I forgot to notice.Mara gently helped me to acknowledge what I’ve already done and since then I have slowed down a little, honored my progress. At the same time, I am chipping away at my list of “actionable steps” that Mara sent me after our talk. This is immensely helpful in knowing my next manageable step. One little thing at a time I am building the life of my dreams. I needed to connect with a wise woman who is walking her talk. If you are thinking of working with Mara, don’t hesitate for a second! Highly recommend! – Molly L.

Such a powerful experience…

Talking to Mara was like talking to my best friend. It was easy, laid back. The topics just sort of developed on their own, and I felt free to say whatever I needed to. She asked questions, led my thinking a little, and helped me understand what I was trying to say. I felt understood. I felt heard. I felt lighthearted in a way that I haven’t in a long time. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend signing up for a coaching session with Mara sometime soon. It’s just such a natural way to work through your thoughts. Even after one session, I felt so much more at peace in my own head. She gave me the opportunity, the permission to just be myself, to feel and think the things that I do without judgement. It was such a powerful experience.– Heather Hurd

A caring push…

When I had a session with Mara I was struggling with general feelings of being “lost” and unable to move forward with my decision on grad school, along with the constant struggle of confidence/body love. I would describe working with Mara as: a caring push. The very next goal I am going to tackle is – being aware and asking myself the questions to stay mindful and get to know myself better.– Amy W.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget our sessions!

Working with Mara was an eye-opening experience for me in a number of ways. I was feeling frustrated by professional help I’d sought before, because they were just telling me things I could read in a textbook and we weren’t clicking. Mara, on the other hand, seemed to throw bucket loads of genuine enthusiasm, experience and warmth at me, and that was exactly what I’d been missing.A big part of what worked for me was that I felt led towards conclusions that were just waiting for me to discover them, instead of being told ‘this is what you should do now’. I never felt like I was being told off if something didn’t work out, because Mara knew the value of doing what clicks for you, not for other people. The lasting impact of this for me has been that I feel more able to consider a situation and really understand my reactions and work from there, instead of flailing around miserably hoping I’d hit a solution. I’ve learned to trust myself, and to trust my friends.None of what I achieved over the sessions with Mara would have been possible without her amazing determination to get you to the place you want to be in. She’s positive about every step you take which has helped me realize that even things that seem like a low point can be seen as an experience that lets you learn something about yourself.

I think the biggest change for me since working with Mara is that I can now be honest with myself in a way that’s far healthier than how I was thinking before, and I’m better able to look at a bad situation and say ‘it will be over soon, so what can I learn from it now?’. I’m very grateful to Mara and I don’t think I’ll ever forget our sessions! – Alice O.

…learn more about working with Mara here.


An amazing teacher and coach…
Mara is such a beautiful soul! She is talented writer who pours her heart into everything she does. I love reading her weekly newsletters. They are how I start my Wednesday’s with a cup of coffee and soaking in her inspiring words that she wrote just for you.

In addition, Mara is also an amazing teacher, and coach. As an online entrepreneur, I had the joy of taking her course, Sheer Magnetism in July 2014, which is a four-week course for heart-centered entrepreneurs about moving through anything that is blocking you from shining brightly in your online world. Despite never meeting her in person, I was blown away by her powerful, gentle prompts and the beautiful non-judgmental community she created that allowed us students from all over the world to show up and be who we are. The course was a safe, accepting, and empowering place to explore and grow! One of the reasons I love blogging so much is because of the people you get to connect with.

Mara asked us all these questions that really sparked so much momentum in my personal and professional life. One question in particular at the beginning of the course really caused me to dig deep and really identify the target audience of my website. Since taking Sheer Magnetism last summer, I have really risen to my platform and continue to shine brightly on a daily basis. I am grateful to Mara for being there on my path to self-discovery. – Arianna Merritt, The Self-Discovery Retreat

I felt safe with Mara immediately…

This class works because of Mara. Mara’s words struck a deep chord for me. Watching the videos, I had so many “aha” moments where I couldn’t help but nod along, whether I was listening to them in my kitchen or at the gym. Mara is so present and empathetic in her coaching. I felt safe with her immediately. This is hard work, and you need an incredible woman like Mara on your side while you’re doing it!Over the course of BLH, I realized that I love my job and gave myself permission to enjoy work again, and I realized that my apartment wasn’t working for me and recently moved into a new place. This course touched every aspect of my life… which sounds like over-promising, but is so real! I had all these realizations because I was writing so often that I was able to hear myself again. Doing the Body Loving Homework course was a great gift to myself. – Maggie M.

Mara’s work is attentive, kind and gentle.

The course came at a perfect time for me– just relocated and fighting feelings of not deserving and loneliness. I was excited and ready for the opportunity to reinvent myself, with a little help! Mara’s work is attentive, kind and gentle. I LOVED the writing prompts! When responding to the prompts I would write about whatever was coming up for me at the time– a lot of surface stuff. It was the further questions and coaching that worked best for me. It opened up a space for me to really sit with what was truly going on, to dig deep and create change. – Amy W.
Mara’s insightful, no b.s. questions allow you to have your own ‘aha’ moments as you’re ready for them, which is vital for this work to ‘stick’, and extremely useful as you’re feeling your way through every emotion imaginable. Plus, having several new notebooks filled with your writing is an amazing gift to yourself! – Nicole G.

This has been an amazing experience for me…

I would describe the Body Loving Homework E-Course (and Mara’s coaching) as:Mind-blowing: the way that she nudged us to re-frame our thinking, the questions she asked, the metaphors she used to describe things. I was blown away… thinking to myself “How have I lived 32 years and never thought of it that way?”Down-to-earth: the language she uses, the stories + examples, her sense of humor. I feel like I can relate to her. It’s like working with a very wise friend.

Important: the writing prompts are so important to dig into. I wish everyone took the time to think about all of these aspects to our lives. Especially fresh from undergrad, I would’ve benefitted from this immensely.

And one more… Life-changing: I have tools that I didn’t have before. I feel peace in an area of my life that was overwhelming and stressful. I approach decisions, relationships, and my own self-care with more compassion and intention.

This has been an amazing experience for me. I will be continually working through the course and the writing. I’m sad that it’s over! I’ve never taken a class like this before or done any sort of coaching. I enjoyed it so much! – Erica E.

I would describe Mara’s coaching as: Compassionate. Intense. Excavating – like I was digging through all the hard, clumpy dirt of my experiences and core beliefs that stands between me and my best life. I loved the follow-up questions you asked *after* we answered the prompts. They were always compassionate, validating, but also really challenging and encouraged me to deal with whatever I’d been avoiding/hadn’t even let myself think about.– Carrie B.

Ready for something bigger and better…

When I signed up for the course I was facing a struggle to maintain consistency in eating foods that honor my many food allergies and health goals, in consistently moving my body for exercise and in consistently keeping promises to myself in general regarding self-care and productivity. I would describe Mara’s coaching as: Motivating, thought-provoking, refreshing. She is a breath of fresh air! She has a really graceful and natural way of inspiring self-discovery and motivation for action. She also is very easy to relate to, professionally bringing her own life experience into her work, helping a client feel less alone in his or her experiences.This was a wonderfully brilliant and inspiring course. I’ve been playing small for so much of my life and am ready for something bigger and better. Now I can embrace the fact that I deserve bigger and better. Passion for living is what I want in my life, and I’m on the journey to making it a reality. With BLH, I’ve taken several major steps down that road.– Leigh C.

A gentle look…

In a safe and protected setting, Mara gently helped us look at many of the issues involved in NOT loving our bodies. She was available for questions, outside of class, if an exercise triggered hard to face emotions. Even if a class felt difficult, I was never alone and never shamed. Softly she helped us uncover some faulty beliefs and/or belief systems, and offered tools to reframe them. There was never a sense of, “I did this. Do it my way and SNAP you’ll be amazing!” We were women of all ages, sizes and situations, and yet Mara facilitated group cohesiveness, and encouraged us to interact with each other, instead of a typical classroom situation setting the “Guru” apart. – Trece W.

Truly life changing…

YES. Mara is one of those people who make you feel immediately comfortable, welcome, and loved. She is an incredibly wise, beautiful and generous human being. Working with her has truly been life changing. Since working with her, I have been inspired to: LEAVE the three year program I was in that was highly toxic and finally create the space in my life to take care of myself, Have real conversations with people about self-care about the fact that I am prioritizing self-care, and be confident wearing clothes I like with the body I have now. I’ve been inspired to say NO to things. To disappoint people. To feel no guilt whatsoever telling someone honestly: sorry, I can’t do that because that is my only day off this week. Feeling COMPLETELY OK telling someone I don’t want to go dancing, I don’t feel like going to that party, because I recognize the perfectly valid and ok part of me that sometimes needs space. And recognizing how much POWER there is in that.If you are feeling any pull towards working with her in any capacity… all I can say is DO IT! This is not the time to quiet your instincts, follow it with all your heart, because I am sure it means you are kindred spirits. – C.

…learn more about taking a class with Mara here.


Your message today was so timely, so on track, so perfect and exactly what I needed to hear, I think the Universe must have planned it. You always have beautiful nuggets of wisdom and insight that I can carry throughout my day, and that I one of the reasons I love to receive your newsletter. – Sarah
It is so exciting to open my email and see a love note waiting. The authentic messages always bring me back to me. They also remind me I have permission to live my life, and to love my life in its beautiful messiness. – Leah
I adore your love notes because I feel as if your words were written only for me. Often … it is a subject that I can relate to immediately and perhaps was one that I may have just journaled about or was in a dream and then I see your love note and I am like it is a sign. You bravely share your journey … all of it … not just the wonderful happiest of times … but also the messy bits. I feel your vulnerability when I read your words and it inspires me. For me … it is more than a love note … it is a piece of wisdom … it is like being around a fire pit and exploring your truth. That is a gift that you have and I am honored that you share it with me.– Jen
What’s amazing about Mara’s emails is that in them, she taps into these little moments that capture an underlying tide that had been nagging at me but that I couldn’t put my finger on until reading her words. Somehow, she has this deep insight that articulates the undercurrents that have been shaping my reality, and naming them gives me so much more power to shift. I’m super grateful for these gentle pushes and reminders, and so glad the I’ve come across Mara’s work.– Anna
Mara’s love notes always speak to what truly is important in my life. Her way of reaching out and being present through the written word (and the occasional fabulous video) is so very powerful.– Lisa
Mara’s love notes have been the daily reality check that I have needed on more than one occasion. Her honesty and zest is the perfect motivation, and her stories always touch my heart in a way that not many other writers can do.– Carey
I really appreciate your “love notes.” They almost always resonate with me and my own experiences. Sometimes, they allow me to think about something in a new way and other times they remind me of things that I already know.– Dana
I love getting emails from you because they always make me feel like everything is going to be ok. Through your tales and your guidance you touch on being true, feminine and proud and I think everyone could use a dose of that. I know I can, and being reminded in a soft, comforting way is lovely. – Kylie
I love receiving Mara’s Love Notes because she has been or is being where I am. By repeated exposure to her bite-sized love chunks, I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning to love and appreciate myself. They are “just THE thing” for my every week. – Trece
Mara’s emails appear occasionally, and often they are exactly what i need to hear. They help me take a minute to pause and reflect, and I always feel a little lighter after reading them — like a good friend showed up with a random hug for no reason. – Anna
On the most basic level these weekly notes help remind the reader that she is not alone in her journey through a sometimes confusing, often complex life. Secondly, they often shed warm light on a pathway or two you knew existed but didn’t realize you were granted access to all along. – Carina
Thank you for your realness, your dedication to self-love and for the invitation to love myself and my life as I am right now again and again. Precious words, that resonate with me deeply. Just receiving your emails connects me to this realm where we women see each other, as whole and worthy. Where we are reminded to look beyond the stories and lies that speak of unworthiness, to look into the beauty of ourselves and the beauty of life. – Gabriëlla