As an intuitive coach and energy healer, I guide women in cultivating deep and vibrant lives steeped in brave (self) love, sacred celebration, and daily permission.

Over the last seven years my writing has been featured on many blogs and websites, as well as in Feminist Studies.

It has been my absolute delight to contribute to projects with wildly inspiring individuals such as The Willpower Council with Molly Mahar,  Body Image Warrior Awareness Week, Curvy Yoga’s Curve Camp, and Shine with Rosie Molinary – as well as leading a week-long retreat on loving yourself now and celebrating every moment at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

I am a creative leader, a wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, and expert at living in my own skin, with grace and ease.

At the core of my work, is the desire to live a well-intentioned life. Which meansmore joy and more grit. And, vibrant imperfection to spare.

I am currently in the process of writing my first book, a vulnerable hybrid of memoir and self-help about learning how to love yourself.


  • Self-care + making a habit of tender sustainability
  • Boundaries + belonging – on your own terms
  • Taking up space + creative female leadership
  • Deep nourishment + carving out space for your needs
  • Celebrating the sacred mundane + living with intention

Over the last seven years, I have helped thousands of women reclaim their power, run sold out retreats from coast to coast, and created wildly successful online programs that have gathered circles of women from all over the globe.

I’ve got secrets — and stories. The kind I can lovingly share.

The kind that give listeners permission to share their own.

The kind that make us all feel less alone.

If you are seeking a charismatic and wise guide for an event, workshop, or speaking engagement, I’d love to be invited to the party.

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Mara Glatzel, MSW, reminds women that they are enough.

In particular, she reminds nurturers, natural caregivers, people pleasers, highly sensitive humans, empaths, and women taking responsibility for things that aren’t theirs to own that they are enough.

She is an intuitive coach and energy worker who helps women take up space in their lives. In online classes, live retreats, and on her podcast, Needy, Mara facilitates daily conversations about self-responsibility, radiant self-trust, and self-love. Her super power is saying things in a way that you can actually hear them (so that you can use the insight to make positive change in your life).

At the core of her work is the belief that you don’t have to over-deliver, minimize your needs, or suffer to earn your space in the world. You can create a relationship with yourself filled with radiant trust, compassion, and gentle discipline by taking your daily choices off of autopilot. You are worthy of the care and tending you give others.

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When I invited Mara to speak at an event I was hosting, I knew she’d be great. And she was! What I didn’t know until I saw her in action, though, is the level of intimacy she is able to create with her audience in a short amount of time. Through her presence, vulnerability and well-organized ways for participants to engage, she leaves people with a complete experience and resources to move forward. Every event organizer’s and participant’s dream come true!

– Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder of Curvy Yoga

Mara was a guest presenter at Green Mountain at Fox Run for a special program we called, “Stop Waiting, Stop Hating, and Start Living.”  Through a variety of sessions, Mara invited participants to move  toward a life they deserved.

I was impressed with her ability to connect with our participants, women of all ages, most of whom are struggling with issues around eating, weight and self-kindness. One of her ‘superpowers’ is to speak from a place of vulnerability and power. She embodies that.  I really appreciated how generously she shared her own struggles and journey to becoming who she is today.

– Barbara Meyer, PhD, former Program Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run

Fresh. Provocative. Real. Raw. Inspiring. These are just some of the words I think fitting to describe Mara Glatzel. Mara writes about topics close to my heart including body image, self love, and living a real and authentic life.

The thing I love most about Mara is that she injects a great deal of herself into her blog. She isn’t afraid to share her point of view or get incredibly honest about her own thoughts and feelings about personal topics that I believe many of us think about but sometimes are too afraid to discuss. To me that makes her one inspirational young woman.

– Julie Parker, Beautiful You Coaching Academy


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