In cultivating this space for women to thrive and begin reclaiming their brilliance, it has been important to me for this site to be a place where women share their stories with one another. Each of these projects have been born out of a different topic to encourage us to dig deep, get real, and excavate the shame that years of feeling badly about ourselves has accumulated. 

Be brave. Be loving. Share your story. 

Women who Celebrate

women who celebrate

Women who Celebrate is an interview series that seeks to unleash the sheer beauty of the celebratory spirit. In conceiving of the project, I wanted to share the simple truths of how celebration can shift the trajectory of your life, allowing in more permission, more joy, and more ease.

In thinking about how to amplify some gorgeous energy around this idea, I thought it would be fabulous to interview some women that that exude a celebratory vibe about how they incorporate the act of celebrations into their daily life, what these types of rituals and ceremonies look like, and (most importantly) the positive impact of women celebrating together.



The Perfectly Imperfect Project: Real Self-Care

real self careThe Perfectly Imperfect Project was schemed up by Mara Glatzel and Tamarisk Saunders-Davies to shed light on the topics of self-love and self-care by asking gorgeous and grounded women that we admire to share their expereinces.

The premise is this: self-care is everywhere these days, and yet, many people seem to experience so much difficulty in being able to truly tend to their bodies and spirits. We wanted to boil down and distill the integral aspects of self-care, and engage in a conversation about the ways that we take care of ourselves on a daily basis.

Our hope is to inspire you as you begin cultivating self-care rituals of your very own – rituals overflowing with support, flexibility, and self-trust. We hope that this series encourages you to begin working with yourself, instead of against yourself.



Body Loving Homework

ebook4This is an blog series turned full-fledged ebook, created with the express intention of bettering our relationships with our bodies through creative means, including, but not limited to, writing and performance. It has been my experience that writing through the use of prompts, within a community that supports and cherishes your needs and accomplishments, can have a profound effect on your understanding of your life and your relationship to it.

These assignments can provide an important way to revisit painful and traumatic moments in your life where you perhaps felt disempowered, and reclaim them with your own words, or help you articulate moments of greatness to create better understanding of your emotions. Curious? Check out some of the prompts.

Our Body Project

1013081551Our body project is a collection of personal narratives written about bodies. They range from broad declarations of body and experience to small intricate pieces focusing on body parts or functions. Most importantly, they are written and shared here in an effort to create a community for positive body image and sexual experience.

These stories are written and shared here to remind us that we are not alone with the pain of a distorted or negative self perception, but also to remind us, perhaps more importantly, perhaps not, that we are not alone when we feel good, really good, in a world where people are often unaccustomed to sharing expressions of joy about their bodies.

Body Image Warriors

warriorsbadge2The Body Image Warriors is a bit of a club, or tribe, if you will, of bloggers who are at some point in their journey to learn how to love their bodies to the best of their abilities.

If you’re a blogger and you believe in learning to love your body, creating a sex positive culture, promoting healthier relationships between your body and your minds, mending impaired body image and self esteem, and instilling confidence in your readers and blogging community – this group is for you.

If you’re looking for a compilation of amazing blogs that have a body loving emphasis, check the resource list now.