The Perfectly Imperfect Project: Real Self-Care

The Perfectly Imperfect Project: A collection of honest, REAL self-care stories & routinesThe Perfectly Imperfect Project was schemed up to shed light on the topics of self-love and self-care by asking gorgeous and grounded women that we admire to share their experiences.

Our hope is to thicken the narrative to include each of our personal stories of how we strive to care for our bodies and our spirits, as well as the importance of coming from a place of heady self-love when doing so.

The premise is this: self-care is everywhere these days, and yet, many people seem to experience so much difficulty in being able to truly tend to their bodies and spirits. We wanted to boil down and distill the integral aspects of self-care, and engage in a conversation about the ways that we take care of ourselves on a daily basis.

Our hope is to inspire you as you begin cultivating self-care rituals of your very own – rituals overflowing with support, flexibility, and self-trust. We hope that this series encourages you to begin working with yourself, instead of against yourself.


The questions

What does your self-care really look like?

On a daily basis – what is the big, small, good, bad, and in between of your self-care?

What is the philosophy behind how you care for yourself?

What are your self-care struggles?

What do you wish everyone on this planet understood about what it means to care for yourself gently and kindly?

The glittering line-up

Tamarisk Saunders-Davies :: Self-Care for the Broken Hearted

Michele Lisenbury Christensen :: Imperfect Self-Care

Danielle Dowling :: Real Self-Care

Sas Petherick :: What George Costanza Teaches Us About Self-Care

Susannah Conway :: Self-Care in the Real World

Sarah Yost :: The Ten Commandments of Self-Love

Catherine Caine :: A Relentlessly Pragmatic Approach to Self-Care

Anna Guest-Jelley :: What My Self-Care Practice Really Looks Like

Rachel MacDonald :: What Self-Care Means to Me

Tiffany Han :: Friday’s Confession: I Think Self-Care is BS

Margarita Tartakovsky :: A Peek Into My Real Self-Care Routine

Rachel Cole :: Perfectly Imperfect Self-Care

Mara Glatzel :: Tales from the Groundskeeper: Real Self-Care

The Deep Exhale (1)

Gorgeous souls who’ve joined the conversation

Shakti Womyn :: Do I love me? What Self Love Means for Me in 2013

Our Little Balham Life :: Self-Care

Soraya Nulliah :: Self-Care + What it Means to Me

Kira Elliot :: Balance of Self-Care