The Luxury of Doing "Just" One Thing At A Time

February 01, 2012

Raise your hand if you have at least three windows open other than this blog, or other than this blog post in your google reader.

Raise your hand if you are currently a) listening to music, b) watching TV, c) eating or d) haphazardly doing some other activity.

At this moment (while simultaneously writing this post) I am also “watching” the Vampire Diaries, drinking seltzer, and have four tabs open on my computer – inbox, twitter, Facebook, Medicinal Marzipan stats.

Hello my name is Mara, and I have a problem with filling up every single second of possible silence.

When I am in class: I am making to-do lists, consulting my calendar, creating business plans.

When I am falling asleep: I am thinking about what I should do tomorrow, planning my breakfast, worrying about my wedding.

When I am hanging out with my friends: I am checking my phone on my way to the bathroom, worrying about whether or not my last post was well received.

I have the terrible habit of chronic multi-tasking.

When I was in college, I had friends who loved to “hang out and study.” They just lovedto meet up at the library with their coffee, and intermittently talk and then study and then giggle and you get the idea.  I have always hated the idea of “hanging out” while doing work – much preferring to get shit done and then relax completely.



And then I created a blog – a little world that never sleeps, and where there is always more to be done.

The reality is this: you can only do one thing WELL at a time.

I am going to repeat that, because it is extremely important:

You can only do one thing, and do that one thing well, at a time.

It is one thing to give yourself time and space in silence in order to process your emotions, to meditate and create room for yourself. That will make you feel better.

But? We all have to start somewhere, so perhaps, just for today, we’ll start by not spending every second of the day multi-tasking. Perhaps, today, we can begin to carve out some space for ourselves by closing all of the additional windows when we are writing online or taking a break from our smartphones when we are lucky to be in the company of someone else.

Today, I am going to make an extra effort to remain present – with my loved ones, with myself, with all of you, with my clients, and in my classes.

{Source: via marzipan on Pinterest}