You’re Signed up for Rewired: Body Love + Radical Self-Care

Hey there,

Thank you for joining me in this very important conversation about taking sweet care of our bodies and stepping into standing a place of power and responsibility in our lives.

About Body Love & Radical Self-Care

The way that we feel about our bodies and IN our own skin is the lens that we see our world through. It impacts every moment of every day, coloring our experience of our lives. So, yes, this topic is really important.

During this Rewired workshop we will be jamming about learning how to take spectacular care of ourselves with overwhelm-free, TANGIBLE action. This lesson is steeped in the knowing that when we take care of our physical selves, we are building self-trust, leaning into self-love, and teaching our sweet selves that we are deserving of consistent, loving care.

This workshop is all about honoring your body as it is – in this moment – and learning to appreciate it for all that it provides you on a daily basis.

Know this: I think that you are truly amazing. Thank you for being here.


Pre-Workshop Prompts

I encourage you to engage with these prompts in whatever way feels really good to you. You can write, create, collage or dance your response to them – or, you can simply allow the questions to integrate into your consciousness.

My body was built for…

My body feels best when I…

I’ve been told my body is…

With my eyes closed, my body feels…

I know I need to ______, but I resist it because _______…

Workshop Recording

To watch the video for this workshop, you need the URL, which you will find a link to below. You can come back and watch this video as many times as you would like!

The link to the recording is right here.

Download the Companion Workbook

The link to download the workbook is right here.

Please note: this workbook contains ALL the goods – pre-work prompts, content, and invitations to put this lesson into practice in your daily life.