You’re Signed-Up for Rewired: Cultivating Creative Lifestyle

Hey there,

Thank you for joining me for a messy and glitter-filed conversation about conjuring more play and creation in your daily life.

About Cultivating a Creative Lifestyle

Creativity is about getting your hands dirty, releasing expectations of perfection, and giving yourself permission to PLAY.

Creativity isn’t just for “artists.”

Creation has to do with the energy that you bring to making decisions. To how you lead in your own daily life. To the magic that you choose and the joy that you cultivate, one messy exploration at a time.

At the core is this: Somewhere along the way, we forget how to play. We forget that we need to play. We forget that play is important, even if messy creation and fun doesn’t feel “productive.”

And yet, creation is crucial. It is how we express ourselves. It is how we figure out (and share) who we are.

Know this: I think that you are truly amazing.

I can’t wait to talk to you on Thursday.


Pre-Workshop Prompts

I encourage you to engage with these prompts in whatever way feels really good to you. You can write, create, collage or dance your response to them – or, you can simply allow the questions to integrate into your consciousness.

When I think about being more creative, I tell myself…

I used to really enjoy…

I yearn to…

The excuses that I tell myself about not being more creative are…

I really wish I could…

Workshop Recording

To watch the video for this workshop, you need the URL, which you will find a link to below. You can come back and watch this video as many times as you would like!

The link to the recording is right here.

Resources from the call… 

What nine months of attention does for an embryo, forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness. {Rumi}

Sabrina Ward Harrison – book | website

Download the Companion Workbook

The link to download the workbook is right here.

Please note: this workbook contains ALL the goods – pre-work prompts, content, and invitations to put this lesson into practice in your daily life.