You’re Signed Up for Rewired: Peaceful Decision Making

Hey there,

Thank you for joining me in this very important conversation about making decisions with grace and ease, while connecting to and remaining aligned with our highest purpose.

About Peaceful Decision Making

Living authentically is risky business. It requires standing in your truth and making decisions before you feel 100% ready – because you know that you will never feel totally ready for anything that really matters to you. It requires that you open yourself up to a bit of making-thing-up-as-you-go.

It requires the resiliency of believing that – no matter how things look right now – something better is possible for you.

And, for the perfectionists and recovering perfections in the room, it is deeply uncomfortable to relax your white knuckled grip on outcome to make space for possibility.

During this workshop we will be discussing decision making with ease and grace, and cultivating a relaxed relationship with outcome.

Know this: I think that you are truly amazing. Thank you for being here.


Pre-Workshop Prompts

I encourage you to engage with these prompts in whatever way feels really good to you. You can write, create, collage or dance your response to them – or, you can simply allow the questions to integrate into your consciousness.

When I think about making a big decision, I tend to…

Something weighing on my mind right now is…

When making decisions, I wish I could…

When making decisions, I am afraid to…

When things don’t turn out how I expected them to, I…

Workshop Recording

To watch the video for this workshop, you need the URL, which you will find a link to below. You can come back and watch this video as many times as you would like!

The link to the recording is right here.

Download the Companion Workbook

The link to download the workbook is right here.

Please note: this workbook contains ALL the goods – pre-work prompts, content, and invitations to put this lesson into practice in your daily life.