You’re Signed Up for Rewired: Tiny Altars Everywhere

Hey there!

Thank you for joining me in this very important conversation about bringing intention into our daily lives through connecting with our wild spirits and prayers for our future selves.

About Tiny Altars Everywhere

The teachings of this course were born out of the rituals and practices that I use on a daily basis to connect with my spirit and to orient the compass of my life in the direction of my dreams. Together, we are going to be working through a process of writing our own intentions for our lives, prayers for how we want our daily reality to feel.

Then, live on in the video workshop, we are going to create a tiny altar for that prayer. I have many altars in my house, large and small, but I love teaching this class and creating small reminders of our intentions that we can carry with us anywhere that we go. These tiny altars are perfect for traveling, taking it to the office, or simply, putting it in our purse or bag as a small, tangible reminder of where we want to go.

Below you will find some prompts to dig into before we get on the call live. I encourage you to engage with them in whatever way feels really good to you. You can write, create, collage or dance your response to them – or, you can simply allow the questions to integrate into your consciousness between now and then.

In the companion workbook, you will also find a supply list. Please gather up some of these supplies and have them at the ready for our time together on Saturday. You might not want to use everything on this list or you might have some great suggestions of your own – both are welcome here. These are simply guidelines.

Know this: I think that you are truly amazing. Thank you for being here.


Pre-Workshop Prompts

I am hungry for…

I wish I could feel ________ in my daily life…

I’m ready for…

My next step is…

I wish I could be brave enough to…

Watch the Recording of The Live Workshop

If you weren’t able to join us live – you were missed! You can watch the video of our live session by clicking the link below.

The link to the recording is right here.

Download the Companion Workbook

I took all of the most salient points from our course today and bundled them up with the pre-work prompts and some steps for putting the teachings into practice in your life. It is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

The link to download the workbook is right here.

I recommend that you download it now, while it’s still fresh in your mind, even if you don’t plan on checking it out right away.