Roost is ready for you.

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Your life is for living.

For pleasure. For joy. For rooted contributions. For participating in your chosen communities. For spending your precious time, energy, attention, and cash in ways that align with your values and your vision for the future.

So what happens when living that way seems so… far away?

If you’re too tired; too overwhelmed; too buried under an interminable to-do list to even get curious about what life could be like, and waiting for someone to tell you what to do and who to be…

I’m here to tell you:  

You are the person you’ve been waiting for. 

Come home to yourself. >>

welcome to roost

A year-long homecoming for real humans who want to live, love, parent, work, and lead sustainably and with reverence for their bodies and quality of life

We are humans operating in systems of late-stage capitalism, structural oppression, and an unfolding climate emergency -- just to name a few -- aching for a connection to something larger than us WHILE ALSO needing to keep a roof over our heads and get dinner on the table.

In this world that seems hell-bent on divorcing us from our body and having us live from the head up, I promise you this: There is a different way to live.

 One that takes your days off autopilot + allows you to be an active participant, leading with benevolence, grace, compassion, and intention.

Roost is a school and community for women, non-binary folks, and femmes ready to do the inner + outer work of tending to your needs and partnering with yourself deeply, deliciously, and sustainably, one cycle at a time.

During our year of circling together, you’ll learn how to practice radical self-partnership and unlearn everything that has you stuck believing that who + how you are right now isn’t okay.

You’ll reveal where you’re snarled up in knots, disentangle yourself from faulty expectations, and divest from external examples of worthiness, success, and toxic productivity…

And in doing so, you’ll discover a reliable, realistic system that works for you to proactively tend to your energy, stay in touch with your larger vision for your life, and take inspired action that is hooked into your values, needs, and desires.

(And not just on bright, shiny days.)


Praise for Cycle

"Mara is the real deal in self-help and self-improvement. In a sea of people giving ‘professional’ advice that amounts to platitudes, Mara provides concrete strategies for making people's lives better, wherever they find themselves."

- Allison W. 

In this life, you can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

(I know, it breaks my heart, too.)

Humans are burning out at an incredible rate, continuously borrowing against ourselves; holding too much for too long.

You’ve been sold a lemon in the idea that you can and should be able to do it all… and do it perfectly. You know, realistically, that you need to do less. You know you can’t keep giving everything you have to everyone + everything else.


More than just a reminder that you are the sole arbiter of your wellbeing, 

Roost is also an answer to the burning question you ask yourself 

as you’re cycling through your to-do list one.more.time before you fall asleep…

Okay, but HOW?


Together, we’ll co-create a new world to live in: A hustle-less, needs-centered life where your inherent worth is never up for questioning.

It's lifetime work. And it begins inside Roost, where you’ll find:


Each month, we’ll explore a new topic together, with one building on another as the year progresses.

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll intro the topic, move on to the inner work we need to do to internalize the practice, carry that into the outer work that affects how we show up in the world, and finish with nourishing energy work that allows for a depth of change that is life-altering, supporting your exploration energetically so you’re able to create shifts you haven't made before.


We’ll circle together four times a year for a weekend of virtual workshops, rituals, and practices to support your growth. 

Each retreat includes: 2+ hours of gathering live with our Roost community and coaching with me, journal prompts before we meet & curated self-care rituals to help you tend to yourself after we wrap up. These live retreat workshops are filled to the brim with communal celebration, sharing intentions with one another, and borrowing from our collective brilliance to brainstorm what's next for you.


We’ll gather live four times throughout the month: A workshop on the month’s theme, a community care call where we’ll practice self care, a Q&A call where you can ask me anything, and a co-working call where we’ll practice life-care.

Call dates & times are in the Q&A at the bottom of the page. All calls will be 90 minutes, will take place on Zoom, and will be recorded for you to check in later if/when you need to.


While this work comes back to you, together we create a deep, grounded space for change, where everything is up for discussion and nothing is too much to share.

Inside the Roost community, you’ll find ample space for you to bring your whole self to this work and a loving circle to lift you up, celebrate your growth, and ground you, because permission LOVES company.


What you won’t find in Roost is another thing to do.

The work we’ll embark upon in Roost builds over the arc of the year AND/ALSO, has been set up in such a way that you can dive in and out as you have capacity in your daily life. It has been designed to support you in the practice of returning to yourself + your supports as you need them, so that you are equipped with the tools to know how to find yourself and bring yourself back to your foundation of what works whenever you get lost.

Because you will get lost. And you will come home, again.

Praise for Cycle is a million reminders that you are the sovereign leader of your life and you matter.

“Working with Mara has truly been one of the most supportive things I have ever done. Her course is absolutely not another to do (at all), it is a million reminders that you are the sovereign leader of your life and that you matter. The course, Mara, and community hold you as you shift your beliefs and actions. It is gentle, comforting, soft and so powerful. I didn't conceptualize the course so much as "self care" but as a guide to truly developing a trusting and loving relationship with myself. A relationship in which I pay attention to how I feel, what I need, and what I want. I truly loved it and I can feel the impact it has made in my life. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants help developing a loving + consistent relationship with themselves, and really anyone who just generally wants to feel better in life.” - Sara

Radical change happens when you stop working on yourself + start working with yourself

Throughout your time in Roost, you’ll enter into a relationship with yourself with deep commitment + adoration + CARE + respect…

One that sees you not as a thing to be worked on, but an ecosystem that needs tending to.

It’s not something we’ve ever been taught nor shown. Until now. 

Let’s practice, together.

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12 months of weekly content with prompts, practices & rituals to support you in honoring your needs & creating systems of sustainable productivity

Weekly Roost gatherings & private podcast for recordings

Access to our private Roost FB community

Daily prompts & coaching support

Seasonal virtual retreats

Monthly group energy work

join roost - payment plan

12 months of weekly content with prompts, practices & rituals to support you in honoring your needs & creating systems of sustainable productivity

Weekly Roost gatherings & private podcast for recordings

Access to our private Roost FB community

Daily prompts & coaching support

Seasonal virtual retreats

Monthly group energy work

A few notes for when you say YES:

Roost is a year-long course, not a monthly membership you can cancel at any time. When you sign up, please do so with the intention of being a participant for the duration of 2023.

3% of profits from Roost will go to The Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project


Inside Roost, you’ll create energetically restorative, generative support practices that say: I matter. The quality of my life matters.

There’s no right way or wrong way. There’s your way.

And you, friend, are worthy of celebration, like these humans I’ve been honored to work with in previous offerings:


Praise for Cycle

I am more forgiving of myself.

This was a reset for me. You create a really special space for your clients, providing lovingly crafted materials that strike to the heart of the matter. I am able to listen for my own needs better. I am able to stand up for myself when other people in my life resist me meeting my needs. And I am more forgiving of myself when I don't listen to my needs.- Leah N.

Praise for Cycle

When you're ready to do the work, show up to Mara and it's going to happen.

I was coming out of years of toxic productivity; of being go, go, go. I would go really hard and then crash. It was all or nothing. I didn't have any concept that there could be an ebb and flow to productivity, or how to do that in my life. Mara helped me get reestablished in a lot of ways, allowing me to greatly detox from productivity, hustle, people-pleasing, not knowing how to get things done without sacrificing myself, over-committing, boundaries, and on and on. I had no idea what it meant for there to be a cycle to the year, or to my energy. Now, I talk about it with my kids; my partner; my students; everybody. Learning the cycle of the seasons and my own energy has so dramatically shifted how I understand my life. Mara is a voice in my head. My inner mother is strong now, but Mara is the fairy godmother, patiently and kindly beckoning me into a new way of being. When you're ready to do the work, show up to Mara and it's going to happen.- Mariglynn E.


Praise for Cycle

I love your work because it supports everything else I do in my life.

You inspire us to nurture ourselves and be true to ourselves. You remind me that I have needs and wants and both are SO important, valid, and wonderful. You are very self-affirming. Also very practical: this practicality helps by giving us actual practices and steps (simple, not overwhelming) that we can implement for the better. I love your work because it supports everything else I do in my life; the benefits I receive from you and what you offer literally help me in every other way because you are speaking to my heart and core and what I need in order to be a cared-for human (which then allows me to thrive)."- Bri B.

You absolutely can take care of yourself, sustainably and imperfectly

You don’t need anyone’s permission but your own for that, but you might need help making it happen (for what might be the first time in your life).

That's exactly what I'm here to help you do.

Hey there. I’m Mara.


If you’re new to my orbit, I’m a coach, writer, podcast host, and self-proclaimed World’s Neediest Human. (A title I take seriously.) 

I work with humans to live more sustainably, to tend to their needs, to honor their energy cycles and rhythms and to really deepen into their relationship with themselves so they stop abandoning themselves in order to do more, or earn their worth or their approval by some external standard.

You want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated. (You are not alone in this.)

You can have all of those things. In your relationship with yourself.

In fact, that’s the only reliable source of the attention you’re looking for.

I’ll be frank with you: I used to look at others who embodied their lives as a frontier for play; who didn’t define their worth by their productivity; who owned their role as their ultimate permission + acknowledgement granter, and I’d think, “Must be nice.”

Well, friend. That’s how I live now, and let me tell you: It fucking is.

Roost is the school + community I wish I’d had when I was a burnt out social worker relegating my needs to the bottom of a very long to-do list in an attempt to prove my worth.

Roost is my answer -- as a queer, femme wife and mother of two young children, recovering control freak, and human functioning in a world rife with racism, late-stage capitalism, a pandemic, and a climate crisis -- for how to live in a way that is infinitely more delicious, satisfying, rich, intentional, and close to the ground.

One where you are present, regulated, and able to contribute sustainably.

I am on this journey with you. I haven’t arrived. No one does. 

I hope you’ll join me.


A note: The work we’ll do in Roost is not in place of much-needed structural change

Speaking of which…

It's not your fault

You didn’t come to this place of burnout on your own. You’ve beat yourself up enough for where you’re at right now; for not living up to society’s faulty expectations; for not being able to do what that other human who has way more capacity than you can. 

You’ve tried long enough to be “more impressive.” Hear me loud + clear on this one: You are already impressive. 

And… it can feel better.

It is your responsibility

We can’t unilaterally solve the problems that have brewed in society for decades.

Your job is not to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own to earn approval or to prove your worth.

Your job is to take responsibility for your role as the benevolent leader of your energy and bloom into the most fully expressed, beautiful, powerful, and grounded version of yourself possible.

What you can do is care for yourself in a way that allows you to show up to disrupt the status quo.


I get it. You’re tired. Like, really tired.

Our bodies are infinitely wise. They have our back. They’re trying to slow us down; to get us what we so deeply need. You know this; you just don’t know how to do it. And maybe you’re wondering, can you, Mara, really teach me?

YES. Emphatically YES.

Roost isn’t a bandaid. It’s a way of living that is in integrity even as especially as more things come to demand your time and energy; even as especially as we see more things in the news that disturb us, even as especially as there is more to hold.

In Roost, we’ll take all of your humanness into account:

your being

Your needs, resourcing, capacity, REST, sustenance, pleasure, and joy

your doing

Your cycles, right timing, sustainability, right relationship with self/others, and boundaries

Over the course of 12 months, we’ll embark upon small experiments and tastes of being + doing differently. Our work will take us from inside → out, moving from the inner work of understanding + believing to the outer work of doing so you can live with greater intention, nourishment, integrity, and self-love:

January: Root & Resource
  • Inner work: Self-talk + self-connection for self-trust
  • Outer work: Rituals & practices that support you

This is the work of reclaiming your rightful place in the center of your life and attuning whatever data is present about your joy, delight, need, and pleasure.

February: Grief Tending
  • Inner work: Weeding through the beliefs that keep you from believing you deserve access to your precious resources
  • Outer work: Tending with love

This is the work of radically expanding your vocabulary & vision for what it looks like to be well cared for… and honoring the grief that arises when you do so.

March: Expansion
  • Inner work: Surrendering to cyclical living
  • Outer work: Honoring your endpoint & other boundaries with self

This is the work of developing a new relationship with doing, one that creates a magical, realist relationship with space and time.

April: Titrated Growth
  • Inner work: Divesting from toxic productivity culture
  • Outer work: Prioritizing by circumstance and/or desire

This is the work of honoring what you’re longing for and honestly answering what you’re willing to do differently in order to have it.

May: Values
  • Inner work: Navigating fear, self-sabotage & stuckness (spoiler: it's not you)
  • Outer work: Crafting your own definition of success & adjusting your life accordingly

This is the work of defining success for yourself and moving closer to living and working in alignment with your values.

June: Celebration
  • Inner work: Visioning JOY
  • Outer work: Making sustainable commitments

This is the work of finding joy in the mundane, chasing delight and pleasure, and pausing to celebrate right here, right now, and heaped on top of everything.

July: Energetic Capacity
  • Inner work: Energy math, capacity & right timing
  • Outer work: Sitting on your hands – how to deal with guilt

This is the work of showing up for yourself imperfectly each day instead of pushing your care out into the future.

August: Play
  • Inner work: Reconnecting with your inner child
  • Outer work: Taking yourself on play dates

This is the work of integrating what you’ve learned, putting it into practice, and treating yourself.

September: Harvest
  • Inner work: The cycle of expansion & contraction
  • Outer work: Leading with self-appreciation

This is the work of parenting yourself, becoming a lap that is safe to crawl into as the season shifts and your needs do, as well.

October: Protect
  • Inner work: Right-sizing your relationships & understanding your realm of responsibility
  • Outer work: Boundaries 201

This is the work of making choices that bring you closer to how you want to feel.

November: REST
  • Inner work: Why & how to rest
  • Outer work: Contending with the discomfort that rest brings

This is the work of paring down as an act of love as you anticipate your own contraction, creating a sustainable plan for the rest of your year.

December: Nourish
  • Inner work: Surrendering to cyclical livinInner work: Honoring your contraction & asking what is this season is BEST for
  • Outer work: Bringing 2023 to a delicious close

This is the work of holding in faith all the things you’re doing when you aren’t “doing anything”, and putting the year (kindly) to bed.

These aren’t conversations to have with yourself, all alone, while you cry in the bathroom between meetings or after everyone in your house is asleep. This is work that begs for the kind of conversation and witnessing that is best done in a community of like-minded humans.

The messages coming from the rest of the world are loud. The new messages you’ll be working with in Roost are fortified by the strength of being surrounded by others doing the hard work of showing up for themselves and living life differently.


Cultivating a relationship with yourself that’s stronger than the one with your to-do list starts with slowing the breakneck speed you’ve been keeping…

The one that says you need to go, go, go, and do, do, do to prove your worth… and developing a deep reverence for yourself, your needs, and your vision for your life, instead. 

It’s revolutionary. It’s life-giving. It’s necessary. And no one’s given you the permission -- or the how -- to make it happen amongst the chaos of your life... 

Until now.

join roost - pay in full

12 months of weekly content with prompts, practices & rituals to support you in honoring your needs & creating systems of sustainable productivity

Weekly Roost gatherings & private podcast for recordings

Access to our private Roost FB community

Daily prompts & coaching support

Seasonal virtual retreats

Monthly group energy work

join roost - payment plan

12 months of weekly content with prompts, practices & rituals to support you in honoring your needs & creating systems of sustainable productivity

Weekly Roost gatherings & private podcast for recordings

Access to our private Roost FB community

Daily prompts & coaching support

Seasonal virtual retreats

Monthly group energy work

Divesting from external examples of worthiness and success is a hell of a lot easier when you’re doing that healing surrounded by other humans who are also doing life differently

Starlings gather before they fly.

When you’re ready to leave the Roost, you’ll know you’re not alone, too…


Praise for Cycle becomes part of how you do things.

“You have a unique gift for expressing compassion for the self and responsibility to the self in the same breath, in a way that makes both feel achievable and sustainable. The life you want for us is not one where we have to jump off the treadmill and chug a bottle of wine in the closet and then jump back on again. It's a life that is more like a comfortable stroll through town or out in nature, not rushing but always being open to the moment. You make it so very doable. I often think of courses as another thing to do. But if you think about it instead as a chance to practice regularly over a period of time, certain techniques, certain practices, that's really what it is and that's hugely helpful because it becomes part of how you do things. Mara, you are teaching life as a meditation and I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your gifts with us.”- Laura H.

Praise for Cycle

Nobody taught me this growing up.

Anything I had tried before had made me more productive, but it hadn't made me happier. I knew I needed some bigger support...especially from a place of, ‘You're not broken.’ Mara's work gave me permission to stop trying to problem solve; to stop trying to sustain some idealized version of myself and to actually get to know myself as I am. Nobody taught me this growing up. Mara’s work helps me focus on the reality that I may only have time for one or two projects a season, and while that realization can be frustrating, it also helps me actually do the thing. I've gained more assurance in my own process, my energy levels, and most importantly, I feel more and more (with practice) I am doing enough. Mara is both brilliant at saying just the thing I need to hear AND so publicly human. I’ve created a more partnered relationship with myself -- I understand what it means to follow my natural energy and to support myself in getting shit done. I set real, human, decent expectations for myself. I build in rest and celebration. And I tell everyone I know: THIS is how you get shit done without hating yourself/your life. - Justine T. 

Justine Taormino
Cheryl Dawson

Praise for Cycle

I’m more compassionate and patient with myself…

I love that Mara brings some ‘woo’ and a whole lot of practicality to the conversation. Mara is inclusive and accepting in teaching people how to tune into themselves. I’m more compassionate and patient with myself, and at the same time I’m taking action in support of myself that I was struggling to take before. I’m healthier, calmer and happier. Mara’s work is an easy yes. There is so much will come away better equipped to own and enjoy your life as it is, and make change if you want to.”- Cheryl D.

Praise for Cycle

Having dedicated time to do this with other kindred spirits felt perfect.

“I love celebrating the successes and wins of the past (because I'll usually overlook those) and the process of getting clear about priorities for the coming season. I love approaching work and life in a seasonal, cyclical way, and having dedicated time to do this with other kindred spirits felt perfect. I'm proud of having let go of a lot of unrealistic/unreasonable expectations of myself! And of having greater trust that things in my life really are happening at exactly the right speed, even if that speed is SLOOOOOOW right now.”- Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth Bechard
Amanda Maynard

Praise for Cycle

We don't have to fix absolutely everything about ourselves in order to be good.

“I do this work to remember that I'm a priority in my life; that my needs aren't an afterthought. The messaging in a lot of areas is that we have to fix ourselves. And that the reason why we're ‘failing’ at something is because we're deficient. The approachable and realistic thing about Mara's work is that we don't, though. We don't have to fix absolutely everything about ourselves in order to be good. We are still people who forget to cancel their old car insurance policy. Doing this work is a way of showing myself that I matter to myself. Mara isn't going to come in and fix your life for you and tell you what to do. But if you're ready to think deeply about your life and what your priorities are… and are willing to be a little uncomfortable with ruthlessly going through the list of things you want to do, then I don't know if there's a person that wouldn't benefit from working with Mara." - Amanda M.

In Roost, we’ll do a lot of unlearning…

Unlearning diet culture 

What you’ve been told: Your body is wrong. Your body is bad. Your body is for others to consume.

What’s actually true for you: Your body’s unique functionality and the experience of living within your own skin.

Unlearning urgency culture 

What you’ve been told: Rush, rush rush. Everything is urgent. There is never enough time to do all the things.

What’s actually true for you: Working in tune with your body means soothing your nervous system and practicing regular stress relief so you can respond instead of react.

Unlearning toxic productivity

What you’ve been told: You are what you do and produce.

What’s actually true for you: You are a glorious human being who contains multitudes. 

And you’re doing a great fucking job.

If you’re not willing to change; if staying stuck is where you want to be; if you’re not ready, willing, and able to explore a life lived differently… then Roost isn’t right for you.

On the other hand, if:
  • You’ve been quietly quitting parts of your life (or wish you could) where you’re over-performing, striving to “live up to your potential”, and trying to earn your worth…
  • You find yourself constantly seeking validation, confirmation, love, and/or safety from external sources…
  • You’ve tried committing yourself to living differently, but it’s in contrast to everyone in your real life, and it’s lonely…
  • You’re ready to embrace a completely different approach to moving through the world: One that grants you freedom to exist and thrive as the majestically imperfect, sovereign human you are…
  • You’re a high achiever, always reaching for what’s next… yet unable to pick up a hobby in adulthood because you don't know how to enjoy something without doing it perfectly…
  • You are a natural caregiver to everyone around you, punting your own needs out into the future…
  • You’ve been hemorrhaging energy, unable to discern what’s yours to say no to, leaving little room for things you’d like to say yes to…
  • You care deeply about the work you’re doing and understand that you cannot afford to burn out if you want to keep doing it, not just from a monetary aspect, but from an impact standpoint…

…and you want the tools AND the company for the journey… 

Then we can’t wait to gather with you -- in all your glorious humanity -- in Roost.


Feeling nerv-cited?

It’s the flutter that’s alighting in your belly: The one that has you called forward, but also consciously aware that things are about to get uncomfortable. 

And it’s how I know you’re ready to step into this life-altering journey.

Tina Abbott

Praise for Cycle

“Now I know I’m not alone.”

“I wanted support in shortening my to-do list -- and to lessen the low-level constant feelings of not enoughness; failure. Mara’s style and approach are so welcoming. She’s honest about her reality while also doing the work to have what she wants. Through this work, I’ve realized that I have seasons; that rest doesn’t have to be earned and is vital to me doing anything. I recognize a lot faster when I'm saying yes to things to prove my worthiness and have created better boundaries around that. I recognize too, that there is too much going on my to-do list; that it's not a human amount of stuff to do. Mara is the real deal and fantastic at supporting women in being real, setting goals that are achievable, and helping you see your own rhythms. Having a balanced life; living my life the way I want to live it… it’s a practice. Now I know I’m not alone. Mara and I, we’re at different places in our lives, but I like the example that she has set for how you can be in the world.”

- Tina A.

What are you ready, willing, able to do differently?

If you’re ready to live in a way that is more true to your energetic capacities, your wants, and your needs… a way that is more sustainable and true to who you are and who you’re becoming.

Then, yes, Roost is right for you. Any other questions?

Answers to Questions you May Have:

Nicole R.

Praise for Cycle

The way Mara writes and speaks is gentle and affirming. As if you are right there with your hand out, ready to guide us and show us another way. I’m slowly becoming more discerning about those things I think I *should* do -- and allow myself to have little pockets of rest throughout my day instead of collapsing into a heap once my kids are in bed. My needs and I are proudly sitting at the top of my to-do list and oddly enough, that’s really helped me make progress on the things that are important to me- Nicole R.

Roost is about saying Yes.

Yes to yourself. Yes to the human beneath the many hats you wear each day. Yes to the practices and rituals that sustain you. Yes to your grand plans. Yes to receiving what you ache for. Yes to setting boundaries that protect your energy. Yes to coming home to yourself. Yes to living your life to the fullest.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

:: throws biodegradable glitter & confetti in the air ::