daily self-care for busy humans


You need your own care, but you don’t know where to begin.

You are strapped for energy and time but if you are really honest with yourself, putting your needs on the back burner is negatively impacting your life.

You need help believing you are worth your own effort.  You need help remembering that small acts of care add up to a huge sigh of relief.

You are in exactly the right place.

Daily Tending is a digital course about REAL self-care, the kind that leaves you feeling nourished and deeply connected to yourself.

Daily Tending will encourage you to show up for each day with curiosity and kindness as you relearn how to be in a relationship with yourself.  Underneath it all, being in relationship with yourself is what self-care is ALL about.

This course is not a magic pill or a one-size-fits-all plan to revolutionize your entire life in 40 days because, well, you’ve tried enough of those to know they don’t work.

Real self-care is about getting to know yourself so that you can take better care of yourself.

Over the span of the next 40 days, Daily Tending will help you create a tangible, daily self-care practice that is easy to use, impossible to mess up, and guaranteed to bring a greater sense of self-awareness, ease, and peace to your life.


Praise for Tend

I am only on Day 2 of 40 and I am IN LOVE with this course!

- Tunja Smith


What nine months of attention does for an embryo forty early mornings alone will do for your gradually growing wholeness 

- Rumi

The concept behind this course is simple. Each of the daily emails will guide you through a morning check-in with yourself to assess what you need from yourself that day.

Making the time to turn towards yourself isn't complicated. It doesn't take 45 minutes, an expensive scented candle, and a perfectly Instagrammable meditation space. It doesn't require anything but a sliver of your attention.

It may be simple, but the act of carving out time to BE with yourself as you are is life-changing. 

These invitations include intuitive guidance, journal prompts, thought-provoking questions, and inspiration for building a nourishing, trustworthy relationship with yourself.

All in, this course clocks in at 12,000 words, and each and every word is lovingly placed to facilitate daily self-reflection to help you learn how to take care of yourself until it feels rock-solid.

Daily Tending Materials

When you sign up for this digital course, you will receive...

  • 40 daily emails in both written & audio formats
  • Access to the Daily Tending site to keep your course materials lovingly organized
  • A gorgeous PDF of the whole shebang to print out and refer to whenever your heart desires

When you click the YES button below…

  • You will be taken to a screen where you can securely pay for Daily Tending with Paypal or credit card
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  • If you don’t receive the email within an hour, please check your SPAM and promotions folders to retrieve it. If you need help, please email me at support@maraglatzel.com
  • The morning after you register you will receive your very first Daily Tending email at 5 am Eastern

Daily Tending is like being visited by a wise and caring friend who has your back and is walking beside you as you learn to take beautiful and authentic care of yourself. Each day has luscious and affirming reminders of truths that set you free to be your best self. - Tanya Levy

Banish burnout & Deeply care for yourself

Join me for Daily Tending. Your tuition includes daily emails and an ebook with inspirational writing, additional journal prompts, and gentle invitations for deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom



Why I Created Daily Tending

My deepest wish for you is that this year you finally and irrefutably learn how to take care of yourself.

And, yes, I know personally how difficult it can be to reconnect with yourself after years of disconnect.

Over the last years, I have had conversations about how to get started again and again with my clients and those conversations inspired me to create Daily Tending.

Daily Tending is a gentle and supportive path home to your inner wisdom about who you are, what you need, and what lights you up. I will guide you back into your own arms each morning for 40 mornings, encouraging you to remember who you REALLY are underneath the noise of who the world is telling you to be.

Daily Tending is a simple yet profound roadmap for tending to your needs with more ease than you ever thought possible.

If you are ready to create a supportive foundation of self-trust, self-worth, and profound, real self-care, I hope you will join Daily Tending. I will be there every step of the way, supporting you in getting reacquainted with your wonderfully imperfect and utterly brilliant self.


Your Questions, Answered

How much time does this course require?

This course is designed to fit into your daily life to meet you where you are, right this second. Each daily prompt will take less than 15 minutes to complete and make for a delicious and self-affirming morning ritual.

Can 15 minutes a day really transform your relationship with yourself? Oh yes. The key here is devoting a little bit of your time and energy each day to deepening your relationship with yourself. Self-trust is reclaimed through consistency and imperfect daily action.

What do I need to participate?

All that you need to take part in Daily Tending is access to a computer, an email account, and the desire to take better care of yourself.

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds with my order?

When you join Daily Tending, I guarantee that you will receive the best tools, coaching, and deep permission that I have to share with you. However, because you receive full access to this digital course the minute you click to pay, I respectfully do not offer refunds. Please make sure you are all in before you confirm your spot. 

If you would like to talk about whether or not it is a good fit for you, please email me at support@maraglatzel.com for a zero-pressure chat about it.

Can I give Daily Tending as a gift?

Absolutely, you generous thing you. Simply email me to set this up.

How is this course different than the Daily Tending Divination Deck?

This digital course is the long-awaited companion to the now-retired Daily Tending Deck!

The prompts will be the same as the ones in the deck, but with the digital course each one is expanded into an invitation to put the prompt into practice in your daily life.

Other questions?

Email me at support@maraglatzel.com


I love absolutely everything that Mara Glatzel creates. Being in her orbit and hearing her words is quite literally changing my life day by day. Daily Tending is a reminder each day to prioritize yourself in whatever way you can; a reminder to be present to who you are and what you need. In a world where SO much reminds us to be productive, earn our worth, hustle, push past our limits, work harder, do more, do better, Mara reminds us that who we are matters, that we are ALREADY worthy of care, and that how we feel as we live our days is as important as what we get done. Daily tending is such a beautiful place to start, and I recommend it with my whole heart.  - Sara Johnson-Cardona

You are worthy of the care that you ache for.

Join me for Daily Tending. Your tuition includes daily emails and an ebook with inspirational writing, additional journal prompts, and gentle invitations for deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom